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You didn’t go out to clubs or bars often. It wasn’t really your thing. You were perfectly fine with staying inside, hanging out on the couch—having a ménage-a-trios with sugary junk food and your favorite television shows. But, it was WrestleMania weekend. You were in town with your boyfriend, Dean Ambrose, for the biggest show of the year. And, of course, it was New Orleans. The reputation of the city preceded itself. You were secretly looking forward to going out and living life on the town.

The dance floor was packed with grinding bodies and the bar loaded with thirsty patrons. You watched with interest as the night unraveled before your very eyes. Your boyfriend was in the process of swallowing down shot after shot of Tequila, while his friends were combating the attention of pretty girls in tight clothes. You stood awkwardly as Dean began to chat with a guy you met earlier, Antonio Cesaro. Since the start of the night, you hadn’t left Dean’s side except to dance to a few songs, but now your stiletto heels were starting to get the best of you and you felt you needed a quick hair and make-up check. That is what you told Dean after tapping his shoulder and stepping away from him. Pain shooting through your ankles and calves slowed down your walk. On your way to the bathroom, however, you felt a hand swiftly go underneath your dress and grab your ass.

You turned around, expecting that Dean had caught up and was trailing behind you. Your eyes widened, finding that it wasn’t your loveable jerk but it was some other jerk you didn’t even know.

“Hey! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” In less than ten seconds, you were turned 180 degrees hotter than before. The jerk smirked, opening his arms out as if he were inviting you to make a move.

“Oh, come on baby, don’t play hard to get…” he said, his voice not only lustful but arrogant.

Your jaw clicked, furious. “I’m not playing. You need to back off and keep your hands to yourself!”

“What the fuck is this?” A voice from behind you caused a pause in the scene. Your heart beat slightly faster, recognizing Dean’s voice. He pulled you aside and got in the guy’s face. “You put your hands on my girl?”

The jerk’s expression changed from arrogant to scared, like he was a second away from shitting his pants. He stepped back so Dean wasn’t in his personal space. Dean got right back in it, his face reddened from anger. He shoved the violator into the bar counter. “You wanna touch someone? Touch me, you son of a bitch.”

You were scared. You couldn’t let Dean get into a fight, not forty-eight hours before WrestleMania. It would likely bring negative press on the company and on Dean himself. He didn’t look like he cared one way or another, but it was your job to care. You pulled at Dean’s arms, thankful to have assistance from Antonio. He yanked at the arm his friend held but turned around to face you, turning his irritation in your direction.

“What?! Stop pulling at me, that jackass touched you!” he yelled.

“Dean, stop,” you urged, having to yell over the music. “Forget it, let’s just leave.”

“Fuck no, not until I handle this guy!”

Starting to get irritated, you yelled, “I can handle myself!”

“Yeah, it shows,” he said sarcastically.

“Excuse me? No, this isn’t going to happen. I’m ready to go. Now, Dean.”

He groaned in annoyance but allowed you to pull him toward the exit. He was tense the entire ride back to the hotel; you could tell he was in a foul mood. Was he mad at you? Likely. Did you care? Somewhat. But, you had gotten what you wanted—Dean was safe and out of trouble.

Knowing this didn’t make you prepared for the argument to come in the hotel room.

“Y/N, what were you thinking?” Dean asked. You were bent over, taking off your heels as the question came. Your head turned to the side, eyes on him.

“I was thinking that I didn’t want you getting into a fight. I was thinking about not getting thrown out, not getting in trouble at your job, thinking about avoiding lawsuits,” you answered plainly.

He gave you a look, not appreciating the tone in which you addressed his question. “Why the fuck did you pull me away from that asshole? It made me look weak.”

You huffed, throwing your shoes down. “You don’t fight people to show strength! It takes more strength to walk away and be the better man.”

“Oh, so you’re the expert on what makes a man a man? You have no idea, Y/N, so don’t try to talk down to me like I’m an idiot. This…” Dean punched his palm so hard it made you jump. “…would’ve made me feel like the better man. Putting that son of a bitch in his place would’ve made me feel like the better man!”

You stared at him in disbelief, not understanding his anger. “I’m not talking to you like an idiot, but apparently, it’s okay for you to do so. Just… get over it. I’m done talking about the club.”

You had started to walk toward the bathroom when Dean blocked the way. Hands on your hips, you glared at him. “Get out of my way,” you demanded.

“What? You don’t think I handled it in a manly way?” Dean asked, his tone mocking. You were about to say something, until he grabbed your arms and yanked you down onto the bed. “I’ll handle you in a manly way.”

You spoke through gritted teeth. “Like hell you well.”

A smirk crossed his face. You knew better than to test him, but he was about to remind you why.

His hands wrestled at your dress, breaking the zipper in the process of trying to get it off. It fell to the floor, a crumpled mess. His jeans and shirt soon joined the puddle on the floor, along with his boxers and your panties. He jerked himself a couple of times before sliding into your wet heat, grunting out how tight you were. He didn’t stop to wait for your walls to adjust, but you couldn’t begin to care. The mixture of pain and pleasure spiraling through your body felt indescribable. All you could do was grind your hips beneath his and bite through the intensity.

“You like it, baby?” Dean asked lustfully. Not waiting on a response, he grabbed a handful of hair and yanked it to the side, taking your neck into his teeth and lapping at it with his tongue. “Mmm, yeah, you fuckin’ like it. You’re so wet for me…” he moaned out.

You cried out from the pleasure, unable to keep control of it anymore. Your thighs shook as he pumped in between them; your nails leaving long red marks like cat slashes down the length of his back. “Dean! Ooh god! J-just like that, baby!”

Dean scraped his bottom teeth against your neck, pulling your hair harder as his hips moved furiously now, rough and fast. “What was that, baby? Can’t hear you!”

“Dean!! Don’t stop!!” You screamed, desperate. Your body tightened in anticipation of that sweet release. And when you did, you popped like a cork out of champagne bottle—your hips shot off the bed, bucking hard into his. His grunts were getting deeper and more rhythmic against your neck; his thrusts becoming jagged and unfocused.

“God damn. So fucking tight, so wet,” he moaned, tonging your neck. He hiked your leg up higher and dug his nails into your thigh, giving you a few more thrusts until he emptied himself inside of you. Dean pulled out of you, tracing the bite mark he left on your skin. He rolled onto his back, his arm wrapped tightly around your waist.

“You’re mine, Y/N…. Next time, you better let me prove that,” he said breathlessly. You had no argument about that this time, and if so, your boyfriend wouldn’t have any trouble proving it to you.



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"No man! She’s going out with me!" Shield member, Seth Rollins, said as the Shield members fought among themselves. They were arguing about the one and only, beautiful, Nikki Bella. There was so much about her that they loved about her. The members started to fight and argue, pushing one another into each other. 

"Alright, there is only one way to solve this, we break up and make Nikki choose." Dean finally said calming down the other members of The Shield.

"I guess it seems right to let her pick." Roman finally spoke. The three men looked over just to see Nikki Bella walking to them. 

"Hey Nikki." They greeted.

"Hey, so listen, I know you all want to date me. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t?" Nikki said as she displayed her body. "So I want you to know that I have already made up my mind of who I want to be with." The Shield members looked at each other then at her, wanting to know who she was going to pick. "Dean." She said reaching for his hand. Dean smirked at the guys and then walked to Nikki. 

The two then started to kiss, making things awkward for Seth and Roman. The kiss got heated and Seth and Roman started to feel awkward around them. It was getting more and more awkward with them. The two didn’t know why, but they just couldn’t stop watching as Dean and Nikki started to undress and have sex in front of them. 

Nikki’s moans were loud, and damn sexy. Dean was loving it, he was getting turned on more and more every time she moaned louder. It was that attractive. As the guys watched, Nikki looked at Seth and Roman and smirked as she loudly started to moan Dean’s name and cum. Dean followed after, cumming in the process. The two looked at Seth and Roman and smirked.

"Sorry boys, she’s my girl." Dean said.


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Sarah was having so much fun at the water park.  She was so glad Seth suggested this idea.  He thought it would be great if the four of you went to one to cool off, due to the extreme heat of the summer.  She was shocked when Dean agreed to come along, usually liking to be alone when she would hang with Roman and Seth.  She figured that Seth bribed him or something of that nature.  She came up from under the water and sees Dean sitting on the side of the pool, holding what appeared to be a necklace in his hands.  His expression was one of sadness as he stared at the necklace.  Sarah slowly walked up and sat next to him, concerned about him.  Dean glanced up at her, and then looked back down.  Sarah didn’t miss the small blush on his face, and didn’t question it. 
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
Dean merely shook his head, eyes never leaving the necklace.  Sarah moved her gaze toward the necklace.  It was beautiful.  There was a “v” shaped charm on a silver chain; its ends having what looked liked flower buds.  The bottom had a bloomed flower, with a small diamond in the middle.  “It’s a very pretty necklace.” She said, not being surprised when he said nothing.  She wondered if he hated her.  They never spoke prior to right now and when she would hang with his teammates, he didn’t join.  Although they don’t really know each other and this is more Roman and Seth’s job, she wanted to know what was wrong, why he was just staring at this necklace and not enjoying the park.  She pulled him up and dragged him to the lounge chairs where their stuff was.  She was surprised he was not resisting.  She sat him down in one of the chairs, sitting herself in the one next to it.  She grabbed her towel and wrapped in around her body, then grabbed his and opened it up.  She placed it over his head like a hood, protecting him from the sun.
“Please.  Can you tell me what’s wrong?” she asked again.  “I’m getting worried.”
He sighed, looking up at her, eyes full of sadness, “It’s just…” then he looked back down.
“Does it have to do with the necklace?”
“…yeah…who it belonged to…”
“Can you tell me?”
“…”  She noticed his hesitation.  She pulled his towel a little more, pulling it over her head as well, shielding both of them from the outside world.  She thought that he would speak when he knows that only she would hear him and not anyone else.
“Now will you talk?  You’re not leaving until you speak.”
He then took a breath, looking up at her, “This…belonged to my sister.  There was…a character she loved in this game.  She admired this character a lot, always talking about her.  One Christmas, I got her this necklace, which is the one the character wears in the game.  She was so happy; she wore it all the time.”  His voice was breaking after every sentence, silent tears rolling down his face.  Sarah reached out and wiped the tears away.
“…What happened to her?”
More tears escaped from his eyes, until he just started sobbing.  Sarah quickly pulled him in a hug, not going to pressure him for answers.  
“I’m sorry.” she apologized, feeling guilty for asking the wrong question at the wrong time.  She felt his body stiffen, but soon relaxed in the embrace.  After a time, he looked at her, their eyes locking.  It was hard to tell who leaned in first, but the end result was their lips connecting.  She liked the combination of his sweet lips mixed with the chlorine from the water.  When the kiss broke, she hugged him tighter.
“…you remind me of her.” he said softly, “That’s why I stayed away.  I didn’t…” he then broke into sobs again.  Her arms tightened even more around him.  Sarah wanted the whole story, what happened to his sister to make him react like this and why she reminded him of her.
-Kristin{Was kind of confused on the love-hate thing:( }

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I couldn’t help but love him. How could I not? Dean Ambrose was hot. He had that cute, hot, and crazy look about him. Not to mention, his body was hot. I couldn’t help but love him. It doesn’t help that I’ve met him a couple of times, just as a fan not as a friend. Every time he had a signing in my city, I was there. He remembered me a few times, but I don’t think it was enough to leave a lasting impression.

I was at a live Raw event in my city and I was excited to see Dean Ambrose again. I was hoping he would remember me. I watched as he walked down the stairs, doing his entrance with the other Shield members. Damn, he looked so damn hot.
After a victorious win for Dean at Raw, I stood at the back entrance, hoping to see Dean. I wanted to see him. I heard the door open and closed and I turned my head, seeing Dean. He noticed me and I started to walk to him. 
"Call me crazy, but I don’t care." I said as I grabbed his face and kissed him. I wasn’t going to let him get away so easily, but surprisingly, he kissed me back.
"So crazy, want to go out?" Dean asked. I nodded and walked with him, talking to him.
The date was so cute. He picked me up the next night and took me to nice pizza place. We had such a good time, laughing, joking around and talking. I could have sworn that he liked me. Later that night when he walked me to the door, he actually leaned in and kissed me passionately. It was really romantic and perfect.
As the weeks went on, we went on more dates, then we started to have rough sex, this would conclude that we started a beautiful relationship. The night I told him I loved him, he felt the same and I knew that things were going to work out for us.

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You rolled your eyes as your stalkers made their way to the ring again, surrounding it. You sighed and your match against the diva’s champion Paige started. You felt the three men watching you, annoyed by it. They’ve been doing this for the past 5 months, when you asked them why they didn’t answer. You’ve been asking around but no one seemed to know.


When the match was over you realized you were the new diva’s champion. You won, you knew that, but the realization only got to you a little later. You started to tear up a little, holding your championship close against your chest. You jumped around the ring with your title, the fans cheering for you.


You got out the ring and felt the Shield looking at you. You looked back at them, staring them in the eyes. Trying to figure out what it was that they wanted. You started walking again, going backstage as you felt their eyes on your back.


Everyone congratulated you backstage, making you smile. You were proud of how far you’ve come. You talked with them for a bit before going into your locker room for some rest, calling your mom. You smiled, she said she watched you win. “My god Cylus! You did amazing!” She had yelled. You thanked her and your little brothers before hanging up and sitting on your bench, realizing how big you were now.


Then you heard your door open, you frowned and then saw the Shield walking in. You raised an eyebrow at them. “Can I help you?” You asked. Roman closed the door behind them and the three of them stood there next to each other, smirking. “I definitely think you can.” Dean smirked. “Erm… with what exactly?” You asked, getting a little confused by them. Seth walked up to you, stroking your cheek. “We want to congratulate you… in our own way.” He smirked.


Your eyes widened. “Erm guys.. I- I don’t think I can-” “Oh shut up.” Dean cut you off. “You know you want this… us.” Roman said. You stood up and wanted to walk away, but you felt Seth’s arms around you. You looked at his hands that held you tight, you felt his beard tickle against your neck, then felt a kiss. “You’re not going anywhere.” He whispered and lifted up your top.


Roman and Dean watched Seth take off your top. You struggled a little. “Shh shh.. don’t move…” He whispered and kissed your neck, sucking. You gave into it and wrapped a hand in his hair, moaning lightly. You felt him smirk against your neck.


Roman and Dean stepped closer, Dean took of your bra as he started playing with your breasts. You moaned, your other hand reaching for his hair. When Roman came closer you pushed Seth and Dean away a little. “Hmm… wait… lock the door.” You blushed. Roman smirked and went to lock the door as the other men kept kissing and playing with you.


Seth’s hands were wandering down now, groping your ass. You moaned and looked to your right as you saw Roman undress himself, till he was in only his boxers. You reached out for his arm and pulled him closer, groping his package. You felt how big he was and your eyes widened a little. “Shit…” you moaned. You felt him getting harder in your hand and you smirked.


Dean pulled you away from the other men, pulling you down to the ground with him, you on top. His hands found their way into your shorts and played with your ass. He then pulled down your shorts and panties, leaving you naked. You blushed a little but kissed him, passionately.


When you pulled back from the kiss and looked up you saw Seth and Roman naked, both hard and ready. Roman pulled you off Dean and sat on the bench, pulling you on his lap. He pressed his tip against your entrance and then lowered you onto him, holding your hips.


You moaned as he filled you up, good. You felt him go deeper and deeper, you never even knew it was possible to be filled up this good. You moaned out his name and dug your nails into his back. “Shit, Cylus…” he moaned as he thrust up in you. You composed yourself and started bouncing on him, hard and fast. Wanting him deep inside of you. “Oh fuck, Roman!” You moaned. “Shit baby I’m gonna-” He moaned and felt him cum inside of you, making you scream out in pleasure and cum as well.


You just hung on his body, panting when you felt someone pull you off. It was Dean, who pushed you against the wall. You were still dripping with Roman’s cum when Dean slammed inside of you. You screamed. “FUCK DEAN!” You were barely finished with your first orgasm when he started pounding you. Your walls stretching and burning, but it felt so good. He pulled your hair, making your head fall back a bit as he kissed you while fucking you.


You moaned out in pleasure, your body trembling from the feeling. Now you knew why they had been stalking you. He slammed into you a couple of times, your body moving with his thrusts, before he came inside of you. “Fuck Cylus!” He moaned and stepped back, letting his body fall onto the bench.


Your body was done, you felt like you couldn’t handle any more and when Dean let go of you you fell to the ground. Luckily for you (or not, your body was spent) there was another man. Seth Rollins. He caught you and gently laid you down on the floor, crawling on top of you. You saw how hard and leaking he was. You smirked and pulled him close, kissing him. He kissed back and then slid into you, letting out a moan.


“Last but not least…” he smirked and started fucking you. You moaned as he slid in and chuckled at his comment. He started of slow, not rough like the others. He clearly didn’t want to waste what he’s got for you. You held him tight, your nails digging into his shoulders as he fucked you.


You felt his fingers rub your clit, which drove you absolutely nuts. You couldn’t think straight anymore. You just panted, moaned and screamed out his name. “Seth!” You came, shaking beneath him. You heard him laugh quietly as he fucked you through your orgasm, ready for his own. You felt him thrust two, three more times, hard and deep and then felt him fill you up good.


You struggled to keep your eyes open. Seth, panting, pulled out and got back to his feet. You saw them getting dressed again, smirking at each other. They walked up to the door. Dean unlocked it and looked back at you. “We’ll see you at the hotel tonight. Room 116. Better not let us wait.” He said and with that they left you. ‘Tonight?’ You thought. ‘I barely even survived this!’



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You just finished working out with your friend Bailey. She came to the NXT one month after you and you immediately became friends. It was nice to have a friend that shared the same passion: wrestling. Ever since you were a little kid you were determined to make it into the WWE and at this point things were looking good for you.


You and Bailey walked around backstage in the arena, looking for your locker room, finding it rather quickly. Since you and her were such good friends you always were together, same training schedule, same diet, same locker room, everything. You changed quickly and sat there, exhausted but worth it. “Hay, you heard about the Shield coming to this arena today?” Bailey asked. “Really?” You smiled, you liked the Shield. “That should be interesting.” “Stop drooling…” Bailey laughed. “I was not drooling!” You chuckled. “Whatever.. ” Bailey laughed and walked out with you, going to catering.


Once you got there you saw the Shield were there, you smiled at them but smiled at one in particular: Dean Ambrose. There was just something about him that you couldn’t not look at. Before your smiling turned into some awkward staring Bailey pulled you away. “No drooling, hmm?” She laughed and sat down with the other divas, talking about the matches that were up for tonight.


You instead took your chance and walked up to the three much taller men, smiling. “Hi, I’m Y/N.” You said, introducing yourself. They all shook your hand and told you their names, saying it was nice to meet you. Dean however held your hand a little longer. “I’ve seen some of your matches, goldilocks.. they were great.” He said. You just stared at him, not sure whether to thank him for the compliment or beat the shit out of him for calling you goldilocks.


You clenched your jaw, glaring at him. “Don’t. Call. Me. Goldilocks…” You said, which made him laugh. As Roman and Seth wandered around, Dean stuck with you. You were walking around with him, talking about wrestling a bit before he did it again. “Why can’t I call you goldilocks though?” He asked with a pout. You sighed and rolled your eyes. “Just don’t, Ambrose. I told you not to, and you shouldn’t, okay?” You answered. “But goldi-” “No!” You said and walked off. ‘My god he’s annoying!’ you thought as you walked into your locker room, slamming the door shut.


“What’s up?” Bailey asked. “That freaking idiot keeps calling me goldilocks!” You yelled. Bailey, who knew no one should call you that, frowned and asked. “Who does?” “Ambrose!” You hit the wall, frustrated. “So no more drooling over him?” Bailey asked. You couldn’t help but smile a little. “Well he’s still cute…” you both chuckled. “Come, let’s go out.” Bailey said as she took you with her, ready to party.


~~ 3 weeks later ~~


You just got the news that Vince McMahon wanted to have a talk with you. You didn’t know why, you didn’t hear anything else, just that. You were a little bit confused, not sure if this was a good or a bad thing. You checked yourself in the mirror one more time, not wanting to look like shit in front of the big boss, and walked towards his office, knocking. “Come in!” You heard from the other side and you opened the door, walked in and closed it. “Mr. McMahon?” You asked, nervously.


“Ah, Y/N.” He said as he stood up to shake your hand. “Vincent McMahon.” He said and nodded at you. You felt a bit better. “Y/N.” You smiled. Vince let go of your hand and nodded at you. “Please have a seat.” He said as he sat back down himself. You sat down, wondering why you were here. “So, Y/N, you must be wondering why I called you in here, right?” He asked. You nodded. “Well,” he started, “it was someone’s request.. Erm… Ambrose’s request.” He said. “Ambrose?” You said, raising an eyebrow, slightly annoyed. “Yes, Ambrose. He wants you to be his manager. I’ve been thinking of a way to get you up to the main roster here in WWE, and I didn’t know how to, until Ambrose came with the idea. So, if you agree with that?” He asked, having the papers ready to be signed. You really didn’t think it was a good idea to put you with Ambrose, but you did want to get higher up in the WWE. You smiled and nodded. “I’d love to.” You took the pen and signed the papers. “Good! Very good! I’ll let Ambrose know and set up an appointment for next week to discuss all of this.” He smiled and shook your hand again. “Thank you, and thanks for the opportunity sir.” You smiled.


When you got back to the hotel room you shared with Bailey you smiled at her. “I got a contract, I have to be Ambrose’s manager first for a while though…” you said, not knowing if you should be happy or annoyed by the fact that it was Ambrose. Bailey’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. “Y/N! That’s amazing!” She yelled, getting up and hugging you tight, almost flattening you. You smiled and hugged her back.


The rest of that evening you talked about wrestling and wrestling only, what the future will hold for both of you, how far you’ll get with your careers. All this wrestling talking made you much more excited to work for the big company now.


~~ 1 week later ~~


You knocked on the door of Ambrose’s locker room and he opened almost immediately. “Goldilocks! Where’s your gold locks?” He pouted. “Brunette now, so you can stop calling me goldilocks, thank you very much.” You smirked. Dean just pouted, not knowing what to do or say, you laughed. “So erm… what’s the plan?” You asked.


Dean sat down and pulled you down as well, your eyes widened a little at his action, but you looked at him, waiting for an answer. “Well… first let me tell you why I chose you to be my manager…” He said. “Yes, please..” you said, waiting for the answer. “Well.. I um.. I kinda like you.. Y/N.” He said. You were shocked, you just sat there, not moving, unable to think of anything to say. Dean smiled weakly, seeing the surprise on your face. He leaned in closer and kissed you, moving his hand to hold to back of your head.


It took you a moment, but you kissed him back, unable to help yourself. You wrapped your arms around his neck, hugging him tight. Dean pulled you onto his lap as you kissed, and kissed, and kissed. Until there was a knock on the door. “Ambrose?” You heard Vince’s voice. You pulled away quickly and blushed, looking at Dean. Dean just smiled a little before yelling back. “What?” “Erm, just wondering if everything’s okay. You’ve been in there for about an hour and a half now…” He said. You just realized what happened, you and Dean had been kissing, hugging all the time.


“No we’re alright! Almost done, sir.” Dean yelled. “Okay, just making sure!” And Vince walked off. Dean bit his lip and smirked. “Well… I think I like you too… as long as you won’t call me goldilocks anymore…” you smiled. He pecked your lips and chuckled. “I can’t, you’re my beautiful brunette now.” He smiled and hugged you tight. You hugged him back and knew this was going to be one amazing collaboration.



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"Hey babe!" I looked up to see Dean and smiled. I love seeing my boyfriend.

"Hey what’s up?" I asked.

"I have to talk to you." Dean said the look of concern washing over his face. 

"What’s up?" I asked.

"Well, your so called best friend and my boss, just put me in a storyline that I don’t think you will like." Dean started looking at me.

"What’s the storyline?" I asked. I hated it when Dean did this to me, most of the time I didn’t care, but that’s because he never had a storyline with a girl.

"Well, since The Shield broke up and I’m in a solo career, Triple H decided that it would be time that I get a valet."


"with Summer Rae." Dean said mumbling. 

"Summer Rae? God, I fucking hate her." 

"Yeah I know, but I have to do what I have to do." Dean looked at me. "You know I love you."

"I love you too." I kissed him softly.

~Later On Raw~

I stood backstage as I watched Dean walk out with Summer Rae, I couldn’t believe that he was paired with her of all girls. I shook my head. He was facing Christian, so I was hoping that Dean would win, despite being with Summer Rae. I watched as Summer Rae kissed him on the lips, a good luck kiss. The lips that I had just kissed. 

"Oh fuck no!" I said as I started to approach the ring. I stared down Dean and Summer as I went over to Christian, kissing him softly. I climbed out of the ring and straight backstage. That would teach Dean.

After Raw, while I was walking to my car with my stuff, a hand grabbed my arm and turned me around. “What were you thinking? You could have gotten into serious trouble.” Dean said looking at me. 

"I was trying to teach you a lesson." I said.

"A lesson? This isn’t school, this is fucking work. You can’t fucking do that Y/N! Triple H and Stephanie are pissed, you can’t bring your personal life in it. You have to roll with the punches." Dean said.

"I’m sorry. Ok?" I wanted this to be over with.

"You’re lucky I still love you." 

"I love you too." Dean moved his hand down to mine and took my hand, walking with me to our car, taking me back to our hotel room.


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You looked around in amazement; you finally were in Disneyland, a longtime childhood dream.  You couldn’t believe you were actually here, all because of your boyfriend Dean.  You mentioned before about wanting to come here since childhood, you didn’t think he would actually take you.  You sat on a bench, looking at Cinderella’s castle as you thought about how you ended up here. 
For four months, he disappeared without a trace.  People knew he was injured and needed time off, but it only supposed to be three, not four.  Plus, no one knew where he went to recover.  Everyone was worried about him, more so you and his teammates Seth and Roman than anyone else.  The three of you frantically searched for him, getting more worried when you didn’t find him.  Then the thought of Las Vegas came up, since he likes to go there during days off.  You called every hotel you could to see where he was staying.  Once you got the right hotel, the three of you got on a plane and headed to Las Vegas.  By the time you landed, it was nightfall.  You guys found a taxi and headed for the hotel Dean was staying at.  But once the taxi dropped you off and drove away, there were noises coming from an alleyway between the hotel and another building.  Roman took the lead, followed by you then Seth, inching closer to the source.  What you saw scared you; there was a guy whose back was to you, holding a needle filled with some kind of liquid.  There was the sound of maniacal laughter, with someone saying something around the line of paying for defying them.  There was also a noise of someone struggling to breathe.  Roman quickly took action, seeing as no one else was around and someone needed help.  He picked up the guy by the back of his shirt and tossed him toward the wall.  Once the guy was out of the way, what was you saw completely petrified you, the victim was none other than Dean.  There was another guy sitting on the ground who had his arm snuggled around Dean’s neck, the other hand around his own wrist, locking the hold.  Dean was on the verge of unconsciousness, his eyes lids growing heavy, the red mark on his cheek indicated that he had struggled previously.  The man didn’t notice Roman was there, or that his partner was thrown into a wall until Roman yanked him up by his hair and started being the crap out of him.  Dean was released from the choke hold, gasping for air.  You and Seth bolted toward Dean, trying all you could to keep him awake.  The men soon fled, realizing that they have the wrong guy.  Roman picked Dean up, threw him over his shoulder and headed for the hotel.  You and Seth followed behind, each taking one of Dean’s hands.  Once in the room, Dean explained that the two men mistook him for some guy that quit their gang and they wanted revenge.  They were probably going to drug him if not for you three.  You, Dean and Seth all shared the bed while Roman took the sofa.  You held onto Dean tightly in your sleep, never wanting to let go.  That morning, the four of you left for the airport.  During the flight, Dean asked you if you wanted to go to Disneyland during the next off he gets. 
And here you are now.  You remember that night fondly, feeling the fear of losing him all over again.  You never wanted to lose him; you wanted him with you forever.  You were soon pulled from your thoughts when you felt soft lips on your cheek.  You turn to see Dean smiling at you, holding two water bottles.
“Hey.  Figure I get these since we’ve been walking for a while.” he said, handing you a bottle.
“Thanks.” you replied, taking the bottle and gulping some of the water down.  “This is so nice.”
“…Yeah.  Hey, want to get a picture in front of the castle?”
“Sure!” you squealed as you pulled him along.
The castle looked even better up close.  You still didn’t believe you were standing this close to the castle.  Dean had asked someone to take the picture.  Right before it was taken, Dean spoke up.
“Wait.  There’s something I want to do first.”
You looked at him confused as he spoke again.  “Listen, I…”  You sensed his nervousness about something.  You got worried when he suddenly went down on one knee.  You immediately knelt in front of him, brushing some of his hair out of his face. 
“Dean, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing.  Just that…I’ve been thinking a lot about us.  The time I’ve spent with you have been some of the best of my life.  You are truly an amazing person, someone I value and want to protect with my life.  That night months ago; when you, Seth and Roman came to Las Vegas to look for me; that’s when I knew…you were the one.  When you held me so tightly, I realized that I want to be with you forever.”
Your eyes went wide as the words he was saying began to sink in.  He then took out a box, his shaky hand trying to open it.  You slowly opened the box for him, revealing a ring.
“Dean.  Is this what I think it is?”
“I don’t know.  What do you think it is?”
“I think you are trying to propose to me.”
He grinned and nodded, “So?  Will you marry me?”
You slowly nodded as tears rolled down your face.  He slipped the ring on your finger and kissed you tenderly.  There were cheers around you as onlookers looked at what transpired.  The person that was supposed to take the picture ended up recording the whole thing.  You honestly couldn’t be happier than right now, engaged to Dean Ambrose at Disneyland.
-Kristin (Sorry about the part with Dean getting attacked by two guys.  I had a dream one night about that and it wouldn’t leave my mind.  I had to tweak it for this story since the dream was centered around Ambrollins friendship type of thing.  And had to cut it short due to time, had a big paper to due this week.)

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Kelly Kelly, along with Beth Phoenix and AJ Lee, were on their way to the hospital.  Kelly woke up with morning sickness and was scared something was wrong.  Beth was driving, Kelly in the passenger seat and AJ in the back.  They were trying to remember the night before, when they were at the bar. 
“Alright, so let’s go over what we know.” AJ started.  “We were at the bar with the other girls when someone spotted the Shield walking through the door.”
“And you kept staring at the one with the dirty blonde hair.  What was his name?” Beth asked.
“Dean.” Kelly sighed, smiling.  “I remember talking to him.”
“I remember you flirting with him.” Beth retorted.
AJ giggled from the back.
“…” Kelly’s smile faded.  She remembers nothing else from that night.  “…That’s all I remember though.  Nothing else comes up.  And I wake up naked and feeling sick.”
“Oh, what’s this now?” AJ asked, reaching over to nudge Kelly in the shoulder. 
“Some late night action?” Beth asked, laughing as well.
“I don’t know.  There must have been since there was a shirt left behind that’s not mine.”
They talk some more until they pulled into the hospital’s parking lot.  They entered and explained Kelly’s condition.  The doctor arrived and did an ultra sound, just in case. What was discovered was what worried Kelly the whole ride.
“Looks like your pregnant Kelly.”
Kelly was shocked.  Pregnant?  How?  There was no way…the guy.  Now it was confirmed that they had sex, but she can’t remember who is was.  The doctor continued to talk to her, but she didn’t hear a word he said.  She was too focused on trying again to remember who the guy was.  The next thing she knew she was in the car again, on the way back to the hotel.
“Hello?  Earth to Kelly!” AJ said, snapping her fingers in front of Kelly’s face.
“You’ve been out of it since you heard the news.  You ok?” Beth said.
“Just…trying to remember more on the guy.”
“Any luck?”
Kelly closed her eyes, trying to bring the memory to light.  She then sees something among the blur, something she recognized.
“…blue eyes.”
“What?” Beth asked.
“The guy…he had blue eyes.”
“There’s a clue.  Now let’s narrow down all the superstars who have blue eyes.” AJ said, already making a list in her mind. 
-Kristin (redid as best I could.)

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(I wasn’t sure if by three way sex you meant the three guys having sex together or the three guys having their way with Hannah. But I hope you enjoy it. I’m not good at writing foursomes. Enjoy!)

Hannah had finished her second drink and had just ordered her third. She was celebrating. She had just won her debut match on Raw. Hannah had started on her third drink when she was surrounded by Randy, Dean, and Roman, drinking as well. 

"Good job on your match Hannah." Dean said smirking a little.

"Thanks." Hannah smiled as she finished her third drink, ordering a fourth drink. The four of them spent the night drinking. Then someone came up with the idea of going to her hotel room. This is how the night was spent. 

Hannah laid on the bed, making out with Dean, his hands running up and down her sides as she felt someone pull off her pants and panties. She felt a finger rub against her clit and then started to finger her, making her moan into the kiss with Dean. He stopped for a second, took off her top and bra, then started to suck on her nipples, making her nipples hard. Before Hannah knew it, she had three cocks in her face. Hannah took her time sucking each cock, making it wet. 

Randy laid on his back and put Hannah on his dick, forcing her to ride it, facing him. Dean kissed Hannah more and then started to squeeze her boobs, making Hannah moan louder. He forced her to ride him faster, making her moan louder. 

Roman wanted his turn, he stroked himself with one hand and then forced Hannah to laid on Randy, forcing himself into her ass. Roman gripped Hannah’s hips, thrusting into her faster, his balls smacking against Hannah. Dean smirked and took this opportunity to force his dick in Hannah’s mouth, making her suck him. 

As Roman thrusted faster, Hannah took Dean’s dick more, and Randy got the pleasure from his dick in Hannah’s pussy. It wasn’t long before Dean as cummed in Hannah’s mouth, Roman pulled out and then started to shot his cum in and on Hannah’s ass, Randy started to cum in Hannah’s pussy and Hannah had came on top of Randy. The guys put Hannah on the bed and took their turns eating out Hannah, tasting her cum. 


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"That was amazing AJ!" You two giggle while talking about your gaming adventures.
You are a WWE Diva and best friends with the Divas champion AJ. “Hello ladies…” A smooth voice is heard on your back and you both turn to see.
"Hey Dean!" AJ’s cheerful tone welcomes your boyfriend Dean Ambrose to your conversation.
"Hey babe" You two kiss while AJ giggles. "Isn’t your match next Mr. Ambrose?" AJ teases but you let her do that. 
They both enjoyed provoking each other and you find it quite funny.
"Why it is, thank you for stating the obvious once again Miss Lee" You grin at every response they come up with.
They were very close friends and this was their way of showing their feeling for each other.
"Well I’m off just like Miss Lee said, I have a match" AJ rolls her eyes. Dean kisses you and sticks out his tongue at AJ.
AJ sticks her tongue too at him and you laugh even more. 
"You two act like children" A female voice is heard and you and AJ already know to whom it belongs.
"Eva" You and AJ say at the same time, the person you hate the most in the entire WWE.
"Isabella, don’t you have a match tonight?" Eva grins as she focus all on you. "Why does it matter to you Eva?" You couldn’t stand her.
"I was just saying that it’s a little awkward when a rookie like myself has a match and you, the much older veteran don’t" She spats out.
AJ steps a foot forward but I hold her back. Eva is smilling and you just want to hit her. Really bad. Really bad.
"Keep talking shit, go on Eva, I dare you" You threat her and she takes a step back.
Eva opens up her mouth but you and AJ trade a quick look and you both attack her. 
"GET OFF ME! HELP ME!" Eva screams as you and AJ start beating the shit out of her. It took 7 strong men of the security team to get you and AJ off Eva.
Unfortunately for you, Stephanie was close and saw everything. “Is the behaviour of a WWE Diva? I expected better from you two and even more from the Diva’s champion” Hearing Stephanie talking to you like you were talking to the principle got you all nervous and you couldn’t but to stare the floor.
"It was Eva who started it!" You sound childish but it was the truth. "I don’t care who started but I don’t like whiners who run theirs mouths on the first sight of trouble" Stephanie’s words cut you deeply.
"A whiner? ME?" You think but you say nothing.
"I know what will straight you up" Steph crosses her arms and looks at both of you. "You two are going to be in a tag team match, tonight!" You two glare at each other shocked.
"Tonight?" Steph nods to your question. "AJ, the Divas champion with The Shield VS Y/N with the Wyatt Family" Steph smirks and leaves the two of you.
"The Wyatt Family? Why me?" You think. You always had some suspicion about the Wyatt Family. "They’re creepy and weird" You think.
But it as Stephanie’s orders and you had to obey. You go searching for your tag team partners and hope you wouldn’t find them.
(Monday Night Raw’s Main Event: AJ Lee with The Shield vs Y/N with The Wyatt Family…)
The match is going as it should be but you are too nervous. 
"Something is going down, I can’t put my finger on it" You think, you look to your tag team partners and you Bray Wyatt gazing at you.
You freeze right in that instance. “I don’t like the way he looks at me” You think.
You super kick AJ and while she crawls for her tag team partners, you go make the tag with your own. 
You clap Bray’s hand but instead being behind the ropes, Bray grabs you and puts you right in the middle of the ring.
"This is not what we planned" You think. Dean is now the legal partner and looks at the two of you.
Bray makes a sudden move and now is too close to you. He bows his head a little bit and kisses you.
As soon you two break apart, you have no idea of what happened. But Dean did.
All you see is Dean attacking like a mad man Bray. You don’t even try to separate them.
xxO Stella

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"1..2..3! And your winner is Dean Ambrose!" Lillian said into the mic. Mine and AJ theme song hit and I came skipping out. There were boos and cheers being heard in every direction. I slide under the bottom and skipped around Dean before stopping in front of him staring into his blue eyes. He cocked his head to side, probably trying to figure out what I was about to do since I was just as crazy as my sister AJ. A smirk was plastered on my face as I walked closer to him. My hands traveled up his broad chest and I jumped in his arms wrapping my legs around his waist. I pressed my lips against his earning loud gasp from the fans. And what surprised me the most is that he kissed back. As much as I want to go into a full make out session with him, I couldn’t do that since we were on live tv. I unwrapped myself from around him and left leaving a very flustered Dean in the ring.
I smiled to myself as I walked backstage, twirling my hair around my finger. I was entering the bathroom, I was put on top of the counter a pair of hands tightly gripping my hips.
"I don’t like being teased like that." Dean growled in my ear. I bit my bottom lip. I could feel Deans bulge rubbing against my crotch. I grinded against him on instinct, gaining a growl from him. 
"You’re coming with me back to my hotel and when we get there, I’m going to fuck you senseless." he said leaving me hot and flustered. 
Hope you like it! xx

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It was Christmas morning and AJ Lee woke up and saw her husbands Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose still asleep. AJ put Romans, Seth’s, and Deans hand on her stomach and they all woke up to Aj’s baby kicking

“What happened?” Asked Dean waking up “Merry Christmas honey” Said AJ to her waking husbands still in bed “Merry Christmas to you honey” Said Roman kissing AJ’s cheek “And a happy new year” Said a smiling Seth just then their 3 year old daughter Lisa ran into the room

“Daddy daddy mommy mommy its Christmas!” Shouted Lisa as she jumped on the bed “ITS CHRISTMAS” She said over and over jumping on the bed Dean smiled “Did Santa come?” Dean asked “Yes yes he did!” Said Lisa “Can I go and open the presents?” “Yes honey” Replied Dean as she ran off

Roman, Seth, And Dean all got out of bed with AJ and went downstairs to open presents with Lisa. Dean Ambrose walked over to Lisa and he picked her up “I love you baby” He said as he kissed her forehead “I love you too daddy” Replied Lisa


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“Fuck!” Dean Ambrose slammed his fists against the locker room wall. “Woah dude! What the hell is your problem?” Roman asked. “They put me into another match with fucking CM Punk!” Dean ranted. Seth smirked, knowing Dean couldn’t stand Punk. “What the hell are you laughing at!?” Dean yelled at him. Seth threw his hands in the air and walked off. Roman sighed and pushed Dean down on the bench he was sitting on as well. “Keep your head cool, man. We all know you don’t like him, he doesn’t like you either. But in that ring it’s not about what you want, or what he wants. It’s about the two of you putting up a good match, together. No matter how much you hate it.” Roman said. Dean calmed down and nodded a bit. “I know but I just- ugh I hate that guy.” He pouted. Roman just patted his shoulder and left the locker room.


~later that night~

Roman and Seth were standing ringside, Dean in the ring, waiting for his opponent to walk down the ramp. Then his music went off; Look in my eyes, what do you see.. Punk came out and walked down the ramp, doing his things and stepping in the ring, glaring at Dean. Dean just rolled his eyes and wanted this match to be over with, he never liked wrestling Punk, he was always afraid he might lose his temper and actually hurt the guy. Roman and Seth were trying to cheer Dean up a bit, trying to help him where they could. Dean got distracted though, and Punk hit his finisher on him, he pinned Dean and smirked, standing up and letting the referee throw his hands in the air. Dean was laying there, pissed off and upset, about to hurt Punk when Roman and Seth got him out of the ring just in time. “Let it go, man.” Roman hissed as they took Dean backstage.


“Just fuck off for a second will ya!” Dean yelled at Seth and Roman. Roman rolled his eyes and pulled Seth with him. “Come on,” he said as he dragged Seth out. Right after they left Punk walked in, smirking. “What the fuck do you want?” Dean asked pissed. “I won.” Punk smirked. “I won, on live TV. I beat you, on Monday Night RAW.” He continued smirking. Dean lost his temper and snapped. He ran up to Punk and pushed him against the wall, his body pressed against Punk’s. “We all know, who actually is ‘the best in the world’.” Dean hissed. Punk bit his lip, pissed but getting aroused for some reason. “We do?” Punk asked smirking. Dean nodded, staring deep into Punk’s eyes. “Show me then.” Punk smirked. Dean knew that they were pretty much thinking the same. “I’d love to…” Dean smirked and walked off, into his locker room.


Punk followed him, trying to hide his growing erection. He walked in after Dean and locked the door. “So, all this hate, this rivalry, led up to this?” Punk asked, smiling a bit. “Yeah, not get naked and into this fucking shower, before I change my mind.” Dean said, undressing himself. Punk walked up to Dean and kissed him, his hand wrapped in his hair. He pulled back for a second to look at Dean. “You won’t change your mind now.” He smirked. Dean just smiled at him and kissed him again. They took each other’s ring gear off and stepped into the shower, kissing and their hands all over each other’s bodies. Dean couldn’t control himself any longer and flipped Punk over, pushing him against the wall face first, biting and sucking at Punk’s neck. “I’ll show you that I am the best in the world…” He smirked as he slammed his cock into Punk’s tight ass.


Both men screamed, Punk in pain at first, and Dean in pleasure. “Holy shit your ass is tight!” Dean moaned out as he plunged himself in further and further, until he was settled balls-deep. Punk, who dug his nails into Dean’s hip, panted. “Fuck, Dean… Give me- give me some time.” He pleaded. Dean smirked, kissing up and down Punk’s back and neck before slowly moving in and out. “I thought you could take this…” He whispered. Punk moaned, he never felt this- this good before. “I would be able to, if you didn’t just slam it in.” He hissed, but his pain soon turned into pleasure as Dean moved slowly, not wanting to hurt Punk any further, and as Dean kissed his neck.


Dean started thrusting a little faster up his ass, wrapping his arm around Punk’s waist, grabbing his thick hard cock. “Oh..” Dean smirked and rubbed his tip with his thumb teasingly before he started stroking him, his strokes and thrusts having the same rhythm. “Oh fuck! I- I’m gonna cum Dean!” Punk moaned out loud as soon as Dean started stroking him. “Umm, cum for me, Punk.” Dean moaned. Punk screamed loud as he came, thick strands of cum shooting out and covering Dean’s hand. Dean however kept thrusting into a panting CM Punk, he thrust hard and fast, reaching his own end and shooting his load up his ass, moaning. “Fuuuck Punk!” He panted, pulling out slowly and leaning against the shower wall. Both men just stood there, panting, letting the water run down their bodies. “I think I might actually like you a little…” Dean smirked.



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I was so excited; I was going to meet Dean Ambrose.  I was a fan of him since the beginning, when he was known as Jon Moxely.  My heart was pounding the closer I got to him.  When it was my turn, I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest.  He was such a handsome man.  His deep blue eyes, his child-like face, and just everything about him appealed to me.  I couldn’t help the blush the appeared on my face as he signed my picture.  When it was time for the photo, I felt a shiver course through my body when I felt his arm around my shoulders.  As I was leaving, I felt something in my back pocket.  It was a piece of paper with an address on it.  My guess it was to Dean’s hotel room.  Curious and completely excited, I drove to the place at the time requested on the paper.  This felt so surreal; Dean fucking Ambrose gave me his hotel room and wanted me there.  I slowly knocked on the door, still not believing this was actually happening.  He opened the door with this big grin on his face.  He let me in the room and once the door closed, he pulled me into a kiss.  This kiss was everything I dreamed of, his lips were so soft and the taste was intoxicating.  I moaned as the kiss intensified.  I was on cloud nine, and never wanted to leave.
-Kristin(was a little tired while writing it, hope it’s alright)

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