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“Hey Dean?” I asked looking at my boyfriend of two years. 
“What?” He asked looking over at me.
“Have you ever thought about us having kids in the future?” I asked. I already knew the answer to this, but it didn’t hurt to ask again. I’ve been in a relationship with Dean Ambrose for about 2 and half years now and I have always wanted to have kids, but Dean always told me no.
“No. I don’t want kids because I don’t want to be like my parents. I don’t want to take on the responsibilities of getting your pregnant and then end up leaving like my dad did to me.” Dean explained. He gave me the same answer every time I knew the words by heart. And those words tended to haunt me in the middle of the night. 
One day, Dean and I went to a Children’s hospital in Texas as part of our jobs in the WWE. It was always good to give back, and I loved children, so this was something right up my ally. 
As we entered one of the rooms, my face lit up seeing a child in his bed, playing with his wrestling action figures. 
“Hi!” I said with a smile and looked at him. “What’s your name?” I asked as I hugged him and sat next to his bed. 
“Phil.” He answered. “You’re Y/N and Dean Ambrose! I have you as a wrestling action figure.” The little boy scrambled through his small pile and pulled out the wrestling action figure that looked like Dean. He held it up for Dean to see. I smiled and picked up a few of his other action figures, asking him about them and what their finishers was. I smiled sweetly at the boy before looking over at Dean.
After visiting the Children’s hospital, Dean and I walked down to his car, deciding to get some lunch. We stopped by a local restaurant and grabbed a table, ordering some food and then some drinks. As we waited for the food, I looked over at Dean.
“So, I’ve been kinda thinking about what you asked me about a couple of days ago.” Dean said breaking the silence. “Seeing you with the kids today made me do a lot of thinking.”
“Oh yeah? Still don’t want kids?” I asked as our food came.
“No. It made me think that I’m starting to want kids. I mean you were so sweet to them and so warming with them. Maybe us having kids wouldn’t be such a bad idea.” Dean said looking at me.
“Really?” I asked, a smile slowly appearing on my face.
“Yeah, I mean if I’m having kids with you then it really wouldn’t be a bad idea, besides, you would make sure I don’t end up like my dad.” 
“You’re right. I would make sure you didn’t leave like your dad. I would make sure you were there for every moment.” I added looking at him with a smile.
“So after lunch, you wanna go home and try?” He asked. I nodded with a bigger smile, Dean was changing for the better and I couldn’t wait to have a baby with him.
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You sit frozen, completely still. Unsure of what to do. Or what to say. You stare at the TV screen as if it’s done something horrific. You’ve been sitting in the same position for the past twenty minutes in the hotel room. You’re not sure what’s going to happen next. ..What just happened on the screen is something that’s never going to be able to be fixed. And that…worries you more than it scares you. The door opens, but you don’t turn your head, you just look at the black screen in front of you.

"Y/N?" The voice asks, a voice you recognise, but in this moment in time, wish you didn’t recognise it. "Y/N?"

Your hands are shaking as you stand and you turn to face him. You stare right at him, and you know by the look on his face that things are going to get bad. He’s drawn out, he looks like he might puke, but you stare at him. Angrily.

"Why?" Is all that manages to sputter from your lips, and he knows what you mean.

He stays silent for a long few minutes before he talks, his voice his scarily calm. “I did what I had to do”

You blink. He did what he had to do? He did what he had to do. "You…did…what…you…had…to…do" You draw it out slowly. He hangs his head for a minute before he looks back at you, his eyes say more than a thousand words.

You can see what you hope is regret, what you want to be regret. You need it to be regret and he smiles at you. “It’s better this way. This way I can be at the top and not have them hold me back”

All hope is gone from whatever little hole you pulled it from, gone in an instant. “Se…” You try to say his name, but it doesn’t want to come out. “Seth..” You manage, and the way it comes out, it feels like poison on your tongue. You know that you love him, more than anything.

"What?" He asks with a half shrug. The look in his eyes is gone and you know now that he doesn’t feel regret and with the smug smile on his face you know it’s not regret any more…it’s pride.

You can’t stand to even look at him, so you walk past him without another word. He calls your name, but you keep walking, shutting the door as you walk out. You stand against it for what feels like forever before you turn and move away from it.

You know exactly where you’re going, and you don’t know how he’s going to react either. You don’t know what he’s going to be like. But that’s where you’re going. You go to the hotel room, knowing he’ll be there. You stop at the door, and your hand clenches. You tighten your other fist as you knock on it.

There’s an a horrible silence as you wait, and slowly it opens. And that’s when you hope to see Dean’s face. But you don’t, instead you see Roman’s. He stares at you, like you’re insane. And you don’t know what to say that won’t sound like you’re an idiot.

"I’m so sorry" Are the words that come out your mouth and he sighs, his eyes dropping to the floor as he takes a step back.

"He’s in the shower" Roman says and he lets you in.

You walk in past him and as he shuts the door you see him wince in pain, of course last night’s events would cause that, but tonight’s obviously made his back worse. He gives you a small smile, as he walks past you and he goes to his own bed and sits down, with a groan. You can hear the water running and you stand awkwardly and look at Roman.

"I had no idea" You tell him and he nods.

"Didn’t think you would have" He grunts out and sits up flexing his back slightly.

You hear the water from the bathroom turning off and when you look back at Roman, he’s getting up again. He’s agitated. You can’t really blame him, he won’t know what to do with himself.

"I’ma head out and get something to eat. You want anythin’?" He asks.

"No thanks, Roman" You say and you shake your head with a smile.

He pats your arm as he walks past you and he heads out the door, you sit on Dean’s bed and wait for him to come out of the shower. You hear a few grunts and groans coming from the bathroom, and you fidget in your seat.

When the door opens, he walks out and he’s surprised to see you. He’s stopped dead in the doorway and he looks like he might cry. But you know Dean Ambrose. He doesn’t cry. Well, he never has when he’s around you.

You stand up, afraid he might tell you to get lost. “Dean-“

"Awh, come on" He tells you putting a hand up "Let’s not do this tonight"

"But-" You attempt and he sighs, moving further into the room.

"You didn’t know. You wouldn’t be here if you did. I know" He says. And the relief that washes over you makes you want to cry.

The two of you talk it out, getting things over and done with. You listen to him talk and tell you things about Seth you didn’t know, or had ever heard of. You stayed in that motel room with them for hours, until you’d gone back. But Seth was asleep by the time you did.

~A few weeks later~

You didn’t know how things were going to go as the weeks went on. But as you knew, they weren’t going to be easy. And they weren’t. They were anything but easy. For any of you.

You were backstage with Roman, Seth and Dean were having a match.

"You know, he loves you" Roman tells you and you look at him, confused.

"Who, Seth?" You ask, and he laughs slightly, which adds to your confusion.

"No, Dean" He tells you and you look away, towards the screen, staring confused. Dean…of course he loved you. You were best- You stop thinking and you swallow.

"He…loves me…like…love, love?" You ask Roman slowly and you look at him again and he nods.

"He’s out of character when ever he’s around you" He tells you and you blow out air.

You’d been with Seth for months, and you did love him. Or…did you? No of course you did. …Of course you did. You did love him. Seth…meant a lot to you. Didn’t he? You try to forget about it for the next twenty minutes, until Roman pats your shoulder.

"My match next..see ya later"

"Bye" You say to him and he walks off.

You stand after a few minutes, and you think to yourself. If Seth Rollins can…betray his best friends…his brothers…then what could he do to you? You look wide eyed in the long mirror in front of you and you swallow.

The past few weeks had been hell, and you knew it was only going to get worse if you had to keep choosing between the two of them because you knew eventually it was going to come to that. But you realized something, when you were pacing. Realized something very important.

You walked out of the locker room, and the first person you smashed into was Dean. “Woah, where you goin’?” He asked.

"I..I just…"

"Going to find Seth.." He says, you can see the clear disappointment.

Your heart swallows itself and you smile “I have…to do something. But I’ll be back”

He nods slightly, confused obviously by your sudden change in mood. You walk past him and you go around, looking for Seth and when you find him it’s almost as if he knows, he’s just staring at you.

"I’m sorry" You tell him and he’s glaring at you. A heated glare at that,

"Yeah, whatever you say Y/N" He tells you.

"You betrayed them…nothing you’re going to ever tell me…is going to make me think you wouldn’t do the same to me"

He just shrugs and you shake your head, turn and head back to the locker room. Dean’s sitting, his head in his hands and he looks up when he hears movement. He’s staring at you.

"So…I broke up with him…" You say and he furrows his brows, you smile.

"You love…Seth" He says slowly and you nod as he stands up, his arms crossing.

"Not as much as I love you…clearly" You say and you shrug "I’d rather…he hated me…than you hate me" You tell him, with confidence. "I don’t know where it all went wrong…but…it’s you. It’s always been you. I was stupid enough to think…that I could have what seemed like a normal relationship. And I’ve loved you, for forever I guess" 

You move forward and you kiss him, and you realize again. Maybe things weren’t bad at all.  


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Taylor McMahon is the daughter of Linda and Vince McMahon. And her life couldn’t get better right now. She was currently training to be a professional wrestler and was currently dating WWE Superstar, Dean Ambrose. Everything was going great between them, until one day Taylor’s dad called her into his office to talk to him. Taylor was confused, Vince never talked to her in his office unless it was for business.

She walked to her dad’s office quickly, understanding that this had to be serious if he was calling her into his work office and not saving this conversation for home. She didn’t bother to knock, she just walked in. Vince motioned for her to sit, so she did.

"What’s this all about..?" She asks timidly. She wasn’t sure if she really wanted to know or not.

"Taylor.." Vince sighs as Taylor becomes more nervous about the news to come. "I’m sorry I have to do this to you when you’re with Ambrose.. But, you’re having an arranged marriage with the heir of a rivaling wrestling company. It will help WWE a lot once you two are married." Taylor’s breath hitched.

Break up with Dean? To be married to a heir of another rivaling company she’d never even met? There was no way she could do that. “B-but Dad!” She started. “Why me? Why not Stephanie?!” She began to get angry. She knew why not Stephanie, her sister, couldn’t be set up, she was already married to the COO of WWE, but she couldn’t believe her dad would force her to do this. He knew how happy she was with Dean.

"I’m sorry, honey.."


Taylor’s eyes were filled with tears as she knocked on the door to Dean’s locker room. She didn’t want to have this conversation with him, but she had to. Dean opened the door and immediately realized the emotional state his girlfriend was in.

"Baby, what’s wrong?" He asks as he pulls her into a loving hug.

"D-dean.." She stutters through sobs. "We.. Were over.. My dad is making me marry the heir of another wrestling company." Dean froze, Taylor could feel his tenseness. "I’m so sorry.." She gasps between sobs.

Dean didn’t say anything, he just pulled her closer and nodded in understandment. This wasn’t Taylor’s fault or decision, and he knew that completely.

~3 Years Later~

3 years had passed since the day Taylor’s father told her she was having an arranged marriage and she had to break her relationship off with Dean.

She was now married to the heir of another wrestling company, and was now a wrestler herself. Her training had all paid off and she loved everything about her career. Besides the fact that her husband came to every event with her. Her husband has been abusing her since the day they got married a couple years back. And just because they were at a public WWE event didn’t stop him from hitting her behind the closed doors of her locker room. For what? Taylor doesn’t know. She has no idea what she did to cause this abuse she was getting, she had barely known him before they got married, and she still barely knows him now.

Monday Night RAW had gone awful for Taylor tonight. She had been ambushed by the Bella Twins and was pretty sure Brie had seriously damaged her arm. She knew Brie obviously didn’t mean to, but it still hurt like hell and she didn’t know what to do. She wanted to go the medical station backstage but she knew she couldn’t do that without the doctors seeing the numerous bruises her husband had given her so now she was just sitting in a corner backstage, head in her hands, tears threatening to spill.

"Taylor..? Are you alright?" She hears a voice say from above her, she looks up and sees her ex-boyfriend, Dean Ambrose. Taylor shakes her head, of course she’s not alright. Does she look alright? She’s in a corner crying. Dean sighs and grabs Taylor’s hand, tugging her out of the corner of the room. He walks quickly down the hallway and into his locker room, she follows him.

Dean doesn’t say anything he just sighs and pulls Taylor into a tight hug. They stay in that position for a good five minutes before Taylor pulls away and looks at Dean.

"Why are you doing this..? Comforting me?" She asks. Since their breakup they hadn’t had many conversations.

He stays quiet, ignoring her question.

"Why are you doing this?" She asks again.

Dean looks at his hands and messes with them before mumbling an almost incoherent. “I still love you..” Taylor smiles slightly at the sentence.

"I still love you, too.." She says.

"Then why are you still with him?" Dean asks, suddenly bringing up Taylor’s husband. She hadn’t expected this to happen when Dean was just supposed to be comforting her because of him finding her crying, not her messed up relationship.. "He’s obviously not good for you, and if you still love me… Leave him, Taylor." It was Taylor’s turn to look down at her hands now.

"I don’t want to anger my father.. He put a lot of work into getting this marriage set up, and it’s good for the company.."

"But he’s not good for you, and maybe it’s good for the company, but it’s not good for you." Dean says, grabbing Taylor’s left hand to make her stop messing with it.

"I know.. But my father.."

"If you told your father what was really going on, he’d understand, I’m sure." How did Dean know about her husband’s abusive habits? Dean seeing the look on her face sighed. "I’ve noticed the way you act around him, and the way he acts around you. And I’ve heard a few hits from when I’ve been walking outside your locker room…" Taylor gasped, how many people knew? "Just me.. I haven’t told anyone." Dean says, basically reading her mind. "Leave him, Taylor. You know it’s the best decision. For you, and for once you need to think of yourself, not your dad, not the company, no one except youself." Taylor nodded. Dean was right, she had to do what was best for her. And that was leaving her husband, no matter what her father had to say about it.


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(*Dean’s POV*)
“That’ll be fifteen-fifty” the cab driver said.  
I pulled out a fifty from my wallet, “I’ll give you a hundred dollars for the night. Fifty now and the other half when I get back.”
The guy graciously accepted my offer without asking any questions or giving me the side eye.  I handed him half payment and instructed him to park at the end of the block until I came back. When that would be? Hell if I knew. But there was one thing I knew for damn sure, I wasn’t going to be coming back empty handed. I was finally going to have the answers to the questions that’s been pondering at my head for the past months now.
I exited the car and took my good old time making my way towards my destination. I must’ve looked like the biggest fool in the history of all fools. Here I was; walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood in Atlanta, in the wee hours of the night, on some ‘Harriet the Spy’ type shit. This was waaaaay out of my character. Now, I’ve been snooped on a couple of times by crazy ass females but I’ve never been the snooper. And being in their shoes right now was making me feel extra feminine…ugh!
Roman left me with no other choice. He’s been keeping a secret from us and that wasn’t like him. We were more than best friends, we were like brother so it was natural for us to tell each other everything. Heck, Roman and Seth knew more about me than my friends outside of the WWE. That’s why I couldn’t come to terms with Roman being secretive.
Normally I wouldn’t give a fuck and would brush it off and move on with my life. But I couldn’t this time. He was my boy. Not only was I upset, I was genuinely worried. I needed to find out what was going on with him. Even if that mean following him to an unknown house to spy on him.
“You hungry, baby? Theres some food in the oven for you…”
A female’s voice? Did Roman have a girlfriend and not tell us? I tiptoed over to the left wing of the house where I heard her voice. A faint smell of what seemed to be ribs and macaroni cheese was recognized the second I grew closer to the house.  I spotted a cracked window, perhaps it was the room where Roman and his ‘girlfriend’ was in.  My curiosity immediately shifted me in that direction. I had to take a look for myself.
“Nah, I’m alright babe. I ate earlier at the arena” Roman replied.
I could see Roman and a very hot female with long black hair standing in what looks to be her bedroom once I finally made it to the window. I stayed low, not wanting them to see me. Roman would beat my ass if he knew I was out here.
The girl smiled, “Soooo, your mom and my mom bum rushed me today with questions about our wedding plans.”
“And what did you tell them?”
My eyes were half way out my socket the moment I heard ‘wedding plans.’ I couldn’t believe it. Roman was getting married and didn’t tell us? What the fuck was going on?!
She shrugged, “I told them what we agreed on, we’re going to Vegas to get married. They were a little upset that we aren’t having the traditional ceremony. But I explained to them why we choose to do it that way.”
“Yeah, going to Vegas is a lot easier for us. It’s been what, six months since our engagement and we haven’t even picked a venue or a church. I just don’t want you doing it all by yourself. This is supposed to our day” he said.
This was some crazy shit. I considered the thought of him coming to see a girl on the way out of the hotel. Never in my wildest dream did I expect this to come out though. He’s been engaged for six months by some unknown chick and didn’t even bother to tell us? Roman was shy about certain things when it came to his personal life but keeping something like this from us, I couldn’t understand.
The woman approached him with the biggest smile her heart shape face could produce. Roman took a seat on the edge of her bed and pulled her down onto his lap was she was in close proximity of him. “Did you ever tell the guys about us and our engagement? You did tell Dean you wanted him to be the best man, right? She asked, while placing little kiss on the nape of his neck.
Roman chuckled from her pecks, “I’m going to tell them over lunch tomorrow, Olivia. I plan on being straight forward with them. Letting it all out.”
Well it was about fucking time! Six months too late but better late than never nonetheless. I felt a mixture of emotions since finding out the news. I was still a bit pissed but happy for him as well. Roman deserved someone happiness in his life and if Olivia fulfilled that aspect for him then, congratulations to the both of them. Why he waited so long still hung over my head like an irritating dark cloud but the talk could wait until lunch tomorrow.
I should’ve been heading back to the room since I finally had what I came for. However, the perv side of me was coming out now once my blue eyes caught a glimpse of Roman pulling down the straps to her tank top. He didn’t stop until her breast were fully exposed. Talks of the wedding was instantly put on the back burner at that point.
“Shit, she got a nipple ring” I uttered while smiling from ear to ear. I was going to have my porn for the night.
Roman picks Olivia up, while they shared an intimate kiss. He gently laid her down on top of the bed and continued to undress her. I watched him caress every inch—I mean, every freaking inch—of her body. He kissed, licked, and softly embraced areas of her body that I haven’t even fooled around with when I was with a woman. Roman was not only a badass in the ring, he was also one in the bedroom. He had Olivia shuffling away from his grip, especially once his tongue started to go town on her throbbing clit.
Her screams were bound to wake her neighbors.
Olivia arched her back, “Oh baby! You do it so good.”
She finished undressing her once Roman finally decided to come up for air. I can admit, I winced a little at the thought of seeing Roman in his birthday suite. Seeing my best friend in all his glory was not on my list of things to do tonight. Watching them have sex wasn’t either for that matter. I couldn’t stop now however. It was just getting good though.
Olivia wasted no time latching her full lips around his cock. She was slow, teasing him and savoring all of him. I felt so dirty looking at my best friend’s woman the way that I was in this light but I couldn’t help it. Seeing how well she worked him made me wish I was in his shoes. She had my cock tinkling and semi hard just from watching her. Damn, I’m going to hell for this shit. Think of something else Dean, think of something else.
“Fuck girl!” Roman moaned.
I took a deep breath, “You can’t think of her sucking you off. That’s Roman’s girl.”
While was I was trying to calm myself, Roman rolled over so that he was on top of her again. He slid inside of her with full force but was steady with her. Their lips stayed intertwined with each other as he moved in and out of her. My mouth hung open as I continued to watch them make passionate love. I wasn’t the ‘make love’ type dude when it came to being in the bedroom. I liked fucking, fucking rough and hard to be exact.
But Roman had me wanting to take some notes from him. He did more than fuck her body, Roman stroked her beautiful body as if she was a precious gem he never wanted to let go. His hands were all over her, moving in every direction they could. Olivia kept gasping for air, the passion and ecstasy becoming a bit overwhelming for her.
“Ohhhhh Roman….”
He kissed her again, “Olivia….”
“Damn, I this is ten times better than Pornhub” I joked to myself.
I was going to need popcorn and a cold beer at the rate they were going. I could sense they weren’t going to be stopping soon and I was cool with that. The cab driver was promised one hundred dollars for his service so hearing a complaint from him was going to result in an ass whooping. The perv side of me wanted to see more and I wasn’t going to call it a night until all of it was done.
Annalise <3 (I hope you like it. Sorry if it was so short)
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" Hi Summer, it’s a bit of a difficult situation, but are you free tomorrow afternoon. I’ve been asked to go and see the doctor and I don’t like going on my own and I don’t want to ask Dean" Asks Shelby
" Of course honey, don’t worry I’ll go with you, what seems to be the problem if you don’t mind me asking if its not too personal" Summer responds
" I don’t know Summer " says Shelby " I had some tests done last week and they want me to come in to get the results, so I don’t know what to think. So if you could come with me I would really appreciate it"
24 hours later
" Thanks for coming with me Summer, and are you sure you don’t want me to drive" asks Shelby
" Don’t worry come on get in or we will be late for you appointment" laughs Summer whose trying to lighten the mood"
" Hello, how may I help you" asked the friendly receptionist in the doctors surgery
"Hello, I have a appointment with the Doctor Adams my is the name is Shelby"
" Yes, thank you Shelby. Can you take a seat please?" asked the receptionist again
Shelby got called into the doctors room and asked Summer to come in with her.
"Hi Shelby, please take a seat" Doctor Adams
Shelby did as she was asked and took a seat opposite Doctor Adams
" Ok Shelby, We did some tests last week and we have found a problem. We have found that you have a tumour on your Liver" said the Doctor
Shelby broke down in tears and went to Summer for comfort. Summer put her arms instantly around her friend and helped Shelby compose herself
" How bad is it Doctor is it curable? Asks a teary Shelby
" We don’t think it will be terminal, if we act fast. We can offer you Chemo and Radiotherapy to help reduce it if you wish to go down that route" says the doctor
Shelby stands up from her chair and heads to the corner of the room struggling to fight back the tears, Summer and asks ” why does it have to happen to her?”
Shelby grabs her bag and says thank you to the doctor and walks out still in shock of what she has found out.
Summer drops Shelby off outside her house and asks her if she needs someone to come over to be with her.
" No thank you Summer, I’d much rather be on my own at the moment. Thank you for everything you have done for me today. Please don’t tell Dean any of this, I would like to tell him myself when I can prepare myself"
48 hours later
Send Text Too - Dean
Write Message - Hi Dean its Shelby, Sorry I have been ignoring you for the last couple of days I have been busy with something. The reason I’m writing this message to you is that I don’t think we are working together and I want to break up with you. I want you to know that it’s not you its me. I’m sorry x
Dean stood in the gym after his work out he couldn’t wait to see his beautiful girlfriend Shelby later, just as he was about to leave he received the message, and rang Shelby back straight away. Unfortunately she turned her phone off.
Dean knew something was a problem, because it was not like her to act like this. He knew he was going to see her best friend Summer Rae at the house show tomorrow so he can ask her about it then.
The next day….
" Summer, your close to Shelby. What is going on with her?" Dean asks Summer
" I don’t know Dean, why?" Summer Responds
" She just dumped me by text with no explanation, and she has not had her phone on since so I can’t find out what is up." explains Dean
" Listen Dean, says Summer. "You might need to take a seat. The reason Shelby is being what she is at the moment is because she had some news from the doctors. A few weeks ago she had some tests and she got the results last week. I wont hide from the truth, she has got a tumour in her liver. I’m sorry you had to find out like this but she wanted to do this on her own." Dean became speechless, he realised that the women he loves has got a major illness and kept it a secret from him.
Summer finished by saying that she is staying with her mum while she gets over it.
Dean got straight into his car and drove hundreds of miles to get to Shelby’s parents home.
When he got there, he rang the door bell. Shelby came to the door and opened it.
" Why didn’t you tell me" Dean asked tearfully looking at the women he loves.
Shelby broke down in tears “I am so sorry Dean, I thought if you knew I was sick you wouldn’t want to be with me”
Dean pulled Shelby into his big strong arms and held her tightly as she cried
"You thought I wouldn’t want to be with you? How shallow do you think I am? I love you Shelby and I always will"
"I….know…..Dean……I love you too" Shelby managed to say through sobbing into Deans shoulder
"Be mine again?" asked Dean
"Of course I will baby" Shelby stopped crying and a smiled spread across her face, she may have a long road ahead of her but with Dean by her side right now, she felt she could take on the world…….

Victoria X

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AJ Lee and best friend Krista sat backstage still in shock at what had just happened on RAW.
"I cannot believe you just beat Paige for the divas title I am so proud of you" AJ smiled to her best friend
"Thanks AJ who would have thought my first reign as divas champion I am so excited"
AJ smiled “I have to go now but can we get together later?”
Krista nodded to her friend still struggling to take her eyes off the gold in her hand
AJ walked out of the room and headed down the hallway towards the office of the Authority.
Walking through the door without knocking she came face to face with HHH.
"Hunter I want to cash in my rematch clause for the divas title"
HHH looked at AJ in surprise “You want to cash in your rematch clause? Against your best friend?”
AJ nodded “Yes Krista is my best friend but this is business and I thought you always did what was best for business”
HHH walked over to his briefcase and pulled out the paperwork which covered everything to do with AJ’s rematch clause
HHH shook his head “I’m sorry AJ it says right here in black and white that you can only get a rematch if the title still belongs to the person who beat you for it and as Paige is no longer champion your rematch clause is null and void”
AJ stood still for a moment and didn’t say anything as she went to open her mouth HHH stopped her.
"Don’t bother kicking off, destroying the office or throwing one of your crazy hissy fits because it won’t work"
AJ tilted her head and looked at HHH “Crazy huh? If you want crazy Hunter I will show you crazy”
With those words AJ left the room, bumping into Paige…..literally
Paige groaned as she picked herself up off the floor
"Watch where you are going" Paige shot AJ a filthy look
AJ tilted her head and smiled “Do you want to know a secret?”
Paige looked at AJ blankly “Go on then”
"I heard a rumour that HHH is playing away from home" AJ smiled
Paige laughed “Yeah ok AJ and I am the queen of England”
AJ continued “I’m serious……”
"Ok if the biggest family man I know is playing away then who is he seeing?" Paige stared straight at AJ
AJ hesitated for a moment before whispering “Krista……”
Paige dropped the coffee she was holding on the floor in shock “Krista? Really? My god you really are crazy…..”
"Fine don’t believe me!" AJ roared as she walked off towards the main foyer to collect her rental car papers
Kristas Locker room……….
"Hey Krista, can I talk to you for a moment?"
"Sure Paige what’s up?"
"I just wanted to thank you for an amazing match tonight, I haven’t heard the crowd react like that for a divas match in a long time"
Paige extended her hand and Krista extended hers to meet it
"Any time Paige, it has been amazing working with you any time you want your rematch you are more than welcome"
With the niceties out of the way Paige looked nervous as she continued “I was just speaking to AJ and I thought you should know she is spreading a rumour about you, I’m really sorry to be the one to tell you but I thought someone should”
Kristas face fell “She what? Really? No! She wouldn’t do that to me”
Paige nodded “I’m afraid she has, I have no reason to lie to you Krista”
Krista took and sharp in take of breath and started to fight back the tears
"What did she say?"
"She….She said that you…you were sleeping with HHH"
Kristas mouth fell open in shock “SHE WHAT”
"She said you were……"
Krista cut Paige off “Yeah I heard no need to repeat it”
Paige walked towards the door “I will leave you to it you obviously need some space, I am so sorry”
Krista sat alone in her dressing room and broke down in tears.
"Hey baby girl what’s all the crying about what’s happened?" the soft voice of Dean Ambrose echoed through the dressing room
Krista looked up at Dean “Oh Dean…Its AJ….she’s spreading untrue rumours that I am sleeping with HHH..”
Dean sat down next to Krista to meet her gaze “You must be really stupid to believe that rumour, everyone knows HHH is a one woman man and even if he wasn’t you aren’t that type of girl”
Krista smiled “Thanks Dean you always know what to say to cheer me up”
Without warning Krista leant forward and kissed Dean passionately, Dean returned the kiss and pulled Krista on to his lap.
6 months later………
"Here are your winners the team of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and your divas champion Krista!" Justin Roberts bellowed around the arena
Dean, Roman and Krista had become a dominant force over the last 6 months winning against everyone put in front of them in both singles competition and as a team.
The three of them celebrated their latest win with the crowd they were on top right now and it would take a team really special to stop them.
"I love you Krista, will you marry me?"
Krista looked at Dean blankly unsure if she had just misheard what he whispered in her ear
Roman looked over at the two fully aware of what was happening
"Will you marry me?" Dean repeated
"Oh my gosh Dean, Yes! Yes! Yes!" Krista launched herself at Dean and wrapped her legs around his waist
Roman looked over at the two and smiled grabbing a microphone but not revealing the couples new secret Roman simply said “Believe that” as the three of them walked away

Victoria X
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Monica walked into the living room to see her older sisters sitting on the couch laughing. With Nikki and Brie being twins and Monica the only other sister she would some times feel left out because Nikki and Brie would always want to do things together and never want to include Monica. Monica flopped on the couch beside her two older sisters and smiled at them. “Hey, what’s so funny?” Monica asked looking at her sisters. Nikki and Brie glanced at each other and giggled before looking back at Monica. “Oh Monica, it’s a twin thing. You wouldn’t get it.” Nikki said flipping her hair. Monica bit her lip and watched as Nikki and Brie got up from the couch and left the living room, leaving Monica all alone. Monica took in a deep breath and sighed as she got up and walked to her room. Monica jumped onto her bed and called her boyfriend, Dean Ambrose. “Hey baby, what’s up?” Dean asked answering his phone. “Ugh nothing…. Nikki and Brie are get annoying me again.” Monica said rubbing her forehead. Dean went silent for a few moments and Monica could hear him sigh in annoyance. “Dean? What’s wrong?” Monica asked. “Well I’m sorry that Nikki and Brie are dicking around with you… But can we just talk about us for a minute, like seriously.” Dean said in a tone Monica did not appreciate. “Well fine Dean, what do you want us to talk about?” Monica hissed out. “Oh I don’t know Monica, how about this failing fucking relationship?!” Dean yelled into the phone making Monica’s ears ring. “And the fact that you have such a hard on for your sisters boyfriend, John Cena!” Dean kept ranting. Monica blinked back her tears, Dean was right. Their relationship was on the rocks, and she did have feelings for her sisters boyfriend. “So what do you want to do then, Dean?” Monica asked with a heavy heart, she knew what he was going to say. “I don’t really think there is anything else we can do at this point. We let each other slip threw our fingers, and….. and your heart isn’t with me anymore.” Dean said, Monica could hear his voice shaking with sorrow and anger. Monica sighed and stood up from her bed. “All right Dean, all right. There’s no point in hurting each other anymore…. I-I could give you all your stuff by tonight.” Monica said taking in a deep breath as she looked at all of Dean’s belongings in her room. “Yeah… that’d be good. I can bring you all your things tonight as well.” Dean said. “Okay, see you at RAW.” Monica said, she try to hold back her tears, but it was obvious she was crying, her heart might of not been with Dean anymore, but it still hurt to let him go. After parking 3 boxers worth of Deans belongs Monica walked around the house trying to find her sisters, she finally found them in the kitchen. Nikki and Brie were laughing as they were making lunch, Nikki saw Monica out of the corner of her eye and turned towards her. “Oh good, we were just about to call you for lunch. We made your favorite- what’s wrong?” Nikki asked when she saw tears running down her sisters face. “D-Dean and I broke up.” Monica said covering her face with her hands. Nikki and Brie quickly rushed over to their sister and hugged her tightly, ensuring her that everything was going to be okay.

Nikki, Brie, and Monica all got out of the car and Monica popped open the trunk. The three of them got all of their stuff out and Monica looked at the 3 boxes that now belonged to Dean. Nikki, trying to lighten the mood brought up a subject that everyone was happy about. “So Monica, you super excited about finally making it to the main roaster?” Nikki said poking Monica on her side. Monica laughed and and poked Nikki back. “Oh god, yeah. And their giving me a title shot on my first appearance, I can’t believe it.” Monica said. The three girls stood there and laugh when John Cena walked up. “Hey babe, and ladies.” John said kissing Nikki one the cheek, while looking at Monica. “Hey Felix.” Monica said giving John a hug. “I never understood why you call him that.” Brie said shaking her head. “Because the first time I met John he kept trying to convince me that his real name was Felix.” Monica said laughing. John laughed as well as he patted Monica on her shoulder. Monica blushed as she looked up at John, but she saw Dean walking over in the corner of her eye and her whole face went red. “Oh, there’s Dean…. Are you going to be okay, Monica?” Brie said rubbing her back. “Y-yeah, I’ll be fine. Thank.” Monica said smiling at her sister. “What do you mean? What’s going on?” John asked confused. “Monica and Dean broke- I’ll tell you about it later, come on we better get ready for the show.” Nikki said pulling John towards the door. Monica sat on the trunk and watched as Dean walked up with with 3 boxes of her belonging too. “Hey baby…” Dean said kissing Monica on her forehead. “Hi Dean… I brought all of your stuff, if there’s anything missing you can call me.” Monica said biting her lower lip. Dean sat down on the truck beside Monica and let out a sigh. “….Shit. I really wish this went down differently, I really care about you Monica.” Dean said rubbing Monica’s upper thigh. Monica covered Dean’s hand with her own and looked at him, his blue eyes were sad and Monica wasn’t used to seeing them like that. “I know Dean, I know. And I really care about you too, I’m sorry things got so… so fucked up.” Monica said swallowing hard. Dean squeezed Monica’s thigh hard and sighed. “Y’know Monica. If-if somewhere down the road you ever want to try something again I’m all for it. We might be better at it if there’s a next time.” Dean said with a bitter laugh. Monica smiled at the thought. “Yeah, I would like that Dean. But I better go see AJ and talk our match over.” Monica said feeling the need to get this break up over with. “Oh yeah, you have a title shot tonight. Good luck, baby.” Dean said kissing Monica’s temple. Monica and Dean gave each other all of their belongings back and walked into the area together where they parted ways.
Monica laied in the middle of the ring, trying her hardest to get back to her feet before the count of ten. Monica finally got up by the count of 9 and turned back to look at AJ, who was glaring at her in disbelief that she could still move. AJ started running towards Monica, but Monica hit her with a clothes-line and AJ fell to the ground. Monica looked over to her left, her sisters Nikki and Brie were ringside cheering her on. Monica took in a deep breath and stomped on AJ, hitting her right in the head with her boot. AJ was clearly too out of it to get back up so Monica took full advantage and gave her the school boy roll up and got the 3 count. “Oh my god, she did it ladies and gentlemen! Monica Bella has won the Diva’s Championship on her first night here on RAW!” Micheal Cole yelled out. Nikki and Bella jumped into the ring to congratulate their sister as she held her title high above her head.
*4 Weeks Later*
Monica had finally finished unpacking all of her stuff that Dean gave back to her, she never realized just how much stuff they shared, but then again they did date for close to 2 years. Monica sighed as she put her favorite picture of her and Dean on her dresser, but her expression lightened as she looked at the picture of her and John back when her was training her in developmental. As Monica stood there looking at the two pictures of the men she had feelings for her heard a knock on her door. “Who is it?” Monica asked putting down the pictures and turning towards her door. “It’s me, Felix.” John said laughing. Monica opened her door and hugged John. “To what do I owe the pleasure, Mr. Cena?” Monica asked sitting on her bed, John came an sat down beside her. “Nikki told me that you’re still feeling a little down about Dean, but then super happy about the title. Her and Brie think you’re turning bi-polar.” John said laughing as she patted Monica’s shoulder. Monica laughed at the thought, her sisters always over reacted so much it was too funny some times. John moved some hair out of Monica’s face and turned her face towards him. Monica stared at John confused, she had such an rush to just kiss him, but she could never do that to her sister. But apparently John had the same thought as Monica in his end, but he acted on it. John pulled Monica closer to his face and kissed her, holding her head still until he wanted to pull away. Monica struggled and John finally let her go. “Monica, I thought that was what you wanted?” John said offended. Monica caught her breath and looked at John. “It is John it is, but…” Monica trailed off thinking about Nikki. “So then what’s the problem? We both want each other.” John said trying to pull Monica closer again. Monica pulled away and stood up from her bed. “I know that… but- but I can’t do that to my sister, John.” Monica said blinking back the tears. John sighed and rubbed his forehead. “I understand… I just wish I got to you before Dean did.” John said laughing bitterly. “I’m sorry John, I could just never do that to Nikki, she really loves you.” Monica said opening her bedroom door. John stood up from her bed and walked to the door. “I know, I’m sorry. You won’t tell Nikki?” John said, his cheeks turning red. Monica shook her head. “No, not unless this happens again. But I think it’s best we stay away from each other for a while.” Monica said looking down. John sighed and pulled Monica in for a hug. “Okay Monica, if that’s what you think will be best.” John said letting her got. After John went back downstairs Monica pulled out her cell phone. “Hey baby- I mean Monica, what’s up.” Dean said on the other end. “I’ve just- I’ve been thinking, it was my fault we broke up… and if your offer still stands, I would like to try and work things out.” Monica said. Dean was silent for a few moments and Monica got nervous. “Of course Monica, of course. I could be on the next flight out to you.” Said Dean cheerfully.
-Kourtney (Hope you like it) 
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Destinee was on her way back from work when her phone buzzed. It was an incoming call from unknown number. Curious, she answered. “Hello, Destinee speaking.”

“Hello gorgeous. Long time no talk. Miss me?” A voice she hadn’t heard for years replied.

“Oh my God! Dean? How did you get my number? I haven’t heard from you in years. How are you?” she said quickly, excited beyond belief to hear his voice, a big grin lighting up her face as she realised who it was. It made her realise how close they used to be and how much she missed him.

“Wow, that’s a few questions, how about we meet up and I answer them in person. Look over the road. Silver car” He told her chuckling and hung up. She looked over and saw him leaning out the window waving at her with a big grin on his face. He got out of the car and ran towards her. He picked her up and swung her round in one of his classic hugs. Gods she had missed him she thought to herself.

When he finally put her down she realised she had no idea what he was doing these days. They had lost contact a few years ago when he joined WWE but because she didn’t have time to watch WWE, what with working 2 jobs to pay the bills and support her mum who was sick, she had no clue if he was still working for them.

“So you still with the WWE?” she asked as he jumped into the car and started driving, where he was going she didn’t know.

“Yeah, still loving it. What are you doing these days? And where can we go to have a few beers?” he asked smirking at her.

He hadn’t changed a bit, well except his looks. He’d sure grown up.

“I’m working at the grocery store as well as doing the accounts for a few local businesses. I’ve got a couple of beers in the fridge if you just want to go back to mine.” Destinee suggested, hoping that she had cleaned up that morning. She just couldn’t remember.

“Sure, sounds good. Why are you working two jobs?” He asked looking confused.

“Well my mum got really sick and after she paid the hospital bills she didn’t have a lot of money left to live on so I’ve been helping her out with her bills and stuff like that. I got the grocery store gig not long after she got sick.” She said.

“Is she okay? Man that sucks, if I had known I would have been there for you and her. Your mum’s the best. Do you remember those brownies she used to make? Yum! Which way to your place?” He asked. She couldn’t believe how sweet he was being. Back before he left he was a nice guy but he seemed so mature now.

“Take the next right and then it’s your first left and it’s about halfway down the street. Number 48. Yeah she still makes those brownies. “She said laughing at the outraged look on his face.


“Yup, although I did think of you while eating them.” She said grinning at him.

“You did?

“Yeah, I was so happy that you weren’t here so I could eat the entire tray rather than have you scoff most of them.” She giggled at him.

“I was a growing boy; I needed more food than you!” He mock growled at her then started laughing. “I still eat about the same amount to be fair. Is this it?” he asks pulling close to the kerb outside her house.

“Yeah, not too pretty but it does the job. Park in the driveway, that’s what it’s there for.” She teased poking her tongue out at him.

“Fine Miss Bossy Pants, I will then” He said poking his tongue out at her in return.

They continued catching up for the rest of the day over a few beers and some of the brownies that her mum had dropped off earlier. Both Destinee and Dean realised how much they had missed their friendship. Just chilling out with a few beers joking around and they were really happy to be reunited.

Aly xo

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Ugh, why wasn’t he more specific? The least he could have done is told me what flavour he wanted.” Dean Ambrose, well known WWE superstar grumbled to himself under his breath while texting his best friend Roman Reigns asking what flavour of chips he wanted Dean to buy.

While he was waiting for Roman to reply he felt someone smack into his shoulder. He turned around to apologise and was stunned by the beautiful woman on the ground. Obviously she had bounced off him and landed on the floor. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” Dean apologised while helping the woman to her feet. “Are you okay?” he asked while the woman made sure that her dress hadn’t ridden up and that she was still very much presentable. “Yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry as well; I think I was the one who bumped into you.” She said laughing. Dean was awestruck by the beautiful woman in front of him. “What’s your name beautiful?” He asked still smiling at her. “My name’s Marissa and yours is?” she replied. “I’m Dean.” He said.

Just then his phone vibrated signalling a text had come through. Sure enough it was from Roman replying to his earlier text.

Just buy whatever flavour you want man, I’ll eat anything lol

Dean still can’t decide what flavour of chips to get; there are so many options so he decides to ask Marissa what she thinks he should go for. “What flavour should I get do you think? My mate doesn’t care so long as he gets some chips.” Dean laughs. “Well I think you should get 2 or more bags. Get a neutral flavour like sea salt and get another one that you like the sound of. That way you’ll both be happy with the options.” Marissa says smiling at Dean.

Dean does as she suggests and the pair end up walking around the shop talking, mainly Dean accompanying Marissa while she does her weekly grocery shop. By the time they get to the counter Marissa has found out that Dean is a wrestler and Dean has found out that Marissa is a personal trainer at the local gym. They both head outside with their groceries and are about to go their separate ways when Dean decides to ask Marissa out on a date. “Marissa, I know this may come across as a little bit forward but would you like to go on a date with me sometime? No pressure, you don’t have to say yes if you really don’t want to.”

“Dean don’t be silly. Of course I’ll go on a date with you. I’d love to.” She says grinning at him. They swap phone numbers and agree to go for lunch the next day. When Dean gets back to Roman he is pacing the house. “Dude, what took you so long?” “Sorry man got chatting to a lady who I have a lunch date with tomorrow.” Dean said grinning at his buddy. “Trust you to pick up a chick in the Grocery Store.” Roman says laughing at Dean’s mock hurt expression.

The next day:

Dean was nervous and it was obvious to everyone. They had decided to meet at the beach to get to know each other some more and have a bit of fun.

They both had the day off so they met mid morning and to make it easier Dean had decided to pack a picnic for the date. Roman was watching Dean pack the food up “You must really like this chick.” He observed while taking over the wrapping process for some of the sandwiches. “She’s different dude, I want to impress her.” Dean said fussing about the food he’d made.

When he got to the beach and saw Marissa waiting for him his nerves vanished but not before Marissa saw that he was a little nervous. She thought it was cute that a big macho guy like Dean would be nervous about a date. It was almost laughable. When he spotted her and started walking over she noticed he had a picnic basket and a blanket with him. “What’s that for?” she asked when he reached her. “Its lunch, I thought a picnic on the beach sounded appropriate for a date.” He said smirking at her. “You’re right, it does. Thank you for being thoughtful.” She said smiling at him as they made their way down to the beach. They found a place to sit that wasn’t too sheltered and wasn’t too crowded. Dean set the blanket out so they could sit down and when she took off her sundress to reveal the bright blue bikini on underneath he was stunned. She was gorgeous! He took his shirt off and lay back getting comfortable.

While eating lunch Marissa complimented Dean on his cooking skills and teased him when he admitted that Roman helped. She admitted that she couldn’t cook and suggested that their next date should maybe be a cooking lesson.

“Dean?” Marissa asked breaking into his thoughts about being on a date with probably the most beautiful woman in town. “Yeah?” he replied “Would you be able to rub sunscreen on my back I don’t want to get sunburnt.” She asked while playing the lid of the sunscreen bottle. “Sure sweetheart, turn around.” Dean grabbed the bottle and put some sunscreen on his hands, rubbed them together and then slowly applied it to Marissa’s back. ‘God she has such soft skin’ he thought. “All done, you definitely won’t get burnt now” he said smiling at her. “Thanks” she smiled back at him “Want me to rub some on your back?” she asked with a wink. “Yes please.” He said knowing she just wanted an excuse to touch him. When she rubbed the sunscreen onto his back he didn’t want her to stop. Her hands felt so good on his skin. When she finished he turned around without warning and before she knew what he had planned kissed her. He just couldn’t help himself. He had to know what Marissa tasted like and he wasn’t disappointed. She was delicious. And she was kissing him back.

Dean felt like he was in heaven. The sun was going down and he was at the beach with the most beautifully delicious woman in town. He couldn’t wait to see what happened on their next date.

Aly xo

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Shade was anxiously waiting near the curtain with her tag team partner Dean Ambrose.  Their match was next and they were more than ready.  For a while now, they’ve been teaming together, defeating every mixed tag team they’ve been put up against.  At the next pay-per-view, they were going to go up against Nikki Bella and Seth Rollins in a mixed tag match.  Seth and Dean have entered a very heated feud since Seth betrayed him and their other teammate Roman Reigns.  And while Nikki recently betrayed her sister Brie, she was also getting on Shade’s case, interrupting her matches and such.  Shade does her best to help Dean whenever she could.  She has saved him from ambushes by the Authority and whenever Seth tries to cash in, she helps Dean fight him off.  That was on camera, off though; they started dating shortly after being put as a mixed tag team.  However, it was never made public.  The only person that knows is Roman, and he promised not to say anything, believing that it was not his place to announce it, but their own.  Now, they had a match against Cameron and the Miz, easy competition in their eyes.
“Ready for this?” Dean asked.
“Of course!  Let’s kick some ass!”
His music queued and the two of them walked through the curtain onto the stage.  The crowd roared upon their arrival, cheering loudly for them.  Shade looked in the ring; Cameron’s face showed slight fear.  This was going to be fun.
Shade and Dean embraced after the match, happy for their victory.  At the end, Dean beat up Miz outside the ring while Shade fought with Cameron.  Shade saw that Dean had a mic in his hands.  She was a little worried to tell the truth, was this a positive thing or a negative?  Positive being a promo on Seth, negative being he didn’t want to tag with her anymore, believing he should be on his own fully.  He brought the mic to his lips, waiting for the crowd’s roars to die down before speaking.
“Ohhh Sethie.” he said in a sing-song voice, “Hope you and your backstabbing sister are ready this coming Sunday.  Cause us two…” he motioned between himself and Shade, “…will leave the two of you in a pile of broken bodies.  I mean, can you two even work together?”  He paused for a few moments, “It’s just that the two of you have never tagged together and Sunday will be day one.  You’re both betrayers, so one might betray the other during the match.  I mean, you’re both backstabbers, you’re both liars, so how can you trust each other when you can’t even trust your own family?  So…this match is basically the backstabbers against…” he suddenly paused, feeling nervous.  Admitting to the world his love for someone scared him, scared him a lot.  Things can change admitting something like this to the world.  He took a deep breath, but before he could speak again, Seth’s music hit and he stormed down the ramp.
“Hold it right there Ambrose!” he shouted into the mic tightly gripped in his hands, his music slowly fading.  “You’re not about to say what I think you’re about to say.”
“That depends, what was I about to say?” Dean asked, smirking.  Seth gave a death glare as he entered the ring.
“Don’t play dumb Ambrose, you were about to admit you and her are in a relationship!” Seth shouted, pointing at Shade.  Her jaw dropped, was Dean really going to tell the word about her and him?
“I don’t know, was I?” Dean asked, liking how this game was pissing Seth off.
“You don’t deserve someone like her you piece of shit!” Seth accused.  “You don’t deserve anyone.  The only thing you deserve is being alone.  You deserve no one.”
Before Seth could say any more, Shade punched him in the face, watching him fall to the mat.  She took the mic that fell from his hands, “Shut up Seth.  How dare you-” she was cut off when Seth slapped her across the face. 
Dean saw red and tackled Seth to the ground, punching anywhere he could.  Shade tried to separate them before the security did, but Seth kept pushing her away.  Shade soon saw Paige bolting down the ramp, her newly won Divas title in her hands.  What’s she doing here?  She entered the ring and with Seth’s back to her, she clobbered him with her Divas title.  She instructed Shade and Dean to leave while she took care of Seth.  Shade helped Dean out of the ring and started up the ramp, looking back to see what else Paige was going to do.  Paige dragged Seth up and performed her Paige-Turner finisher on him.  She then turned him over and crawled on top of him.  She grinned as she slowly placed her lips on his for a gentle kiss.  The arena erupted, some people were amazed, others were confused.  She slowly broke the kiss and stood over him, raising the title high in the air as her music began to play.  Shade smiled as her and Dean continued up the ramp.  This feud just got more interesting. 
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You sighed as you sat up in your bed. The only thing good about your eighteenth birthday was the extra hours you got to sleep in. You groaned as you reached for your phone. An unlimited amount of texts and phone calls were coming through and you couldn’t be bothered with it. Half of the people you received happy birthdays from were the same half who couldn’t even remember your name after telling them on a daily basis. You rolled your eyes and tossed your phone back on the desk. You just wished that there was someone who actually cared and wasn’t just there for the cupcakes and cookies.
"[Y/N]! Wake up!" Dean Ambrose yelled in your ear. You gasped as you saw the pizza with a candle in the middle. "We couldn’t wait to get to you and we knew you’re probably tired of the cakes and bullshit, so we got you a pizza." You took the box from their hands and wiped a tear as they wrapped you up in their arms, "Guys! I can’t believe you’re here!" You said, fanning your hot face. Roman winked at her, "Well, believe it." You laughed and leaned your head on his shoulder. Unknown to you, the two men shared a look. Roman cleared his throat and looked down at you, "We have a surprise for you." He whispered. You sat up and raised your eyebrows at the two men, "Well, what is it?" You asked. "Close your eyes, sweet cheeks." Dean said, smirking at you. You sighed but did what he said.
The sound of shuffling filled your ears until you couldn’t take it anymore. You opened your eyes to find two hot, naked men. Your face turned bright red. Roman was the first to move over to you. He roughly pulled down your underwear and ripped off your tank top, “That was my favorite! It had pineapples on it!” You said, reaching out to cover your chest. Roman rolled his eyes and pushed into you. You screamed out in pleasure as he pounded into you. “Fuck, Roman! Happy fucking birthday to me!” You yelled. Abruptly he stopped. You growled and punched him in the shoulder., “What the fuck are you doing? Put your dick back in me and keep it going!” You yelled at him. Dean laughed and scooted behind you, “Now, is that anyway to talk to someone who’s giving you a good birthday fuck?” Dean fussed before filling you from behind. Soon enough, you had two dicks shoved inside of you and you couldn’t love it more than you already did. 
"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" You yelled before climaxing. Soon after, Roman and Dean did they same. You tried to catch your breath as the two gorgeous men lie beside you. "Was that the best birthday sex, or what?" Dean teased you. You smirked at the two men, "It was, but I believe round two could be even better. Don’t you think?" The two men winked at each other before attacking you once more.
- Q (Feliz cumpleanos!)
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"Come on, (Y/N). We have to get up." Dean said nudging at (Y/N)’s shoulder. "Hmm, ugh noooo! Ten more minutes, please?" (Y/N) begged as she threw a pillow over her head. Dean laughed and pulled the pillow and the blankets off of (Y/N). "Come on, you’re the one who wanted to get up early to get to the airport in time. So come on get up. I’m already showered and packed and I picked some clothes out for you to throw on." Dean said tickling (Y/N)’s sides, making her get up from the bed. "Hurry up, I left the shower running for you." Dean said rubbing (Y/N)’s back. With sleepy eyes (Y/N) got up and made her way over to the shower. "If you need help washing your back in there, my clothes would be off in a second." Dean called out from behind the bathroom door laughing. (Y/N) rolled her eyes as she shampooed her hair. "No, it’s okay Ambrose. My loofah reaches places you can’t even imagine." (Y/N) said laughing. 
(Y/N) and Dean finally got to the airport to meet up with everyone, they were renting a car because plane tickets cost too much. Summer Rae, CM Punk, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and (Y/N) were all in the rental car together. Roman was driving and CM Punk sat in the front seat, (Y/N) was in between Summer and Dean.  It was still really early in the morning so (Y/N) rested her head against Dean’s shoulder to try and fall back asleep and Dean positioned himself and put his arm around her to give her some more room. It was only 20 minutes into the car ride before people started making jokes about (Y/N) and Dean. “Awe guys, look at how cuddly Dean and (Y/N) are getting.” Summer said as she snapped a picture of them for insatgram. Roman glanced in the mirror laughing before turning his attention back to the rode, CM Punk looked back and smirked at (Y/N). “Well damn, if I knew (Y/N) was a cuddler I would of sat back there. Now I’ll keep that in mind.” Punk said winking at (Y/N). (Y/N) laughed at what Punk said, but she could feel Dean’s hand tighten around her shoulder when Punk winked at her. They were driving for a about 5 hours now, (Y/N) sleeping peacefully the whole way, when Roman pulled over to a rest stop to get some gas. Everyone got out of the car to stretch their legs. (Y/N) and Summer went into the convince store to get some food and water for everyone while the guys hung back at the car to talk. “So (Y/N), are you and Dean a thing or just fuck buddies or something?” Summer asked grabbing some Jack Link’s Jerky. Summer’s question didn’t annoy (Y/N), she could understand her confusion. “No…No Dean and I are not a thing, nor are we friends with benefits… we’re just really close, always have been ever since we met 3 years ago.” (Y/N) explained picking up some candy. Summer thought about what (Y/N) said. “Well… would you ever go out with him?” Summer asked looking at (Y/N). (Y/N) considered what Summer had just asked her, she has thought of dating Dean, but never thought he actually wanted to date her back. “Well, honestly I have thought about it. But I just think he wants a friendship, and I don’t want to ruin what we already have.” (Y/N) admitted playing with a bag of Skittles in her hand. Summer gave (Y/N) a sympathetic look as they walked out of the store and went bag over to the guys. Punk turned around looked at the girl, immanently smiling at (Y/N) when he saw the Mars chocolate bar in her hand. “Oh, and how did you know Mars was my favorite chocolate bar, (Y/N)?” Punk said walking up to (Y/N). “Willing to share?” Punk asked raising an eyebrow. Out of the corner of (Y/N)’s eye she could see Dean eyeballing them from the car. (Y/N) giggled and playfully punched Punk in the chest.  ”Well I might be so inclined, only if you give me one of your famous shoulder messages.” (Y/N) said playfully tracing her finger over the muscles on his arms. (Y/N) could see Dean getting out from the car and start walking over to where she and Punk were standing. Punk put his hands on (Y/N)’s shoulders and rubbed them, (Y/N) smirked up at Punk who was laughing. “This is just a little preview for what I’m going to give you later.” Punk said winking at (Y/N). “You’re going to give (Y/N) what later?” Dean asked from behind Punk, crossing his arms. “Oh, um nothing. Just trying to talk (Y/N) here into giving me that Mars bar.” Punk said as he took his hands off of (Y/N)’s shoulders. Dean grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and started walking back to the car. “Come on, it’s time to go. You two are holding everyone up.” Dean barked as he pulled (Y/N) into the car. Punk got back into the front seat as (Y/N) sat awkwardly between Summer and Dean. “I think Dean got mad seeing you and Punk flirt with each other.” Summer whispered as she munched on some Skittles. (Y/N) bit her lips and looked over at Dean, his cheeks and ears were bright red and he was clenching his fits looking out the window. “Yeah… I think you’re right.” (Y/N) said playing with her fingers. 
They all arrived at the city RAW was being held at and checked into the hotel. Summer and (Y/N) were rooming together while the guys booked one room with two beds so save money. Dean said nothing to (Y/N) for the whole car ride to the hotel, he was so jealous it was unbelievable some times. (Y/N) and Summer got to their room which was right beside the guys. “Dean hey,” (Y/N) said grabbing Dean’s hand and pulling him away from the other, “are you upset with me? You haven’t talked to me at all.” (Y/N) said looking into his icy blue eyes, his expression unreadable. Dean lend back against the wall and ran his fingers through his messy blond hair. “…It was annoying seeing Punk’s hands on you like that.” Dean admitted grinding his teeth. “But why, Dean?” (Y/N) asked confused. “Because- it doesn’t matter, lets just have a good time tonight.” Dean said rubbing (Y/N)’s lower back.
*After RAW* 
It was a great show, Dean, Roman, and Punk all won their matches. Summer and Layla embarrassed Fandango again, and (Y/N) signed her first contract to have a match against the Diva’s Champion Paige at the next PPV. It was a really good night, but (Y/N) could tell Dean was still brooding about the whole Punk thing. (Y/N) saw Dean standing alone at the car looking at the ground, she rolled her eyes because Dean was being such a baby about everything. (Y/N) ran up to Dean and wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against him. Dean wrapped his arms around (Y/N) and looked down at her, happy but confused. “What are you doing?” Dean asked laughing as he gripped at (Y/N)’s hips. “Oh I just feel bad that you’re still down about everything had happened earlier. So I thought I would give you a hug to make you feel better.” (Y/N) said as she burred her face in the crock of Dean’s neck. Dean ran his hands along (Y/N)’s back and kissed the top of her head. “You know what would make me even happier?” Dean asked in his husky voice. (Y/N) looked up at Dean an smirked. “Oh, and what would that be?” (Y/N) asked giggling. Dean lend down and pressed his lips against (Y/N)’s, and in all honesty she was not expecting that, but it didn’t take her long to go along with it. (Y/N) wrapped her fingers into Dean’s hair and parted her mouth so Dean could slid his tongue in. The two were so consumed with kissing each other that they didn’t even notice Roman and Summer came to the car. “Erm guys? Sorry to interrupt, but we gotta get back to the hotel.” Roman said looking slightly embarrassed. (Y/N) pushed herself off from Dean and blushed wildly, Dean let out a laugh and pulled her in for a hug. Everyone started putting their bags in the trunk and Punk came running up, almost crashing into everyone when he tried to stop. “Whoa whoa man, we weren’t going to leave without you.” Summer said laughing. Punk caught his breath and looked up at everyone. “Guys, you won’t believe it.” Punk said running his fingers through his hair. “Believe what?” Roman asked shutting the trunk. “I just talked to Triple H and he said he’s give me the titles back at the next PPV!” Punk said throwing his hands in the air. “Oh wow, that’s amazing!” (Y/N) said hugging Punk. Punk gave (Y/N) a hug back and he kissed her on the cheek, Dean’s face went red again. “We all need to celebrate!” Roman said. “Yeah, the bar in the hotel is a good place to start!” Summer said clapping her hands. “Or (Y/N) could just suck Punk off…” Dean said bitterly. “Excuse me?!” (Y/N) said whipping her head around to look at Dean. “Dean, why would you say something like that? She was just hugging Punk!” Summer yelled coming to (Y/N)’s defense while Roman and Punk kept silent, confused by what was going on. Dean’s face contorted into a disgusted angered look before taking in a deep breath and rubbing his forehead. “I’ll just meet you guys back at the hotel.” Dean said walking off without saying another word. (Y/N) bit her lip and took a deep breath to stop the tears that were rising in her eye. “(Y/N), you okay?” Roman asked putting his hand on her shoulder. (Y/N) turned around and looked at everyone. “Yeah guys, I’m just fine lets- lets just go back to the hotel and celebrate.” (Y/N) said trying to sound as calm as possible.
(Y/N) was still fuming mad about what Dean said back in the parking garage, there was no need for that what so ever, all she did was hug Punk. (Y/N) sighed and took another shot of whisky before order another. “Hey kiddo, still upset about Dean?” Roman asked as he almost split his drink. (Y/N) looked at Roman and laughed. “Oh Roman, you’re so drunk right now. Here, let me get you some water.” (Y/N) said grabbing an empty glass and pouring him some water. Roman took the water and drank some. “You didn’t answer his question.” Summer said running her fingers through her long blonde locks, Roman turned back to Punk. “Yes, okay. I am still mad at him, he’s an idiot.” (Y/N) said taking another shot. Summer lend in close to (Y/N), she could smell the rum come from her breath. “Why don’t you just get back at him, sweetie? That’s what I would do anyway.” Summer said stirring her drink. (Y/N) considered what Summer said, she was drunk enough to do something stupid. “Well… what would you have in mind?” (Y/N) asked biting her lower lip. Summer turned to (Y/N) and smirked. “Get it on with Punk. The two of you may not flirt like how you and Dean flirt, but there’s something hot between you and Punk. I’ve always wondered if he was a good kisser, go find out for me!!” Summer said giggling. (Y/N) looked down at her drink, the bartender was nice enough to make it a double. (Y/N) took her shot and hopped off her seat. “Okay Summer, I’ll tell you in the morning.” (Y/N) said playfully punching Summers arm. “OOOOOOOH, you go girl!!” Summer said clapping as she watched (Y/N) walk over to Punk.
Punk and Roman weren’t in much of a conversation, more like a drinking contest of who could take more shots before the other guys passed out. Unfortunately for Roman he lost and was out like a light, the Uso’s where there, thankfully, and took him back to his hotel room while Summer found herself sharing a drink with Layla. “Good, there’s no one to bother us.” (Y/N) thought to herself as she slid onto the seat next to Punk. “Well hello there, pretty lady.” Punk said with a smirk. (Y/N) greeted Punk back with a smile before drinking Roman’s last undrinken shot. “What’s up hot stuff? Can I buy you a drink?” Punk asked playing with a strand on (Y/N)’s black curls. “No no, that’s okay. I’ve have my share of drinks for the night.” (Y/N) said patting Punk’s shoulder. Punk and (Y/N) were sharing some laughs and flirting when her cell phone started buzzing, (Y/N) pulled her phone out from her pocket and saw the Summer texted her, *Dean just walked in, he still looks mad. Tongue fuck Punk! Lol #YOLO.* (Y/N) laughed as she read the text and saw Dean sit in a booth across from them. “…You going to go talk to Dean?” Punk asked looking down at his drink. (Y/N) scoffed. “Pfft, he doesn’t deserve me company after earlier.” (Y/N) said still glaring at Dean. Out of the corner of (Y/N)’s eyes she saws Punk turn elated. (Y/N) made sure to give Dean a wink before turning her attention back to Punk. (Y/N) rubbed her hand on the upper thigh of Punk and smirked. “You were really good in your match tonight against Randy Orton. Seeing your muscles throb like that must of drove all the girls wild.” (Y/N) said smirking and she brushed her hand over Punks growing erection. Punk reached over and lightly trailed his finger tips over (Y/N)’s collarbone. (Y/N) side-eyed Dean, he was watching intently, perfect. (Y/N) grabbed Punk my the back of his neck and pulled his face into hers, kissing him forcefully. It took Punk a few seconds to figure out what she was going, but he quickly caught on and wrapped his arms around her waist, forcing her to stand off her seat. Punk started kissing (Y/N) more than she thought he would, she tried to pulled back but Punks arms wrapped around her even tighter. Punk was nibbling on (Y/N)’s neck when he felt someone tap on his shoulder, “screw off,” Punk said without even looking up to see who it was, big mistake. Dean grabbed Punk by the back of the shirt and pulled his forward, making him fall to the ground. “What the fuck is your problem?!” Punk yelled as he got back to his feet, only to be punched in the face by Dean. Punk fell back to the ground with a bloody mouth, but before Punk could even get up Dean grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and pulled her out from the bar. 
Dean kept dragging (Y/N) until they were out of the hotel completely, he let her go and walked into the alley way across from the hotel, nearly missing cars as he walked across the street. (Y/N) was angry, she thought she should just turn around and go back inside and see if Punk was okay, but shes had enough of Dean’s temper and jealously and wanted answer about his actions, so she followed him. (Y/N) got into the alley way, thankful there there not druggies or homeless people, and found Dean all the way at the very end near some crates. “Hey, Dean. Do you mind telling me what the hell your problem was back there? Why would you punch Punk like that, and in public?” (Y/N) asked putting a hand on his shoulder, only to have him move away from her. “Well do you mind telling me why you were kissing me and then kissing him?” Dean snapped, pushing (Y/N) up against the cold brick wall. “Because I was trying to make you jealous! Okay Dean, and after what you said in the parking garage I wanted to make up upset.” (Y/N) admitted feeling ashamed. The grip of Dean’s hands tightened over (Y/N)’s shoulders. “Why… Why were you trying to make me jealous?” Dean asked confused, moving his face closer to hers. (Y/N) took in a deep breath and bit her lower lip looking up at Dean. “Come on, tell me (Y/N).” Dean said running his fingers through (Y/N)’s hair. (Y/N) looked at Dean and then looked at the ground. “B-Because… I like you… a lot.” (Y/N) said feeling all of her blood rush to her cheeks. Dean’s hands slid from (Y/N)’s shoulders down to her waist. “You like me?” Dean asked in almost a whisper. (Y/N) looked up at Dean, his icy blue eyes turned warm suddenly. “Y-yeah, for some time now.” (Y/N) said chewing her lower lip. “I like you too, (Y/N).” Dean said. Dean didn’t even give (Y/N) a chance to register what he just said, Dean pressed his lips on (Y/N)’s and pressed his body against hers. 
It wasn’t long before Dean picked up (Y/N) and had her legs wrapped around his waist. “I’m going to show you just how long I’ve wanted you, baby.” Dean muttered against (Y/N)’s lips. (Y/N) pressed her hips against Dean and wrapped her legs tighter around his waist as she bit at Deans neck. Dean reached down and put his hands up (Y/N)’s dress and ripped her pantie-hoes to get better access to her underwear. Dean slowly started rubbing (Y/N)’s clit, feeling her get wetter and wetter. (Y/N) moaned out as she felt Dean push his two front fingers inside of her pussy. (Y/N) could feel Dean’s erection in his pants and she pressed her hips against it. Dean smirked. “You want me that bad, eh? Well I want to hear you say it. “I do, I do Dean. I want you so baaaaaad.” (Y/N) confessed as she pulled at Dean’s messy blond hair. “That’s all I need to hear, babygirl.” Dean said as he put (Y/N) down and unzipped his pants. Dean pulled out his member, it was bigger than (Y/N) was expecting. “You like what you see?” Dean asked licking his lips as he stroked the tip of his cock. (Y/N) nodded, her eyes growing wide with excitement. Dean laughed as he gripped at (Y/N)’s hair, forcing her downward onto her knees. (Y/N) took Dean in her hands and gave him long strokes and tickled his balls, (Y/N) finally put the tip of his cock in her mouth and Dean threw is head back in pleasure. (Y/N) ran her tongue over every inch of Dean’s cock and he loved ever minute of it. “Okay, okay baby. Now it’s your turn.” Dean said pulling his member out of (Y/N)’s mouth and picking her up. Dean bent (Y/N) face down over the wooden carets that were in the alley and ripped her pantie-hoes more before pulling her underwear to the side and pushing himself into her. (Y/N) had to put her hand over her mouth to stop herself from moaning too loudly. Dean tangled his hand in (Y/N)’s hair as he other hand stayed on her hip to keep her body in place. As Dean pounded harder and harder into (Y/N) she could feel her hips crashing against the crate, “I’ll have bruises tomorrow.” (Y/N) thought to herself, but Dean quickly caught her attention again. Dean pulled (Y/N) up by her hair and kissed her passionately. “I’m going to cum” Dean said nibbling on (Y/N)’s lower lips. It was a few seconds later when (Y/N) felt Dean pulled her hair extremely hard and she felt him feel her with his seed. “Ooooh fuck.” Dean groaned out and his head rested on (Y/N)’s shoulder. They both stayed bend over the crate panting until Dean finally pulled out of (Y/N), thick ropes of his cum coming out with his dick. (Y/N) took off her pantie-hoes and threw then in the trash can that was near by. “Won’t be needing those.” (Y/N) said laughing as she turned back to Dean. Dean laughed and pulled (Y/N) into his arms and kissed her forehead. “Soooo…” Dean said raising an eyebrow. “Sooo, what?” (Y/N) asked resting her head on Dean’s chest. “No more CM Punk?” Dean asked cupping (Y/N)’s face and making her look at him. (Y/N) smile and kissed Dean lightly on the lips. “Yes, no more CM Punk… Now lets get out of this alley way before we get robbed or something.” (Y/N) said looking around. Dean laughed and they walked back to the hotel to book their own room for the rest of their stay.
-Kourtney (Hope you like it) 
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“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” you muttered. You tightened the strings on your wrestling boots, still pissed off that you’d been thrown in with the Shield. You were new on the block and didn’t have much to say in retort when Stephanie McMahon decided that you would be the fourth and first female member of the most dominant group in sports entertainment. It wasn’t as if the guys were too thrilled to have you on the team—you could say that it was the complete opposite.

“Could you speed it up? We don’t exactly have all night for you to get pretty…” and there it started. You rolled your eyes at Dean’s comment. Not only was he being annoying, he was taking a dig at the fact that you were outnumbered in terms of gender in the group. Just because you were a female wrestler didn’t mean you accepted the categorization as ‘Diva.’

And, you definitely wouldn’t be taken any of his or the other guys’ crap.

“Someone sounds jealous; on my worst day, I’m much prettier than any chick you can bag, Ambrose,” you shot back, standing from the chair. “I’m ready. So you can quit your bitchin’ now.”

Roman and Seth exchanged looks which basically read, ‘Here we go again.’

“Is that so, Princess? I could ‘bag’ you, if I wanted,” Dean challenged with a trademark smirk.

“Not even in your dreams, Ambrose,” you retorted with an eye-roll.

“Both of you need to shut the hell up and get moving.”

Neither of you contested Reigns’ firm response to the bickering. You walked out the locker room, the silver dog tags swinging across your chest with each step you took. The boys were right behind you. Tonight, they had a six-man tag and you’d be in their corner to ensure justice was served… and to make sure Ambrose’s ego didn’t make an appearance and cost his own team a win, again.

“What the hell was that?!” You screamed on the way back to the locker room. The Usos and John Cena had gotten one over on the Shield tonight, and you were livid. It was all because Dean had been too stubborn to tag in Roman. Your anger was directed toward the member who’d lost the match, but he was ignoring you. Bad call. You came up behind him, your voice even louder. “Hey! I’m talking to you, Ambrose!”

He spun so fast that you were almost knocked on your ass. His eyes were cold as ice; his chest heaved up and down from a ragged breathing rhythm. Naturally, you stepped back; he looked pretty pissed off and, logically, you didn’t want to be on the receiving end of Ambrose’s wrath.

“Shut your mouth,” he warned in a low voice.

You looked around, seeing that Roman and Seth had made themselves scarce. It was unusual for the guys to split apart from each other but given the recent internal problems Dean had been causing, it wasn’t exactly a surprise to see the others didn’t want to stick around.

“What is your problem?” you demanded. You’d kept your distance, not missing how his eyes angrily raked your body.

“Your mouth is my biggest problem right now and if you can’t shut it, I’ll find something useful for it,” Dean challenged.

Your eyes widened in response. Had he really just spoken to you like that? You stepped toward him and slapped him right across the face, fed up with the continuous disrespect. His head snapped to the side but when he looked at you, your stomach dropped like you were heading down a rollercoaster. You weren’t prepared for him to reach out, grab your face and crash his lips into ours. You were shocked; your jaw dropped, allowing Dean to easily slide his tongue into your mouth. You didn’t struggle. Before you knew it, Dean had your back up against the wall in a darkened area of the hallway. He was lifting your leg, touching the bare skin under your ring shorts. You jerked out of shock, pulling back to look up into his eyes.

“What the hell are we doing? We hate each other… don’t we?” you asked.

Dean gave you a smirk and ripped off your shorts. He hiked your legs up around his waist.

“You can try to tell yourself you don’t want me,” Dean said in a low voice. His fingers ran up in between your legs, and they came back slick. “But, we’d both know you’d be lying.”

His lips met yours once again in a bruising kiss. You felt him wrestle his own pants down and then he rubbed his hardened cock against your wet entrance, using yourself as lube. He groaned into your mouth as he slid inside of you, and you swore he muttered your name. You held onto him tightly, feeling him stretch your walls as he pumped himself into your tight warmth. Dean was everything you thought he’d be and then some. He supported you by holding onto your thighs, and started thrusting in and out. You let your head fall back against the wall, letting him control the rhythm and roughness. It felt damn good to be done up against the wall, to hear Dean occasionally groan your name. It sounded wonderful; the power you had over this man in this moment filled you with sweet desire. You bucked your hips with his, riding him like a wave. His grunts became louder, but neither of you cared.

He dug his nails into your thighs as he emptied himself inside of you. With a few more grinds of your hips, you were right there with him. Dean let you down the wall slowly, kissing you with passion you had never dreamed he could ever have for you.

Then again, there is just a thin line between hate and love, isn’t there?



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(Y/N) slowly bent over to pick up her gym bag, making sure her workout skirt rose up high enough to show her pink underwear. (Y/N) giggled as she looked at the wall mirror and saw that every WWE Superstar stopped in their tracks to watch her, all of these men were so desperate to have her they always acted like total fools. (Y/N) shook her head and started walking back to the showers when she felt a hand pull on her shoulder, she turned around to see Dolph Ziggler standing in front of her. (Y/N) gave Dolph a quick look over, he was wearing tight workout shorts, shirtless, and glistening from the sweat all over his body, he looked completely hot. (Y/N) licked her lips and looked up at him to see a smirk on his face. “You like what you see?” Dolph teased as he flexed his huge muscles in front of her. (Y/N) laughed as she reached out and ran her fingers along his arm, feeling him flex. “Oh yeah, Zigs. I like what I see a lot.” (Y/N) smirked as she rested her hands on Dolph’s chest. “You know (Y/N),” Dolph put his hands around (Y/N)’s hips, “if you want to see more of me half naked you can always come over to my place. Maybe dinner?” Dolph asked with hopeful eyes. (Y/N) took her hands off of Dolph. “No, I’m sorry. You know the rules, I can’t date anyone until my mom approves of them.” (Y/N) said turning her back to Dolph. Dolph grabbed her shoulder and flung her back around to face him. Dolph looked angry and his nostrils flared, for a second (Y/N) was scared. “Why don’t you drop that shit, (Y/N)? Everyone knows that’s bullshit that you need your mothers approval. You think your mom, Lita, did this shit when she got in the company? Well she didn’t. She didn’t lead on all the boys and make them think they stood a chance. You just like teasing all us guys and soon enough we’re not going to take it anymore.” Dolph said twisting a lock of (Y/N) chestnut red hair. (Y/N) batted Dolph’s hand away and raise any eyebrow at him. “Is that suppose to be a threat, Ziggler?” (Y/N) said before crossing her arms. Dolph didn’t get a chance to say anything before Dean Ambrose cut in. “Hey listen Dolph, the young lady said no. So how about you don’t threaten her, all right?” Dean said stepping in front of (Y/N). Dolph cussed under his breath before turning his back and walking away from Dean and (Y/N). Dean turned around and and shook his head at (Y/N). “What? Why are you shaking your head at me? Dolph was the one out of line.” (Y/N) said annoyed. Dean let out a sigh. “Yes Dolph may of been the one out of line but I see his point in how you tease all of us guys.” Dean said rubbing the back of his neck. (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “Awe what’s wrong, Ambrose? Can’t handle it when someone’s playing you for a chance?” (Y/N) said laughing. Dean gave (Y/N) a smirk and shook his head again. “You’re something else, sweetheart….. But I’ll be sure to see you around.” Dean said winking at her. (Y/N) was about to question Dean at what he meant, but he walked over to the weights before she got the chance. 
It was later that evening when (Y/N) understood what Dean meant. Every WWE Superstar and Diva were at the RAW show in Toronto getting ready before the show started. “Hey (Y/N), if you’re going back to the car could you grab me my make-up bag?” Her best friend AJ Lee asked looking through her suit case. (Y/N) took out her car keys and started walking out of the Diva’s locker room. “Sure thing, babycakes. Be back in ten.” (Y/N) call out before letting the door shut behind her. (Y/N) knew a shorter way to get to the parking garage if she look the stairwell.  (Y/N) found a stairwell and started walking downward to the parking garage, usually (Y/N) hated taking stairwells, she’s seen enough horror movies to know that the pretty girls always die in stairwells, it also didn’t help that the stairwell looked, and smelled, like it belonged in a horror movie. (Y/N) stopped when she felt her cell phone buzz in her back pocket, she thought it was AJ asking when she was but it was her mom. “Hey mom, how are you?” (Y/N) asked smiling as she leaned against the cold concrete wall. (Y/N) and her mom talked for ten minutes before (Y/N) had to say goodbye because she still had to get AJ’s make-up bag and get ready for the show, (Y/N) was about to continue walking when she heard footsteps echoing in the stairwell. (Y/N) stopped and held her breath, hoping it was just her mind playing tricks on her. (Y/N) watched as a shadow got bigger and bigger as whoever it was was coming closer to her. “H-Hello? Who’s there?” (Y/N) called out, but got no answer. Just as (Y/N) was about to run off down the stairs a bleach blond Superstar appeared. “Oh hello there, (Y/N). Did I scare you?” Dolph said laughing as he got closer. (Y/N) rolled her eyes and kept walking down the stairs, she still wasn’t impressed by that threat Dolph gave her earlier today. “Hey, what’s with the cold shoulder?” Dolph asked catching up with (Y/N). (Y/N) took in a deep breath and decided she didn’t want to fight over it so she turned and smiled at Dolph. “Oh sorry, I just have to go get something for AJ from my car.” (Y/N) said walking. “Oh.. well I’ll walk with you. You never know what kinds of creeps could be in stairwells.” Dolph said putting his arm around (Y/N)’s shoulder. “Yeah, creeps like you?” (Y/N) and Dolph heard a voice from behind, they both turned around to see Dean standing there. “Excuse me?” Dolph hissed turning around. Dean rose an eyebrow and smirked at Dolph. “I watched as you follow (Y/N) from the Diva’s locker room down here to the stairs. So I’d say you’re the creep here Dolph.” Dean said tapping his wrist. Dolph let go of (Y/N) and pushed Dean against the wall. (Y/N) stood there confused, she had no clue what the hell was going on. “What the hell is your problem man? Can’t you just piss off and stop cutting in?” Dolph snapped hitting Dean in the jaw, knocking him to the ground. (Y/N) pulled at Dolph’s arms and held it tightly so he couldn’t hit Dean again. “Dolph, what the hell is your problem?! Why would you hit Dean like that?” (Y/N) yelled. Dolph ripped his arm away from (Y/N) and stormed off upstairs, swearing with every step he took. (Y/N) turned to Dean and helped him up. “Why didn’t you hit him back? And why did you follow him?” (Y/N) asked brushing Dean’s hair back. “I didn’t hit Dolph because I knew he would bitch to Triple H, and he doesn’t like me enough as it is…. and I follow you two because I don’t trust Dolph. He’s forced himself on women before, I’ve seen it, and I don’t want that to happen to you.” Dean said rubbing his forehead. “Oh… well thank you, Dean.” (Y/N) said taking a deep breath. “…Well I gotta get to my car before AJ yells at me, I’ll see you around.” (Y/N) said turning her back to Dean. Dean grabbed (Y/N) and pulled her back to him and wrapped his arms around her waist form behind. “D-Dean, what are you doing?” (Y/N) asked confused. Dean lowered his head and brushed his lips against (Y/N)’s earlobe, making her break out in goosebumps. “I’m going to be completely honest with you, sweetheat,” Dean spoke in a whisper, “I like you, a lot. And I think you and I should go out.” Dean said kissing the back of (Y/N)’s neck. “Excuse me?” (Y/N) said wiggling her way out from Dean’s grasp, only to find herself pushed up against the wall, Dean pressing his body against her. “You heard me, babygirl. You’re interesting to me.” Dean said running his fingers through (Y/N)’s hair. (Y/N) pushed Dean off of her and kept walking, shaking her head at him. (Y/N) could hear Dean laughing from up the stairwell. “You can try and run, but you’ll come to me in just a matter of time.” Dean called out as (Y/N) finally reached the parking garage.
*2 Weeks later*
Calls, texts, showing up at her house, following her around at events. You name it, Dean did it. He was seriously determined to get (Y/N)’s attention. (Y/N) was in her favorite ice cream shop, minding her business, when her cell phone started buzzing. (Y/N) pulled out her cell phone and saw the Dean Ambrose texted her. *I thought about what it would feel like to be inside of you last night, I’ve never cummed so hard in my life.* (Y/N) almost choked on her ice cream. “I can’t believe he just texted me that…” (Y/N) thought to herself as she walked out of the ice cream shop. 
(Y/N) walked into the venue for tonight’s RAW and was immediately ambushed by Dean. “Hey there baby, how’s it going?” Dean said quickly kissing (Y/N) on the cheek. (Y/N) rolled her eyes and shoved Dean out from her way. “I’m very busy right now, Ambrose. Triple H wants to meet with me.” (Y/N) said walking, Dean quickly caught up. “Yeah, I asked him if he could put us in a romantic creative together.” Dean said laughing. (Y/N) stopped in her tracks. “You cannot be serious?” She said rubbing her forehead. “Oh you better believe I’m serious, sweetheart. One way or another I’m gonna get me lips on you.” Dean said pulling (Y/N) into his arms. (Y/N) pushed Dean away and glared at him. “You’re unbelievable you know that, Ambrose?” (Y/N) said shaking her head. Dean grabbed (Y/N) by her shoulders and shook her angrily. “No YOU’RE unbelievable, (Y/N)! Are you kidding me?! I’m DEAN AMBROSE, I am one of the hottest guys in the WWE, I’m at the top, if you were to be with me your career here would sky rocket. Why are you being so stubborn? Just fucking date me already!” Dean yelled, fire in his eyes and then he pulled (Y/N) in and crashed his lips against hers, kissing her fiercely. (Y/N) pushed Dean off of her, hard enough for him to fall to the ground. “Yeah, I get it. You’re ‘the’ Dean Ambrose. But hey, news flash buddy, I don’t give a damn who you are or what you’ve done. Do you know who I am? I am LITA’S DAUGHTER! I don’t need you to ‘sky rocket’ my career here, I can do that on my own. Goodbye Dean Ambrose.” (Y/N) yelled storming off.
*1 month later*
(Y/N) found herself bored with out the antics of Dean Ambrose… She thought she could preoccupy her mind with the other Superstars, but that didn’t work. Dolph was way to desperate, Fandango was being harassed by Layla and Summer Rae, Sheamus was too much of a drinker, Zack Ryder was an idiot, and Wade Barrett was out on leave because of his injury. (Y/N) found herself with no one to distract her from this never ending boredom. “Maybe I should give Dean a call.” (Y/N) said to herself as she was looking through her contacts in her phone. “I knew you liked him, I just don’t know why you would never admit it.” AJ said flipping through the channels on the TV. “Erm, what? Wait, did I say that out loud?” (Y/N) said suddenly realizing AJ was sitting right beside her. “I said it’s obvious you like Dean too, and yes, you did say that out loud.” AJ getting up and going to the kitchen. (Y/N) sighed as she clicked on Dean’s contact info. “You should give him a call. RVD said that Dean still talks about you in the locker room, he still likes you.” AJ said coming back with some water. “Ugh… I don’t know. I was such a bitch to him the last time we spoke in person.” (Y/N) told her best friend as her thumb hovered over the call button. AJ rolled her eyes and grabbed (Y/N)’s phone from her hands and pressed the call button. “Hey- no, give that back!” (Y/N) yelled, reaching for her phone. “Fine, here you go. But it’s ringing, so think of something to say.” AJ said tossing (Y/N) her phone back. (Y/N) quickly put the phone to her ear when she heard a voice come from the other end.. “Umm, hello? Dean?” (Y/N) asked nervously. “…Um yeah, it’s me Dean. You called me after all.” Dean said slightly annoyed. (Y/N) looked at AJ, not knowing what to say. “Say sorry.” AJ whispered as she put the TV on mute. “So um, I just wanted to tell you that I was sorry for the way I acted last time we saw each other.” (Y/N) said punching AJ in her arm because she was laughing. “Oh… well you should be sorry, you hit me pretty hard.” Dean said laughing. “Haha yeah, knocked you right on your ass.” (Y/N) playfully flirted. “Haha yeah you did… but listen, I’m still in your town and the night is young. Why don’t we go out and do something, catch a movie?” Dean asked. “He just asked me out!” (Y/N) told AJ before quickly putting the phone back to her ear. “Tell him yes, stop being stupid!” AJ said hitting (Y/N) with a pillow. “Um sure, a movie sounds great. Meet up at SliverCity in 30?” (Y/N) asked picking up another pillow and hitting AJ with it. 
AJ helped (Y/N) with picking out her clothes, doing her make-up, and her hair. AJ dropped (Y/N) off and wished her luck before she drove off. (Y/N) went inside and looked around, she got there a few minutes early so she rushed to the womens washroom to look herself over. She had on 4” heels, grey skinny jeans, a purple tank top, leather jacket, her long chestnut hair was curled and her eye’s were smoky. (Y/N) was looking completely hot. (Y/N) stepped out from the washroom and saw Dean standing near the entrance looking around, obviously looking for (Y/N). (Y/N) took a deep breath and walked over to Dean, she got half way to him before he noticed her and made his way to her as well. “Wow, you went all out for me? How nice.” Dean said winking before her lend down and kissed (Y/N) on the cheek. (Y/N) blushed and played with her fingers before looking at Dean again. Dean raised his eye brows and smirked at (Y/N). “Oh, I’m making you blush am I. I never thought I’d see the day that someone made you feel nervous.” Dean said laughing. (Y/N) playfully hit Dean in the shoulder and took his hand and started walking over to the ticket line. “Oh shut up, Ambrose. Don’t want to get too cocky on our first date.” (Y/N) said looking at the movie screen. Dean licked his lips and lend in close to (Y/N). “So are you implying that there will be more dates, (Y/N)?” Dean asked wrapping his arm around (Y/N)’s waist. “Well maybe if you play your cards right, then yes, there’ll be a second and then some.” (Y/N) said smirking at Dean. 
"Yeah, hey AJ? Mhmm…. Uh, I won’t be coming home tonight. Hmm." (Y/N) told AJ over the phone, trying not to moan while Dean kissed her neck and unbuttoned her jeans. "Oh, so I take it you and Dean had a good night?" AJ asked laughing, she knew exactly what was going on. "Uh-huh, oh God… Okay AJ I have to go!" (Y/N) said when she felt Dean lightly nibble on her nipples. "Okay, but I want details after!" AJ said, before (Y/N) had a chance to say anything else Dean grabbed the phone from (Y/N). "She has to go AJ!" Dean said before hanging up the phone. Right before Dean hung up they could hear AJ laughing from the other end. "I will never hear the end of this." (Y/N) thought to herself, but Dean quickly took her attention back. "Ugh, you don’t know how long I’ve wait for this moment, thought of this moment in my head." Dean said bring his lips back to (Y/N)’s. (Y/N) laughed as she kissed Dean, he parted his lips and moved his tongue into (Y/N)’s mouth and bit her lower lip, making her moan out. "I’ve heard from a few girls in the back that you’re good." (Y/N) said pulling her bra off. Dean smirked and cupped (Y/N)’s breasts with his hands. "Well then you heard right, baby. Let me show you how good I really am." Dean said twisting (Y/N)’s harden pink nipples. Dean rubbed his fingers over the fabric of (Y/N)’s underwear. "You’re so wet already." Dean said sliding his fingers through her underwear and genitally pushing his two front fingers into her. (Y/N) threw her head back in pleasure and gripped at Dean’s belt. "Why do you still have these pants on?" (Y/N) asked laughing and she pulled Dean’s pants down to his knees, Dean stood up and fully took them off and then stroked his cock in front of (Y/N), watching the hunger for him grow in her eyes. "Tell me you want me, (Y/N)." Dean demanded and he rubbed his tip. (Y/N) looked up at Dean confused. "I want to hear you tell someone you want them, and I want that person to be me." Dean said grabbing (Y/N) by the throat and laying her down on the bed. As Dean squeezed harder on (Y/N)’s throat she felt the need to want him even more than before. "I-I want you Dean, I want you so badly." (Y/N) said reaching down and stroking her clit. "Hmm, that’s what I thought baby." Dean said taking his hand away and kissing her. Dean slowly teased (Y/N) with the tip of his cock, Dean’s dick was bigger than what (Y/N) was used too, so she knew it would take some time to get used to him. Dean try to go deeper into (Y/N) but then realized she’s to tight. "I don’t want to hurt you." Dean said pulling himself away. (Y/N) quickly pulled him back on top of her. "Wait, no. It’s okay Dean. I just have to get used to your size, that’s all." (Y/N) said, reassuring him. Dean looked at (Y/N) and smiled and then kissed her sweetly on the lips before rubbing his tip on (Y/N)’s wet sex again. (Y/N) wrapped her legs around Dean’s waist and watched as Dean slowly forced his member into her pussy one inch at a time. Soon Dean was able to get his cock fully into her and he started thrusting. "Oooh fuck, Dean. You feel so good." (Y/N) said pulling his messy blond hair. Dean smirked as he licked (Y/N)’s chest and rubbed her clit. (Y/N) rolled Dean over and turned around so that she was in the reverse-cowgirl position. (Y/N) started grinding and twisting her hips on Dean’s cock and he gripped at her ass. Dean put his hands on (Y/N)’s hips and helped her bounce faster and harder off of his cock. "Uhh, I knew it would feel good inside of you." Dean moaned out as he felt (Y/N)’s vagina wall’s tighten around his cock. "Hmm, I’m close Dean. I’m gonna cum." (Y/N) said as she bounced up and down. Dean and (Y/N) were both close to their orgasms, they felt their release at the same time, Dean pulled out fast enough to not cum inside of (Y/N). Dean exploded, his cum shooting everywhere from the carpet to the walls. "Hmm, I didn’t think I even that that much cum." Dean said slowly sitting up, looking at the mess they created in his hotel room. (Y/N) giggled as she took Dean in her mouth to clean him up. "So… what do you say, princess?" Dean asked running his fingers though (Y/N)’s hair. (Y/N) looked up at Dean after her last lick. "What do you mean?" She asked licking her lips. "How about you and I keep dating, and then we get more serious?" Dean asked raising an eyebrow. (Y/N) gave Dean a sweet smile and crawled on top of Dean. "I think my mother would approve of you." (Y/N) said kissing Dean.
-Kourtney (Hope you like it)  
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A wrestler feels physical pain.
A blow to the head, a back through a table, it’s all a physical agony that is temporary. Can be healed with medicines and bandages. But it’s the wounds inside that hurt the most. The wounds that nobody
can see. The wounds that are seeping and bleeding and nobody notices.
That’s emotional pain. A pain that sears through your body and can’t be fixed with any pill or plaster.
That’s the pain you feel every day. When you wake up and hear your mother cooing to  your daughter, feeding your daughter, cradling and kissing your daughter and you have to act like the big sister.
When Vaughn turned 3, you wanted to tell her you were her mother. But Stephanie and Paul were against it, stating it would only confuse her at such a young age and to wait a year. On Vaughn’s 4th birthday,
it was the same excuse. Every single day of her not knowing who you really were was opening this inner wound, deeper and deeper.
You remember when you told your parents you’d fell pregnant at 16, it was a mistake with a boy who you never even told. It was your own idea for Steph and Paul to pretend they’d had another daughter, and now
every single day you have to hear Vaugn call you ‘Leila’ instead of ‘Mommy’ it kills you.
One night, you were joining your parents in a Baltimore arena for Raw. You tended to hang backstage, you were pretty close with the Superstars and Diva’s. 
You were having a conversation with Emma when a familiar raspy voice sounded in your ear, “hey.”
Turning, you smiled at Dean Ambrose. “Hey Jon,” you replied.
Dean was one of the first people you’d become close to when you began joining your parents at arena’s. But you always assumed he thought of you as a little kid. The first time you’d met him, you were 17.
"I didn’t know you were joining us today, thought you might be babysitting," he smirked at you and babysitting as if it were a mundane chore. You had to resist a retort at that, you loved taking care of your
sisters and with Vaughn, it wasn’t really babysitting.
You just shook your head, “not tonight. I want to witness Seth pummel you for myself.”
Dean laughed a sadistic laugh and took a lock of your hair in his fingers, you tried to compose yourself although you were a little shocked and watched him twirl it around his fingers for a moment just looking at your
face before he leaned in close and pecked you on the cheek before disappearing down the corridor.
You were left stunned and heard Emma gasp behind you.
"What the hell was that?"
"No idea," you admitted and watched Dean’s back.
Turns out that was only the beginning of weird occurences around Ambrose. Or Jon, as you called him to his face.
He’d always be there, around you, next to you. It began like the first encounter, a lock of hair wrapped around his finger and a peck on the cheek before he began to get more confident and you secretly loved
the way his hand would rest against your hip or grip onto your waist, or the way he’d lean really close to your face when nobody was watching.
After a while though, people began to notice.
"I don’t like it," your father announced one evening as your mother took the kids up to bed. You were sat on the dinner table, resting your head against your hand tired of his constant attempts to control your life.
"I don’t want you with him."
"Why not?"
Paul just looked incredulous, as if he couldn’t believe you had even questioned him. “It’s too risky.”
"It’s a gimmick, Dad. You know that. When he’s Jonathan, he’s the nicest guy in the world."
"Not risky because of him, Leila. Risky because of you."
Your eyes met his suddenly and watched him bite the inside of his cheek before looking away from you. 
"What’re you saying? I can’t see him? You’re going to take my baby away from me and now you’re going to say who I can and can’t date!"
You were hysterical now. Paul looked furious, “how dare you!”
"How dare you!" You were on your feet now, tears running down your cheeks as your emotions were rocketing and it was finally time to confess how you really felt.
Your father got on his feet as well, his eyes on fire and his face red with anger. “You asked me and your mother to protect you. You wanted help. You wanted out from that childs life!”
The truth of his words hit you like a punch to the gut, you couldn’t deny it.
"I know!" You screamed, "I know! I was 16 and so so scared! But every time I look at her and I see myself in her. My heart, she’s mine, Dad!"
"No." Steph announced from the doorway, her glare was pinning you and she closed the door behind her, "she’s ours now. We can’t have this secret coming out."
You watched as your mother stood supportively beside your father and felt like the world was against you. You sought their help because you were young and frightened and had no idea how to bring up a baby
but you had every intention of telling everyone the truth when the time was right. You didn’t want Vaughn to be 10 or 15 or even 20 and never knowing who her real mother was.
"This thing with Good stops now." Steph stated, her voice was hard and cold and she was beginning to sound like your grandfather.
Your head fell, you were looking at the floor too exhausted to defend yourself anymore.
"And nobody ever knows about Vaughn. Understand?"
"I’ll never have her, will I?" You asked pathetically.
You felt your mothers hands hug you to her chest and you sobbed. “Darling Leila, you asked us to help you. To protect you. You asked us to bring up your baby like one of your own and you suddenly decide to turn
her world and yours and ours upside down because all of a sudden you’re feeling motherly?”
"That’s not-"
"It’s not up for discussion anymore." Paul said across the table, "go to bed, Leila."
You obliged without another word. 
Thinking over it, you supposed your parents were doing you the greatest favour in the world.
An opportunity that many young mothers didn’t have.
You were able to fall pregnant and keep your baby without any of the complications of being an actual mother to her. You were able to see her, hold her, play with her without any of the maternal responsibilities
but it was getting old.
That was nice when you were 18 and 19 and wanted to party all night but you were maturing now, at 20 years old, you were an adult. And you were in a sort of relationship now and yet there was this huge lie hanging
over your head.
It’s been four months and you and Dean were in a proper relationship now. Although he’d never outright asked you, it was fairly obvious. Besides, it wasn’t in his nature to ask.
And then you saw him with Vaughn. He was at your house, supposedly having a meeting with your father although when it ended, he’d joined you in the living room where you were watching the kids.
Vaughn had stood up and was walking towards you, but her excited pace was making her unsteady on her feet and just when you were about to stand up and stop her falling over, Dean had shot up and caught her
in his strong arms. When he’d picked her up, Vaughn was so high she was giggling.
Your heart lurched at the sight of him holding your daughter and it ached. It was bordering on physical pain. You stood up and rested your hand on Dean’s bicep. He turned towards you with a shit eating grin.
"Didn’t think I was good with kids, did you?"
You were silent and shook your head. You wanted to take her away from him, anything to stop the pain but you didn’t. You torturously watched as Dean span around the  room holding the laughing 4 year old in his arms
before finally reaching over and giving her to you.
The secret was bubbling up in your throat. You wanted to confess to him. You wanted to tell him but your mothers words echoed in your head.
Turning everyones life around. How would Dean even feel when he knows you’re a package deal? This was the whole reason you wanted your parents to take her in the first place, so you could date and have a relationship
without them knowing about you being a mother.
As if they could hear your thoughts, your parents appeared in the doorway. “Just checking everything is alright,” Steph said and watched you carefully as you put Vaughn back on the ground. You couldn’t meet her
eyes without her knowing you were guilty. 
You had just been seriously considering confessing to Dean, your boyfriend that you have a 4 year old who is being brought up as your younger sister. And she didn’t even know the truth yet.
You turned instinctively when Vaughns voice rang out and you began to bend to catch her when she was running and like slow motion, you saw her bound right past you, as if you were invisible and right into your mothers
arms. It was as if you’d been killed on the spot.
This would never go away.
"Leila, a moment?" Paul asked and you followed him to his office.
"You’re beginning to get on my nerves."
You were silent as he rebuked you, blaming you for even starting this mess in the first place. It was all your fault because it was your idea, you knew that but you’ve been wanting to tell the truth for years.
"I want to tell him, Dad."
"Not going to happen."
"Do you forget I’m your goddamn daughter too?" Your eyes were cold as you studied him and for once, he was silent. "Can’t you understand my needs for a minute? Imagine if this was reversed. What if you and mom
had a kid and was being brought up as my daughter, having to hear her call me mom and call you ‘grandpa.’”
Paul looked away and you continued, “this isn’t how I wanted things to go. I should have taken responsibility in the first place, I created her life and gave it to you but not anymore, Dad. She’s mine and I want her. And I’m
telling Dean right now.”
As you got up and turned, what you saw almost stopped your heart. Dean was in the doorway, his blue eyes were icy but swimming with emotion you couldn’t place.
This wasn’t how you wanted to tell him.
~ S
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