I sighed. Another day pretending yet again, story of my life it seemed. Now I wasn’t usually the pessimistic type but lately I had been rather down. I was in love with my best friend Dean Ambrose; however there was more than a slight dilemma I faced. My other best friend Karliah was his girlfriend. I couldn’t exactly ruin their relationship to please myself.  Part of me was happy that Dean and Karliah were so happy together, but there was also this other side of me that often thought I could make him happy. Whatever chance I’d once had was blown now anyway. 

‘No point moping Rylee’ I scolded myself.


One day I sat at my house alone watching a movie when my phone went off. I reached over to grab it and saw that the caller was Dean. I answered it straight away.
“Dean” I said 
“Hey Rylee” he said. “You wouldn’t be able to come over to my place would you?” He asked. 
“Yeah of course I can…I was only watching a movie anyway nothing excited.”
“Cool…Well I will see you when you get here, I just need your advice that’s all.”
“Consider it a date” I joked Dean laughed. 
“See you soon”


~ An Hour later ~


I made my way to Dean’s house I knew it well I had been here many times before. Part of me wondered what advice he wanted from me. Was he gonna break up with Karliah? Had he already done that? I didn’t know. I sighed as my thoughts consumed me yet again. I knocked on Dean’s door. Before I knew it the door was pulled open and he stood in front of me. 
“Rylee” he said “I was expecting you” I felt like blushing. “Come in” he said before I walked inside towards the lounge room.
“Well you said you needed my advice?” 
“What do you think of this?” he asked me showing me a small box; he opened it revealing a ring. “I’m going to propose”
“It’s…nice…” I said trying to control the tremor in my voice and emotions. 
“Rylee…Are you alright?” he asked me before I could respond I got up and headed to the door, Dean calling my name behind me which seemed to slip from my mind.


~ Rylee’s House ~


I walked towards my house door the tears still streaking my cheeks. The door was opened as I went to shut it a hand stopped it from closing. It was Dean. 
“Rylee” he said arms on my waist “What’s wrong?”
“I can’t keep pretending anymore Dean. I Love you.” He just seemed blank for a second. 
“I love you too” he said before pulling me towards me kissing me passionately.

We made our way into the bedroom. The next thing I knew clothes were thrown and the rational me was gone. I could feel the soft presence of Dean’s skin on my own did and it did not go unnoticed. His kisses my body making me feel instantly numb. As the sensation became overwhelming, I moaned something that had been so unaccustomed to me but yet I felt as though it had come naturally.  My bodily sensations almost unbearable as the pleasure increased with every second, a feeling like heaven - or so I imagined - had taken control. Finally I feel myself relax my body relieves the presence which was not so distant long ago. Softly I place my head upon his.

“I love you” he says and I pull him towards me kissing him passionately. 


~ AJ ~

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Victoria was one hell of wrestler. She was strong, fierce, and determined to show everyone that she wasn’t your average woman in the ring. She was always up for a challenge, let it be female or male. And her challenger for the night was The Lunatic Fringe himself.
It was the main event of the night and the crowd was going wild. It was Victoria against Dean Ambrose, the first diva and superstar match since the attitude era. It was definitely a match worth waiting for and one they would never ever forget.
It was twenty minute into the match and there were blood spots already accumulating in the ring. Dean was laid out on the mat, not moving an inch after Victoria’s deadly swinging neckbreaker. She thought it was over and just as she was heading to pin him for the win, Dean surprised her by grabbing a hand full of her long locks. Victoria punched him in his torso over and over again, hoping the blows would loosen his grips. But it didn’t.
Instead, Dean gave the diva a taste of his brutal finisher, dirty deeds, sending her right where he wanted her; face down on the mat. Victoria knew it was over for her at that point. Dean had won fair and square. She wanted to get up and continue the match but her body was too sore to do so. Her time was up.
“1…2…3….” The referee yelled out.
The crowd chanted for Dean to take the win but he too had collapsed to the mat thanks to his weakened body.
The match was over once the bell had gone off. No one won and the crowd wasn’t too happy about that. Hell, Dean and Victoria’s sentiments were the exact same.
The two were carried out of the ring and shipped to the medical room to get their wounds serviced by the team. Dean was treated for his bruises and broken ribs, while Victoria was getting ten stitches to the head and icing her fractured ankle.
“Hey, good work out there,” after getting looked at by the medic team, Dean walked over to Victoria to congratulate her for her work in the ring. He smiled, “You’re the toughest chick I’ve ever encountered in my life.”
Victoria giggled, “You’re not so bad yourself, Dean.”
 The medic overlooking Victoria stepped away so her and Dean could have some alone time.
“Maybe we could train together soon. You know, show each other some moves” he suggested.
She smiled, “I would like that. Well, when we’re all healed up of course.”
The two exchanged numbers and promised they would contact each other when they were hundred percent ready to get back in the ring.
*Weeks later*
Dean and Victoria were back in action only three weeks after their match, training together when they could. She learned a lot of useful moves from Dean, ones she knew that would annihilate her opponent in the ring. Not only was the training beneficial to her for work reasons, but the alone time with him gave her more insight of who Dean really was.
Victoria always found Dean attractive but never had the nerve to tell him to his face. With them spending time together, she grew more comfortable with him. They talked about their lives and ambitions during their breaks. And even cracked jokes on each other for laughs. Dean was more laid back then she expected him to be. He was also nice and sweet towards her. The more they hung out and trained together, the more Victoria began to like him.
“You wanna call it quits for the day?” Dean asked.
It was going on eleven at night and they’ve been going at it for a little over four hours. Victoria didn’t want to part ways with him but it was getting a bit late.
She looked up at the clock, “Yeah, maybe we should.”
Dean nodded in agreement. They headed out of the ring, gathered all of their belongings, and headed towards the exit of the gym. Victoria was inches away from walking out the door when she felt Dean’s hand latch on to hers.
Victoria turned around, “What’s going—“
Dean silenced her with his lips. Victoria was stunned by his action. She’s been wanting to kiss his for the longest but she never imagined he would be the first one to make the move. He pulled her closer, allowing Victoria was warp her arms around his neck. The kiss lasted for several minutes before Dean finally pulled away.
“God, you don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to do that” he whispered.
She smiled, “What made you do it now?”
“I wanted to do it before it was too late,” Dean gave her a peck on the lips before finishing, “I didn’t want someone else snatching you up before I had a shot.”
Victoria had other guys that were interested in her but there was only one she really wanted. And he was standing right before her.
“Truth be told,” Victoria stood on her tippy toes and wrapped her arms around his neck tighter, “There was only one guy that I wanted. And that guy was you…”
Annalise <3
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I sat waiting patiently in the hotels dinning area for one the superstars on the WWE rooster. I had to meet with them to discuss their new storyline that we, the creative team, had come up with. I sipped slowly on my hot coffee and sighed, I had been waiting internally way to long, but he was known to be late, though he was never late when I met with him.

His figured walked into view and spot me sitting off in the corner by myself near the wide panel window. I glanced over and smiled when he spotted me. He walked over and as I got closer I stood. I held my hand out to shake, but he pulled me into a tight, warm hug. I sighed, “this is business Good, now please, please sit.”

He grumbled and sat, I pushed the cup of warm coffee towards him. He sighed, “thanks, Rox.”

I looked at him, studied him if you will. He had been out late, again. I sighed, “you were out again, that’s why you were late…”

“I invited you, didn’t I?” he asked sipping the coffee, hissing as it burnt his tongue.

I sighed, “you did, but I told you we had business to take care of this morning.”

“What is it then?” he hissed getting tired of me repeating.

I sighed and pulled out a black folder with a WWE logo on the front. I handed it to him and smiled as a waitress walked over with food. I smiled as she placed what I ordered for Jon in front of him, then my massive stake of pancakes in front of me. He saw the food and shoved the folder to the side, “you ordered me breakfast?”

I nodded, “of course, I knew you’d be hungry.”

He nodded and dove right into the omelet I ordered him, “thanks Roxy.”

I nodded and placed syrup on my pancakes and dove into mine. I smiled over at him, “is that good or you just that hungry?”

“Both, hey, why didn’t I get pancakes?” he asked pouting.

“Because have a big match tonight,” I said and cut a few pieces up.

He pouted at me still, “I love pancakes, and, is, is that blueberries?”

I nodded and sighed, “fine, do you want a bite?”

He nodded, “yes!”

I chuckled and stabbed a cut stack and held it out for him, he ate it off my fork, causing me to blush, “what I don’t get to try yours?”

He smiled and cut a piece, “it’s only fair, I guess.”

I smiled and ate it off his fork, “oh, God, that is good.” I instantly covered my mouth, “sorry.”

He laughed, “it’s fine.”

I smiled and went back to eating my pancakes. He finished and pushed his plate aside and opened the folder. He groaned, “what is this shit Rox?”

“What’s what?” I asked, forgetting to swallow before speaking. What was I kidding, he’s my best friend…

“This? Eva is going to be ringside for me now on? Oh and we’re suppose to be a power couple?” he asked getting angry.

“Yeah, we’re trying to find something for her to do, you know get her more limelight,” I said shrugging and took a sip of water. “What do you think?”

“I think it’s pure bull shit and I’m not fucking doing it,” he said closing the folder.

“You want a paycheck, you will,” I growled back, not liking his bitter attitude.

“Seriously, was this your idea? If so it’s pathetic,” he said and I groaned. I was in favor for it. I was mad as ever. “You know I can’t stand her. I thought you were my friend.”

“I am, Jon, you are my best friend,” I said softly.

“Really, doesn’t seem like anymore,” he said and shook his head.

I slapped him, I was mad, I gasped after I did. He stood, angered and looked at me, “shouldn’t have done that.”

I looked down, scared a little, “I’m sorry, Jon, I’m so sorry, Jonthan, I didn’t mean too.”

He was gone before he could even here my apology. I grabbed my stuff, throwing down a hundred and hurrying after him. I got to him at the elevator. I slipped in before it closed. I looked at him, “seriously, don’t be mad at me. I’m sorry, I was mad you were saying we weren’t friends.”

He looked at me, “I didn’t think we were just friends Roxy.”

I looked at him, “what do you mean Jon?”

I was so confused, what was that suppose to mean? He pushed me into the wall of the elevator and pined me against it. I gasped and he kissed me roughly, “I love you Roxy, I love you.”

I gasped again, holding his face in my hands, “what?”

He sighed, “I love you, I’ve grown to love you over the last couple years. You are my best friend, you get me.”

I smiled and cupped his cheek, “I love you too.”

He smiled and kissed me back roughly, “can I show you?”

I nodded slowly, “I’d like that.”

The door opened and he carried me down the hall towards my hotel room, I pushed the key in the door and opened it as his lips found my neck and worked down towards the exposed cleavage. I sighed heavily, “yes.”

He smirked and lowered me to my hotel bed, “do you know how long I have wanted to touch this body over yours in a way I never thought I would…”

I nodded, “probably as long as I wanted you too…”

He pushed at the thin skirt material of my dress and smirked when he realized I was clad under it, “what is this? Did someone forget to put something on today?”

I shook my head, “nope.”

He smirked, “you are a naughty girl, very naughty.”

I nodded, “I’ve learned from the best…”

He chuckled softly, “we’re going to see just how naughty you really are.”

I smirked gripped him by the shirt and tugged it over his head, I ran my finger nails down his chest slowly, “this, this is all mine.”

“All yours,” he smirked and attacked my lips. I arched my body into him, dying for his hands to roam my body like crazy.

I groaned and sighed, “please.”

He smirked and tugged his jeans free and I shimmed out of my dress tossing it to the floor. I sighed and looked at Jon as he dug in his jean pocket, “fuck.”

I groaned,  “what?”

“I don’t have a any fucking condoms,” he groaned looking down at his clothes strewn.

I pulled him to the bed, “I don’t fucking care, just make love to me already…”

He nodded and positioned himself, “ready?”

“Fuck, yes, please,” I whined gripping his hips, digging my nails into him.

He slid into me quickly, pausing for me to adjust. With a quick nod from me, he pounded in and out of me, quicker with each thrust. Our bodies, they, they fit so perfectly together. It was like, we were meant to be intertwined together.


We both climaxed and I laid curled in his arms, “I’ll fix the new storyline, I promise.”

He smiled widely, “good because you don’t need no competition.”

I giggled and nodded, “damn straight.”



I hope you loved, I enjoyed writing it for you! <3 Cay

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I couldn’t believe I was actually here, reveling in this atmosphere, talking to people I watch daily on television.
This was where I am. Where I should be. WWE.
I never thought everyone would be so damn polite and welcoming. It was weird to see Randy in jeans talking animatedly with Roman Reigns and they nodded at me and greeted me, wishing me luck
on my new signing with WWE.
There was another reason I was wandering the backstage halls of a New York arena however, and that was my old friend was around here somewhere and I was desperate to introduce the new
me to him.
When we were kids, he’d wrestle in my backyard with me and he’d talk all the time about making it big and escaping his life and he’d laugh when I told him I’d be by his side. Potential Diva.
When he was 17, he disappeared.
And I was happy that he’d achieved something big. It only motivated me further to prove I could do it too. And here I was.
Turning a corner, I saw him. He’s stood in jeans and his leather jacket, his back is to me but I can see he’s weary from his latest match. He’s talking with Jey Uso and he laughs at something he said.
Smirking to myself, I keep my eye on him as I creep closer. Jey casts me a confused look but I press a finger to my lips and just like I expect a professional actor to do, he replaces his confusion with
nonchalance and continues to talk to Dean, or Jon as I always knew him.
Reaching closer to the 6”4 lunatic fringe, I take a final run up and slap my palm on his right ass cheek. I stand behind him, my hands behind my back grinning up at the back of his head as I watch his body
tense up and he flexes his arms before he curses.
"Who the fuck-"
He turns on his heel quickly that it takes me a moment to realize he’s gone silent and he’s staring down at me before I regain my composure and continue to grin up at him.
I laugh out loud and as if that’s all the confirmation he needs, I’m gathered in his strong arms, much larger than the scrawny ten year olds arms I used to know and I’m on my tiptoes so I can rest my chin on his
broad shoulder.
He smells amazing and looks even better. His hair is shaggy and short, his jaw line is chiseled and his baby blue eyes tell the story of his entire life if you can look deep enough.
"What’re you doing here?" He asks and I notice Jey has gone. I lick my lips.
"Told you so."
For a brief moment he looked puzzled before his eyes widen, “you’re a Diva?”
"New. Only just signed the contract." I smile and his large hand brushes my arm, as if familiarizing himself with someone he doesn’t recognize. His eyes look me up and down and I imagine I look different
from when he last saw me nearly ten years ago.
My dark skin makes my features pop and he stares at me for a long time, “well, where you staying?”
"Hotel." I answer casually, "which reminds me I have to rent a car for the next arena for tomorrow night."
Jon shrugs and he cocks his head towards the parking lot, “me and some guys got a bus, you can stay with us.”
I wasn’t one to turn down a free ride or more time to spend with Jon. I nod and thank him and he brushes my arm with his hand once more before he leads me in the buses direction.
I notice Roman and the Usos and Naomi but Jon reminds me that it’s actually Joe, Jonathon and Joshua and Trinity.
"Too many J’s." I mumble and Jon laughs.
"Hey," he announces over their talking outside the bus, "I want you guys to meet our latest guest and fellow WWE athlete. This is…" he pauses for a moment and looks down at me, "do you have a Diva
"No," I tell him with a laugh and take over his introduction, "I am Ev, nice to meet you. I hope it’s okay I stay?"
Joe is the first to hold out his hand but I’m overwhelmed with the warm reception everyone shows, Trinity is talking about how she thinks it would be good if I join her on tag teams and Jonathan and Joshua
are eager to know all about my background and my past relationship with Jon to which I shrug off and say, “we were old friends.”
In our teenaged days, we were much more than that despite the way we’d hide it. Jon was someone I wanted to be with, I’d hinted many times in my adolescent days that I wanted to marry him and we’d live
happily ever after but then he went away and I had to come to terms with the fact that maybe, I was just a friend to Jon.
"Where will I sleep?" I asked as I was taken on a tour of the big but compact bus. Jon cast his eyes over everyone to ensure they weren’t paying much attention and was relieved to discover that the boys had
distracted themselves with the television much to Trinity’s dismay.
"Here?" He patted a bunk that was on it’s own from the others. There was a double which I assumed Trinity and Jonathan shared, and then two single bunks on the other side where I suppose Joe and Josh slept
and then this single one, in the corner next to the window.
"Isn’t this one yours?" I asked cautiously and Jon shrugged like he always does.
"Where else you wanna sleep?"
I didn’t bring up the reasonable question of, if he knew there was no space, why did he invite me on the bus in the first place, and instead noddd and smiled. “Looks like we’ll share then.”
An unknown man popped his head through the door and announced we were hitting the road now before he slammed the door shut and there was a moment before the buses engine roared to life.
Jon was still staring at me as if he was expecting me to do something interesting, instead I yawned. “I’m going to sleep if that’s alright, it’s been a rollercoaster of a day.”
Jon was smirking and glanced at the bed, “your stuff can go over there.” Before he turned away to go into the back of the bus with the others, he looked at me hungrily before saying, “hope you don’t mind
me sleeping naked.”
When Jon did finally come to bed, I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or disappointed that he in fact, does not sleep naked.
The bunk was big enough for us to have our own space but there were parts of our bodies that would brush occasionally and I realized that a half naked, boxer brief clad Jon was just as tempting as a naked Jon.
Jon was quiet as a mouse when he came to bed, eventhough I was wide awake, I pretended to be asleep. The bus was quiet except from the rumbling of the engine so I assume we are driving through the night.
With Jon’s body heat and familiar scent, it sent me to sleep immediately.
In the morning, I was surprised to find Jon already out of bed. There was music from a radio faintly heard and chatter. Making sure I was decent, I went to the back of the bus to see Jon and Joe awake
with Joe hovering my a microwave.
"Morning." Jon said and cast another hungry look at my attire of a tank and shorts.
I waved sleepily at them both and then sat next to Jon watching Joe look at the microwave as if it were about to talk to him.
"What are you doing?" I asked and realized Jon had thrown an arm over the back of the seat so his fingers were brushing my shoulder blade.
"I’m making breakfast." Joe told me.
"Why are you looking at the microwave as if it’s going to explode then?"
Joe bit his lip and Jon was chuckling softly next to me. “I put something in there that I’m not sure is supposed to be in there. And… I’m waiting.”
I quickly got to my feet and excused myself from the room, “I’m going to wait in here and find out. I’m going to get dressed.”
Not really realizing it, when I’d said it, I was looking right at Jon and he was looking right back as if we’d just exchanged a secret conversation in our heads. I wasn’t very surprised when he followed me back
to our bunk.
"Have I told you yet how much I missed you?" 
I had my back to Jon as I pulled clothes out of my suitcase, he was close to me, his breath on the back of my neck.
"No," I tell him with a smirk and turn to face him to find I was right, he was standing very very close to me.
He leans towards me and my breath catches in my throat as he places his face in the crook of my neck and he exhales making goosebumps appear and a twinge of lust shoot straight to the place in between my
"I missed you."
Leaving my breathless and very horny, Jon smirks like he knows this and leaves the room.
Damn him. I’ll get him back.
The day passes quickly and we arrive at the arena. I’m not set to have a match until another week but it’s exciting to see Joe and Jon in action. With their rivalry with Seth continuing, I couldn’t help but
get a dry mouth when I watched Jon appear as Dean Ambross in the messy jeans and leather jacket. He was effortless in the match against Bad New Barrett.
And as I watched backstage, I realize that Jon is still as sexy as ever. And that the last ten years I’ve been working my ass off to be right here with him. I just knew I’d be.
When we were all ushered back into our vehicles to head to the next arena, I was absently looking for Jon.
"He’s on the bus already. He’s exhausted." Joe tells me with a knowing smirk. "You know me and the guys will be getting drunk tonight in the back, you got the bunk room all to yourselves."
Before I could say anything else, he disappears onto the bus and as I get on too, I notice that Joe is right and that him, Jonathan and Joshua are gathered around a round table with Trinity sitting next to Josh
with various bottles of alcohol on it.
"Joining us, Ev?" Joshua asks and I shake my head in a polite decline ignoring everyones knowing looks.
I head into the bunk room quietly and see the shape of Jon’s body in his bunk, the covers haphazardly around him, his arms behind his head as he sleeps peacefully.
I smirk and decide this will be when I get him back. When he’s vulnerable.
I place my hand on his crotch through the duvet and his boxers. He doesn’t even twitch. I rub him softly and through the layers of material I’m beginning to doubt he can even feel me but then his body moves
deliciously, he squirms like a snake recoiling and although he remains asleep, he moans lowly in his throat.
Just by rubbing him, I can tell Jon is a ‘big’ man. He is growing hard underneath me and I am pretty satisfied with myself. Just as I’m about to leave him like this, his hand snaps to mine and my small wrist is enclosed
in his iron grip.
"What do you think you’re doing?" His eyes are open sleepily and his voice is raspy.
"Getting you back." I answer innocently and his eyes roll back when I grasp him through the sheets.
Growing confident, I climb on top of him and staddle his waist. His erection is directly underneath me and I can’t resist my own feelings of lust taking over. However, I remind myself this is all about revenge.
"Ev…" Jon says my name but trails off when I move.
He feels amazing underneath me and I have to control myself as I slowly grind on him bringing him to the point of no return. He made me so horny breathing on my neck, I was about to make him feel
the same.
His hands make their way to my waist and he tries to make me grind faster and harder but I slam his hands down beside his head and his eyes snap open to glare at me. He’s obviously not used to not being
in control.
I grind further and can’t stop the moan that is released from my own lips. Jon growls and I know that he could easily break out of my grip and reverse the roles but he doesn’t. 
Sliding my body against him through the sheets, I realize if I don’t stop now, I’ll want him to go further and I wanted to get revenge, that’s all. I climb off of him and his eyes roll in annoyance and frustration.
"Ev, you can’t fucking leave me like this." He hisses.
I smirk as I open the door and blow him a kiss before getting very drunk.
Jon hasn’t spoken to me all day. It’s a very awkward atmosphere although everyone else is oblivious to it. 
I’m beginning to regret what I did, maybe I went too far. Maybe he didn’t find it funny at all. His glare meets my eyes all the time to the point I make up some lame excuse about not going with the others
to the next arena and instead I stay on the tour bus.
I feel uncomfortable in Jon’s bunk but I try and sleep anyway.
After a few hours, someone is climbing into the bunk and from his familiar smell, I know it’s Jon.
"It isn’t over yet, why are you back so early?" I ask confused, wiping sleep from my eyes.
Jon doesn’t say anything and just when I think he won’t say anything at all, I’m grabbed and my arms are pinned above my head with an infuriated Jon above me. He’s half naked and I feel him through my small
shorts. He’s hard and he’s grinding on me deliciously.
"What you did yesterday was fucked up." He growls harshly into my ear but I’m overcome with the sensation of feeling him grind against me. "I will teach you that with me," he looks down, "you go hard
or you go home.”
I squeak as my shorts are ripped off my body and my tank is being shoved over my head. Jon’s boxers are discared and joining my shredded clothes on the floor and I feel him press him body tight against mine.
I moan in pleasure and I try and grab him but his hands are still on mine leaving my body naked to him and completely submissive.
He grunts in my ear as he thrusts himself inside and I scream out suddenly thankful the bus was empty.
He doesn’t give me time to adjust and instead, he uses his strength to create a pace that is animalistic, my body moving up the bed and he has to drag me back down by my hips.
He is groaning and like a mad man possessed as he takes me roughly. He hits that sensitive bundle of nerves and I finally am able to wriggle out of his grip and my hands go to his back, my nails making
crimson trails down his skin.
"Like that. Fuck yes, Jon." I am panting out and he is hitting that spot over and over again.
Finally, he shoves upwards hard and I feel him come undone as his body stills and my own euphoria is crashing down on me like a tidal wave. Jon pulls out and rests his sweaty head on my chest
as we both laugh.
"Can we stop fucking around?" I ask but he looks up at me with a smirk.
"Babe, I wanna fuck around all night." And I’m once again thrown into the whirlwind of my own pleasure.
~ S
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Stephanie took deep breaths as she walked towards his locker room door, it had been so long since she had time with him but people had started to get suspicious so she had to cool it.
"Hey" Stephanie purred as she walked in to Deans dressing room
Dean smiled “Well stranger its been a while since I’ve seen you, is that because you are scared hubby dearest will find out?”
Stephanie giggled “Now now Mr Ambrose, enough about him, why don’t you show me what I have been missing”
Dean didn’t need to be asked twice he grabbed Stephanie and pushed her against the wall, Stephanie responded by wrapping her legs around his waist.
Dean picked Stephanie up and placed her gently onto the couch.
A small moan escaped Stephanie’s lips “Yes, please Dean take me now”
Dean stood up and removed his pants, not bothering to remove Stephanie’s clothes, he put his hand up her dress, pushed her thong to the side and did as he was asked taking her in one hard thrust……
20 minutes later……
Dean got dressed with a massive smiled on his face “Well that was worth the wait”
Stephanie stood up with no expression on her face “It was good as always Jon, the perfect way to say goodbye”
Dean looked confused, why was she using his real name? and what did she mean goodbye?
"That’s it Jon, its too dangerous for us to be together anymore people are starting to get suspicious, besides you got what you wanted out of this, a major storyline and a run with the us title, its me who decides when it ends and its ending now" Stephanie said firmly
With those words Stephanie didn’t say anything else, she stood up and left the room.
As Stephanie made her away along the hallway back to her office a million thoughts went through her head, has she done the right thing ending it with Dean? She knew people were starting to get suspicious of the amount of time she was spending with him.
Upon entering her office her thoughts were quickly interrupted by another familiar face sitting at her desk.
"Well well fancy seeing you here" said Stephanie smiling
Staring back at her were the eyes of Justin Roberts, RAW ring announcer.
"Ms McMahon, I am of the understanding that your husband is not here tonight, he is back at the HQ in Connecticut finalising a few deals to take the WWE network into Europe, is that correct?" said Justin
"Yes Justin that is correct" Stephanie replied
"Well if there is anything I can do for you whilst he is away…." Justin winked
Stephanie didn’t say a word she walked towards Justin, spun round the chair he was sitting in and wrapped her legs around either of it straddling him.
"Well now you mention it, I could use a little something from you" Stephanie whispered in his ear
Justin laughed “Whatever you want, you shall have you are the billion dollar princess after all”
Stephanie broke Justin off mid sentence her mouth meeting his in a slow passionate kiss…..
20 minutes later……
Stephanie lay on her office floor wrapped in Justin’s arms at that moment she couldn’t be happier, Justin was a lovely man and unlike Dean he had never asked for anything in return for her affections.
Stephanie’s post sex haze was shaken by a loud crash outside her door
Stephanie froze, outside the door she could hear her husbands voice, she couldn’t believe she was here he was supposed to be at WWE HQ.
Another loud crash could be heard outside the door, Stephanie and Justin quickly got dressed and sat frozen to the spot listening to the goings on outside.
Another loud crash and Stephanie’s husband HHH walked through the door, throwing a bloodied Dean Ambrose through before him.
Stephanie winced as her husband used Deans real name, whilst in a work environment all WWE talent had to use their entertainment names.
"Paul, Paul please…." Stephanie started to cry
"WELL?" HHH roared
"Yes, yes Paul its true..P-Please don’t hurt him any more" Stephanie whispered
Suddenly HHH stopped and turned to Justin and smiled
"Justin I am so sorry I didn’t realise you and Steph were in a meeting, I assume you are in a meeting? You’re not fucking her too are you? Said HHH laughing
Justin smiled a weak smile unable to meet HHH’s eyes
The look on triple h’s fact changed instantly
"Why can’t you look at me Justin…..Oh my fucking god you have been doing her haven’t you?"
"Paul please…" whimpered Stephanie
"Shut up you whore, for fucks sake" said HHH giving a beaten Dean Ambrose another kick
Stephanie sat in the corner and rocked back and forth
"Justin I suggest you leave now, before you end up like this" said HHH pointing to Dean Ambrose
Justin stood up and did as he was asked, he wanted no part of talking to a pissed off husband, let alone a former multiple time world champion.
HHH threw Dean out into the hall “I have to speak to my wife, time for you to go”
Stephanie stopped rocking and stood up
"Don’t say anything lets go home" said HHH
Stephanie looked at her husband confused
"But Paul….about what just happened"
"As far as I am concerned nothing just happened, I am going home with my wife to see our  daughters, that is it.” replied HHH
Stephanie understood now was not the time to discuss things, now was a time for family and she couldn’t wait to get home to be with her girls.

Victoria X

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Ruby just got called up to the main roster last month and she has amazing ring skills, according to the WWE Universe and management. What no one knew, was that she was a HUGE fan of the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose. She also had a crush on him, which was also unknown by everyone. One day, she got a call from Triple H, being notified that she will be in a Mixed Tag Team match with Dean against Seth Rollins and Paige. Late Sunday Night, Dean and Ruby decided to travel together that night before RAW. Dean was on the couch watching TV on the bus while Ruby was hiding in her room, nervous because her crush was in the other room. 

Dean: “Ruby, where are ya’?” 
Ruby: “In the bedroom, on my phone.” 

She was lying, she didn’t want Dean to know she was hiding.

Dean: “Come in here, hang out with me.”
Ruby bit her lip nervously. 

She walks to Dean and sits beside him, closer than she wanted, but she was okay with it. She’s with her crush, after all. 

She thought that this was probably the only chance she had to tell Dean how she feels. 

"Dean, we need to talk." 
Ambrose cocks his brow. “Oh? About what?”
Ruby studdered a lot. “it’s kind of hard to explain, um..” 
"Well?.." He waits for a response. 
"I.. I am in love with you, Dean." She smiles in relieved that she revealed it to him. 
"You’re joking, right?" Dean Ambrose laughs, thinking it was all a joke, he got up. "I’m going to bed, see ya’ tomorrow, miss." 
"B-but Dean.."
He shuts the door before she can finish. Leaving her crying for the rest of the night.
————The next night————-

Dean and Ruby were both in Ambrose’s locker room, getting ready.
"Ruby, you ready?" 
She smiles widely. “You bet!” 
Ruby pecks Ambrose on the cheek, “I’ll meet you out there..”
She walks out of the locker room. Dean surprised of what just transpired. 

————Match Conclusion——————

Ruby catches Paige and hits her with the Uranage slam! She covers Paige for the three count, earning a win for her and Ambrose. Ambrose goes nuts in his celebration as Ruby smiles at him, he hugs her tight and he looks down at her, leaning down and pressing his lips to hers. The crowd cheers the two as he mumbles in her ear;

"Ruby, I love you."
Her eyes are still widened in shock from the kiss, she smiles up at him.
"I love you too, Deany." 

He smiles as they leave the arena a happy couple. 


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Alysa was walking toward the catering to watch the live show from there.  She wasn’t on the card, but then again, she hasn’t been for a while.  She used to wrestle a lot, and at one point, was the Divas champion.  She also managed some of the top stables in WWE history; most notably Nexus, Corre and the Shield.  She got very involved with the Shield, helping them out when they were attacking someone and defending them from ambushes.  Shortly after the Shield split though, she suffered an arm injury during a match with Rosa Mendez and even after fully recovering, has not fought since.  She was too afraid of something like that happening again and decided to be in the background, still aiding Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns whenever they needed it.  She created a group of her own, consisting of AJ Lee, Paige, Summer Rae and Layla and sent them to aid Dean and Roman.  She was almost at the catering when she ran into Stephanie McMahon, who was going to have a segment in the show. 
“There you are Alysa.  I’ve been looking all over for you.”
“What is it?  What’s going on?”
“It’s about a match for tonight.  We didn’t realize we were short handed on divas and need you to wrestle.”
Alysa became worried, wrestle?  After so long of not doing so?  What if the same thing happens again?
Stephanie noticed the worry, “It’s ok, everything will be fine.  No need to worry.”
“But…what if…”
“Look, injuries do happen, which is unfortunate.  But you can’t let fear control you.  A complete recovery is one where the fear is gone.  I believe tonight’s the night for that.  It’s a tag match, you and AJ Lee against the Bella Twins.  You’ll be fine.”  She then smiled and walked away.  Alysa digested Stephanie’s words, still unsure about the match.  She turned direction and left for the locker room to get ready.
The match was next and Alysa was nervous.  What if something happens?  What if she’s not good?  She then felt a tap on her shoulder, pulling her from her thoughts.  She turned around to see Wade Barrett there, a look of concern on his face.
“Hey, you alright?”
“Yeah…just a little nervous.”
“Don’t be, you’ll do great.  Like you were back managing Nexus.”
They heard footsteps and saw Dean, Roman and their past teammate Seth Rollins approach them, “Now what’s this about you being nervous?” Seth asked.
“Just…nervous about this match.  I haven’t wrestled in a long time and-”
“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” Dean tried to reassure her.
“Never saw you as the nervous type.  You always were fierce.” Roman added.
“Shut up.” Alysa laughed.
“It’s true!  You were the one that attacked Evolution with that sledgehammer that one time.” Seth said.  “After you destroyed eleven other guys with it.”
“Well it was unfair for an eleven on three match, then for the eleven to attack you then for Evolution to pick the scraps.  Had to teach them some kind of lesson you know?”
“Show that toughness tonight.” Dean said.  “Think of it like sending a message to remind people who they’re messing with.”
“Yeah, knock ‘em dead!” Wade exclaimed.
Alysa nodded and went out when her music hit.
Alysa and AJ walked backstage, smiling at their victory.
“That was awesome!  We were great!” AJ cheered, hugging Alysa.
“Yes…that was amazing.  I had almost forgotten this feeling.”
“Now people know to fear us now that they know what you’re capable of.”
“Yeah, might have to watch out for you.”  The girls turned to see Seth, Roman, Dean and Wade walk up.
“You just might Seth.” Alysa said playfully, winking at him.
“The three of you are glued aren’t you?” AJ asked, gesturing to Seth, Dean and Roman.
“Shut it.” Roman laughed, playfully pushing AJ.
“Anyway, that was an awesome match girls.  Happy for your victory.” Wade congratulated.
“Yeah, that was amazing!” Dean cheered.
“Thanks guys.” Alysa said smiling.
Wade walked up and hugged Alysa, “And you worried over nothing.  Everything went fine.”
“Yeah…nothing went wrong.  Other then Brie screaming, everything was amazing.”
Everyone laughed.  They then heard Wade’s music go off.  “Looks like I’m next.  See you guys later.” Wade said, letting go and hurrying out.
“We should get ready too.  Our big match is next.” Roman added in.  The main event was Dean and Roman vs. Seth and Kane.
“Yeah, we’ll see you after the show kay?” Seth said and he and Roman started walking away.  Dean walked up and ruffled Alysa’s hair.
“Told you to send a message out, and you did just that.”
“That I did.”
“Dean!  Let’s go!” Roman yelled.
“Coming!”  He shouted back.  He quickly pecked Alysa on the cheek and hurried away, leaving her and AJ giggling at what just happened.  
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"I feel like I don’t know him anymore."
Edie wasn’t sure why she was sat in Roman’s living room on a Friday night with her sleeping three year old on the sofa less than ten feet away when she could be at home watching television, looking forward
to the return of her husband.
Instead, she was sobbing into a tissue in front of a 6”2 Samoan wrestler who also happened to be her husbands best friend.
Joe frowned and looked sympathetic. With his own life filled with arena after arena in a foreign city, a foreign country for weeks on end, he could only imagine what it was like to have someone waiting
for him.
Someone pregnant and already a mother. Jon was one lucky man. And Joe had to mentally slap himself at the thought of Edie being the one waiting for him with their own child.
Edie wiped her eyes harshly and laughed humourlessly, “I’m sorry. It’s Friday night. You should be out partying. You haven’t been home long.”
Joe’s hand landed on Edie’s shoulder and he shook his head, “I’m here for you.”
Yeah, Edie thought looking into his eyes, he is. He’s here for you. Comforting you. Being that emotional boulder you need so much whilst your husband is away at arenas leaving you with your daughters.
Edie shook herself when she could feel herself leaning forward, craving more of his unyeilding attention.
"Is it what the media has been saying?"
Edie looked confused and Joe’s eyes widened in horror. She didn’t know.
Edie sniffed, “the media?”
Joe was shaking his head as if he could shake himself out of this situation. But he couldn’t. Of course she wouldn’t know. Edie decided well before she’d married Jon that she’d stay well away from the media
reports, they only caused trouble. And Jon had only called him this morning to keep her away.
"If it isn’t true, Jon, why are you worried?" He’d asked angrily into the phone earlier.
Jon had sighed, “I’ve been away for weeks. She’s hormonal as it is. The last thing I need is for this rumour to reach her and panic her. I don’t wanna be returning home with a divorce paper on my lap.”
Joe had understood. And he’d completely forgotten.
Edie was saying something and he only caught the end.
"…been saying?"
The wrestler glanced at the sleeping Shelby on his sofa, her thumb tucked into her mouth. She adored her father. At only three years old, he was immensely surprised at Edie’s ability to comfort their daughter
and make her understand the importance of Shelby’s fathers job.
He might’ve ruined everything but he couldn’t backtrack now. Edie was looking at him desperately. Her eyes pleading with him to continue.
Joe put his head into his hands before lifting his head and meeting her watery gaze. “The media just wrote some stupid story about him messing around with Sasha Banks.”
Edie felt her heart ache in her chest and she had to press her hand to it in case it decided to fall right out.
She could feel the stinging of tears and the lump in her throat return but she willed herself to keep it together. It was just a story.
"Seriously, Edie. I don’t think Jon is stupid enough to cheat on you. He lo-"
"You don’t think?" Edie’s gaze was angry. "You don’t THINK?"
Joe looked over at Shelby who was still sleeping soundly but her mothers tone was rising. He took her arm and ushered her into the kitchen where he closed the door. Edie’s disappointment and worry had been
replaced with rage.
Edie crossed her arms and stared at him head on. “You’re his best friend. His goddamn brother and you can’t look me in the eye and tell me that what the media are saying is bullshit? You just… DON’T THINK?”
Edie scoffed when Joe tried to speak. She wasn’t sure what she wanted from him. What she needed. She didn’t need someone to tell her the reports were wrong. She didn’t need someone to remind her that Jon
loves her. 
She was struggling. She’s been struggling for weeks. Every time Jon walks out that front door with his suitcase behind him - another day, another tour. Another amount of weeks he’s away.
Edie looked up at Joe who was leaning against his countertop, he wasn’t looking at her anymore and instead was focused on something on the floor.
She knew what she needed.
Not letting her sense cloud her emotions, she strided over to Roman and reached up to grab her back of his neck. She caught him by surprise and he relented, allowing her to pull him towards her lips where
she captured his and he was suddenly letting her kiss him like her life depended on it.
Her mouth was aggressive, it was messy but she was kissing him with so much pent up frustration that he wasn’t sure what she’d do if he pushed her away.
For a brief moment, his bloodstream ran south and he was caught up with kissing her back before he realized this was only hurting Edie further. She was using him - this kiss - to release her fury. Her upset.
Her urge to get Jon back for leaving her.
So with careful hands, he braced his palms against her shoulders and gently pushed her away. 
Edie took a step back and covered her mouth, she turned away from him and he could tell she was upset with herself.
Edie, with wide eyes, licked her mouth - they tasted differently. There was the taste of another mans lips on hers and she felt guilt creeping up her body and attaching itself around her throat.
She gasped for breath as what she’d done slammed into her making her feel a hundred emotions all at once.
She’d kissed someone else. She’d kissed her husbands best friend.
"Don’t." She snapped still not turning to look at him. Edie caught sight of Shelby through his kitchen door and put a hand to her protruding stomach. She was a mother. She was a pregnant mother and she’d
kissed someone else.
Joe didn’t know what to say. He didn’t want to touch her but she was pacing, her back was still to him and she looked like she was trying to keep herself from collapsing. His concern was for her unborn daughter.
Edie was stressed. That wasn’t healthy for the baby.
"Try and calm down - for your baby’s sake."
Edie stopped pacing and stroked her stomach as if caressing her child through her belly. She finally looked up at Joe and felt that guilt get tighter around her jugular. “I want to talk to Jon.”
Joe’s eyebrows furrowed but Edie was already reaching around him and grabbing his phone. She was dialling a number she knew off by heart and before Joe could talk her out of it or remind her how late it was,
she had his phone pressed to her ear.
Joe wiped his forehead with his fingertips and looked up when Edie spoke.
Edie had to remember to control her voice. Jon always had a knack of knowing when his wife was stressed or worried. It was why he was always so reluctant to leave for a tour, he knew his wife was barely
keeping it together back home. He reminded her every day how much he loves and adores her and appreciates her bringing up their family when he’s away.
"You alright babe? It’s late."
"I… Jon, the media…"
There was a frustrated sigh on the other side of the phone and she could imagine Jon running his hands in through his hair, “it’s false, baby. It’s all for promotion. If I’m being talked about, my matches
are more popular.”
Edie had to smack herself. He’d told her that before. Before she’d gotten pregnant, she’d been on the road with him and she’d seen the way arenas would sell out when there was a scandal concerning some superstars.
"Oh God," Edie laughed softly, "you’re right. I’m sorry."
There was a pause and Edie had to check he hadn’t hung up on her. “Jon?”
Jon’s tone changed. “Edie, why the hell are you calling of Joe’s phone?”
Realization hit her and her eyes widened as she looked at Joe who stared back. He looked confused before Edie spoke again.
"Joe’s phone…"
Joe himself bit his lip and cursed silently. Fuck. 
"Are you at his house? Now? What the fuck are you doing there this late?" Jon was angry. Edie couldn’t find her own voice to explain. It wasn’t as if he was letting her anyway.
"Where the hell is Shelby?"
"She’s here too." Edie breathed out eventually. "Jon… nothing happened."
Joe and Edie shared a look to say that her lying wasn’t helping things. And Edie could feel herself suffocating on the guilt, it was too strong, too tight, she couldn’t speak.
"I don’t believe you." Jon spoke lowly, his anger evident, "tell me right now why you are at Joe’s house at 1AM."
Joe watched on as Edie’s tears made their way down her cheeks once more. He was witnessing the decay in their marriage and he’d assisted in it.
Edie’s voice was a whisper, “you’re always gone.”
She realized when she was replied with the dial tone she’d said the wrong thing. She’d given him the wrong assumption. She hadn’t told him the truth, she’d only furthered his suspicion she’d been with Joe
for something more than emotional comfort.
Edie took a deep breath and hastily wiped her cheeks as she returned Joe’s phone.
Joe watched, not saying a word as the broken woman in front of him struggled to compose herself. “I’m going to go.”
He didn’t stop her. He didn’t object or protest or persuade her to stay. He remained firmly in the kitchen as she went to wake Shelby and she made her way to her car outside. He felt bad. He felt
like shit.
He glanced at the phone and contemplated calling Jon to explain himself. He considered going all the way to San Francisco to explain himself in person. He was at a loss of what to do.
Edie sat in her home stroking her daughters hair as she slept once more on her lap right beside her unborn sister. She was crying again. Was her marriage over?
It was getting light outside when Edie realized she hadn’t slept a wink.
Shelby squirmed and wiped her eyes sleepily. She asked for breakfast and Edie had to pull herself together to become “Mom” again. She prepared breakfast for her three year old, she showered and changed
and did her hair and stroked her belly muttering sweet nothings as she tried to ignore the hole in her heart.
It was nearing evening and she hadn’t heard from Jon. Or Joe.
Until there was a knock on the door.
Pulling herself up and telling Shelby to stay put in front of the television, she made her way to the door, her legs like jelly. She wasn’t expecting Joe on the other side. His hair was pulled back and he looked just
as tired as she did.
"I don’t really want you here, Joe." Edie tried to make it sound less offensive but Joe dismissed it anyway.
"I think you should talk."
Edie put her arm in front of Joe to stop him taking a step inside and she glared at him, “I think we’ve done enough. I’ve hurt the man I love, my husband, the father of our daughters, I’m not about to sit and have
coffee with you Joe.”
"Not you and him."
She could recgonize that raspy voice anywhere. Frantically looking around Joe to see Jon stood a few feet behind, his bag slung over his shoulder, she couldn’t contain her heart thumping in her chest at the sight of him.
There was a rush next to her and Edie was delighted to see Shelby running into her fathers waiting arms. Edie had to put a hand to her mouth, it was a sight to behold and Joe even had to grin at the picture.
Jon buried his head in his daughters hair and looked up finally to meet the gaze of his wife who was still looking on, barely holding herself up. 
Jon put his daughter on the ground and bent down next to her, “hey, why don’t you go inside and get all your pictures out and I’ll come in in a minute and look at them.”
Shelby squealed with excitement and Edie brushed her daughters head as she ran back inside.
Joe looked awkward and shifted his weight, “I went to get him, Edie.”
Edie looked at Joe in shock. “You brought him home?”
"Actually, I was already on the next flight home." Jon confirmed smugly with a smile, "and I was about ready to rip this fuckers head off. Before he called me and met me at the airport and explained
everything. Edie, I don’t blame you.”
She scoffed in disbelief. “You should. I ki-“
"I don’t want you to repeat it." Jon held a hand up, "I know. Joe told me. But I mean, I don’t blame you. I forgive you. I’m away all the time. You’re pregnant, you’re already a fantastic mother to Shelby. I’m not here
to help you. But that’s changing.”
Joe grinned at the elated Edie before clapping on the back who thanked him quietly as Joe got back in his car.
Jon closed the distance between himself and his wife. “I’m back, Edie. Dean Ambrose stays in WWE. And WWE stays firmly away from my family.”
"Jon you loves wrestling."
Jon’s hands were on Edie’s waist bringing her close against his chest as her protruding belly would allow. “I love you, Shelby and this little one,” he tapped her stomach, “more than my own life. I would do anything
for any one of you. I want you. Always, Edie.”
Edie wrapped her hands around her husbands neck and brought him closer as her lips took his and their tongues danced their familiar tune.
~ S
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*Beth Phoenix’s point of view*

When I discovered I had the opportunity to return to the WWE’s Diva’s Division, I was thrilled to say the least.
I wanted to return for some time now, but you know, life sometimes just gets in the way, and that’s ok.
But I missed wrestling. I missed having title shots and or chances to defend my title. 
So it’s a really great feeling to be back.
Everything just feels like home. Sure, I’m standing back stage in a freakin dressing room, but it feels like home. And it feels good, really good.
But things have changed since I was last part of the WWE Universe. There seems to be this whole youth movement, and an influx of a lot of new and very good looking guys.  
A lot of sexy guys. Like damn, the looks a lot of these guys possess have the power to make any woman weak at the knees. I know some give me that sensation. 
There was this one newer superstar that made me feel a little weak at the knees in particular. Like he had that look that would make any woman or gay man fall instantly in love with him.
He was popular with a lot of WWE’s female fans, I knew this from keeping up with social media. 
He was the one, the only, Dean Ambrose.
And what a fucking cutie he is, it’s not a surprise that so many of the female fans swoon and have fantasies about him. He’s drop dead gorgeous  and those blue eyes. 
I catch myself after realizing that I’ve been starting for quite some time and if he caught on, it would just make it awkward. I don’t want any awkwardness, but it was apparent that I had a crush on him.
*fast forward a month or so*
Dean Ambrose still hasn’t noticed me. Like what the hell?
Time for some desperate measures. Because I really want him… He’s single, and so am I.
So I walked right up to him, and try not to get too distracted by his curly hair. 
"Hey." I state, with a smile on my face.
"Hi." Dean replies, seeming very non chalant. 
"How are you?" I ask nicely.
Dean still seemed distracted.
"Uh fine." He mumbles and still is distracted.
That’s when I grab his face, and plant a nice juicy kiss on his lips.
That got his attention. 
Dean stood there in shock for a few minutes, until he took me by surprise, grabbed my face and kissed me back!!!
"Hey, Beth, do you want to maybe go out on a date with me?" Dean asks me, much to my surprise. 
"Sure. I’d love to." I reply. Not that I wasn’t waiting for this. But I was happy none the less.
So after the Smackdown taping, we went out to eat at an Italian place near his apartment.
The date was romantic- and candle lit. Everything was beautiful and wonderful, and I found myself becoming more and more in love with Dean. 
"Let’s go back to your place." I state, and Dean agrees.
We make it back to his place and we waste no time with idol chit chat or foreplay.
We both strip each others clothes off of each other and get down to business. 
Dean was such a damn good love maker.
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“What do you think of this one Dean?” you asked your boyfriend.
“Pink?  Really?”
“Well, we are having a girl.”
“Yeah, but…I don’t know.  How about a neutral color or something?”
The two of you were picking out colors for the nursery.  You were about four months along, expecting a little girl and were thinking of having a princess themed room with lots of pink.  Dean wasn’t too keen on the idea, you weren’t really sure yourself.  You then scanned the selection of paints again, “Maybe this one?”
“Yellow’s not bad.  I’m sorry; I’m not good at this type of thing.”
You laughed and ruffled his hair, “It’s alright silly.  So, this color then?”
He nods and you move onward around the store, finding other things to paint the nursery.  You and him paid for the items and went on home, deciding to get the crib and such later when the room is all painted.  You pulled in the driveway and opened the truck, gathering everything you bought.
“Ready to paint?” Dean asked with happiness in his voice.
“Of course, let’s get going!” you cheered as you unlocked the door to the house, entering inside.  You two carried everything to the nursery and setting it up to get started.
“Want to start on that wall and I’ll start on the other end, meet in the middle?” he asked.
“Sounds like a plan.  Let’s get to work.”
You started on the far right wall and him the far left.  You plugged your ipod in your speakers and music flowed through the room.
“What is this?” Dean asked after a while.
“I figured that.” he laughed, “I mean the song name.  It sounds cool.”
“…just something I found.”
“Tell me the name of the song.”
“That’s it!”  He got some paint on the brush and aimed it at you.
“No, no.  None of that sir.  Come on, we have to finish the room.”
“We will, just after I paint you a little.”
You squealed and ducked under him when he came at you.  You kept avoiding him for a short while until you felt him get the back of your shirt.
“You jerk!” you shouted, get some paint on your brush and aimed at him.
“Now come on, don’t do it.  We need to finish this.”
“Don’t give me that.” you grinned, “You did it to me, so now I need to be even before we continue with the room.”
He dodged you like lightning around the room.  This went on for a bit until you caught him on the front of his shirt.  “Ok, now we’re even.” he panted out, laughing.
“Yes we are.” you said triumphantly, “Now let’s finish.”
You two then finished painting the room and headed downstairs for lunch.  You just ordered something since the two of you were tired from painting and playing around.  You two just curled on the couch, waiting for the food to arrive.
“We got a lot done today.” he sighed.
“We got the room painted at least.  Now we need to actually get the crib and stuff.”
He nods and pulls you closer to him.  You smiled and snuggled up to his body.  “It feels unreal.”
“What does?”
“She’s almost here.  A few more months and she’ll be with us.”
“You alright?”
“It’s just…never thought this would happen.”
“You’ll make a great father Dean.  Never doubt that ok?”
He merely smiled and rubbed your belly.  You smiled and ran your hand through his hair.  There were a lot of doubts and worries, but as long as you two had each other, you can overcome anything.   
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Cassie felt exhausted.  Working as a bartender gets tiring sometimes, especially on busy nights like tonight.  Seems everyone coming is looking to celebrate something, or is sad about something.  It was nearing the end of her shift when she spotted someone coming up to the bar, a look of sadness on his face.  She smiled at him and came up as he sat at the stool.
“Hello sir!  What can I get for you?”
“The strongest thing you have.”
She was worried; she has seen the look on his face countless times before.  She could tell just by looking at him what happened, a bad breakup.  She gave him what he asked, “Hey, it’s ok.”
“What do you mean?” he asked as he took a sip of the drink.
“I can tell by looking at your face.  Bad breakup?”
“…yeah.” he sighed sadly.  “She found someone else and ended things.  It’s just…we were together a long time.  I thought…she would be different.  So many people…have left and…she…did just that.”
She frowned at his words, saddened for him.  It seemed like a lot of people have left him in his life, like he had no one to turn to.  She reached over and gently placed her hands on top of his.  “It’s ok.  You’re not alone.”
He looked up at her and smiled, “I know I’m not alone.  My friends Joe and Colby are still with me.  They’re like brothers to me.  Just…feels like I’m alone, you know?”
“Yes, I’ve been there too, countless times.”
They talked about healing from a break up and also engaged in small talk.  They each felt something as they talked.  Some kind of warmth and some other feeling they didn’t know.  She saw his smile brighten, making her smile as well.  They were so wrapped up in their discussion that they didn’t notice the time.  It was getting late and another worker came up to them and said that her shift’s over and that she can go home.
“Hey, why don’t we go back to my place?  Finish our discussion there.”
“…Sure.  I’ll be right back ok?”
She then left to get her things and clock out.  When she came back, he finished his drink and was standing near the door.  “Ready to go?”
He nods, smiling, “Yup.  Can you drive?  Don’t trust myself.”
“You only had one drink.” she laughed.
“Still, never know.  We can take your car if you want, I can get mine tomorrow.”
She nods as they walked to her car.  They had light conversation during the ride to his place, as well as him giving directions.  She really liked him, he was cute and funny and just fun to be with.  But, something troubled her.  Would he be interested in her…even with…what’s wrong with her?  She pulls in the drive way and turns the car off.
“Hey, you alright?” he asks, noticing something amiss in her eyes.
“Yeah, everything’s fine.” she lied.  They get out and he unlocks the door.  They step inside and he turns to lock it.
“So, where were we?”
She turns and smiles, “Funny, don’t really remember.”
“Me neither.” he smiles, walking to the couch and sat down.  She followed suit and sat next to him.
“Do you feel better?  I know breakups are difficult to deal with.”
“Yeah.  I feel a lot better than before.  Thank you.”
She smiled, “You’re welcome.”
“You know…you’re really beautiful.”
She blushes and giggles, “Thanks.  You’re pretty handsome yourself.”
They both felt each other lean in.  Closer and closer until their lips connected.  She felt a spark as soon as her lips touched his.  She moaned, eyes sliding shut as the kiss grew hotter.  She felt him push her on her back, him on top of her.  When she felt hands tugging on her shirt, she realized that this can’t happen. 
“Jon!  Wait!” she shouted, ripping her mouth away from his, eyes snapping open.
“What’s wrong Cassie?  Did I go too far?”
“It’s not that.  Just…I’m…I-I’m…”  She could feel tears roll down her face.  Would he just walk away?  Would he even care?
“What is it?  What’s wrong?” he asked, reaching down to wipe her tears away.
She looked at him, staring into those blue eyes of his.  She couldn’t get the words out, too afraid of his reaction.  She reached up and drew letters in the air, spelling something.  She first drew the letter ‘H’, Jon tilted his head, “What are you doing?”
“Telling you what’s wrong.  I just…don’t trust my voice here.”
Jon nodded and watched as she drew more letters.  The first one was an ‘H’, then ‘I’, ‘V’, then a plus sign.  He thought about the letters, trying to decode what she was drawing.
Then, it clicked to him, “You’re HIV positive?” he asked with worry in his voice.
She slowly nodded and cried more.  He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her as tightly as he could.  “You’re…going to ask me…to leave, aren’t you?” she asked through her tears.
He shook his head, “No, why would I do that?”
She looked up at him surprised, “Because…I’m-”
“Shhh, it’s alright; you’re still an amazing person.  Nothing will change that, ok?”
She smiled, “Thank you, Jon.”
“No problem.  Hey, how about I take you out tomorrow?  You know, to make up for tonight?”
“…Sounds wonderful.”
He smiled and carried her to his room.  He laid her on the bed and climbed next to her, covering them both with a blanket.  Both were fast asleep within minutes.
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“How much longer you’re going to say no?” a raspy and deep voice asked from behind you, and you cringed.
“Figured” you murmured, rubbing your tired eyes. You had a really long and difficult day, and that was the perfect conclusion. You cursed under your breath and then you turned around.
“Till you’ll stop asking” you replied, watching his dirty blond hair being moved by the light wind. You grabbed the keys of your car, from your jeans back pocket, and you were about to opened the door, when he spun your around. His hand was gripping down at your right wrist, and you growled at the contact.
“I like a girl with spunk” he admitted and you felt sick at his comment.
“Let me go” you ordered him, but he laughed in your face. He raised his other hand and move a string of hair behind your ear. His grip on your hand though became more tight and it actually started to hurt.
“You’re hurting me” you cried and realizing what he was doing, he let you go.
“I’m sorry” he said and you heard the sincerity in his voice, and you saw it in his eyes. You shrugged it off.
“Not worse than a boston crab” you joked and he smiled.
“That hurt though” he said, acting shy. He released his grip on you, and put his hands in the pockets of his jacket. He took out a pack of cigarette and took one.
“You want?” he asked, offering you a smoke. You shook your head, looking at the thing with a disgusted look. He chuckled. You turned to put the bag into the back seat of your car, but you could sense his eyes on you.
“What?” you asked, feeling observed.
“Are you going to say yes?” he asked again. His words came out strange and you turned you saw the smoke between his lips. He looked good and even more badass than ever. You shook your head at the thought, thinking that you probably hit your head one to many times. You sighed, and leaned your forehead on the top of your car. He laughed at your little show, but then he turned serious.
“Never” you replied and he sighed.
“Come on, we’re not that bad” he said, referring to the entire stable.
“I have nothing against Roman and Seth” you admitted.
“So I am the problem?” he asked, his voice became suddenly cold. You didn’t respond, you just looked at him.
“I see..” he said, looking down.
“I’m not good enough” he deduced, and you felt a pang of pain in your chest at those words. You could sense the pain in his voice, and the ugly fact is the he really believed it.
“I didn’t mean it like that” you tried to say, but he raised an hand and stopped you.
“Now I’m hurt sunshine” he admitted. He turned, and without saying a word, he started to walk. You watched him go away. His shoulders were low and the bag in his left hand was almost touching the ground. He kicked an empty soda can, and that produced a metallic noise that echoed in the parking lot of the arena. Then he was gone. You stayed there for a couple of minutes, trying to understand his behavior, but at the end you gave up. It wasn’t your duty, and not even your problem, to try and fix him. But as you drove to the hotel, you couldn’t do other than think about his warm blue eyes turning cold in a second.
What they both failed to notice though, was that someone observed their every single move. When the parking lot was empty again, he came out, and his eyes had a sinister look in them.
“Well, that was interesting” he murmured. Grabbing his keys, he started to walk towards his car, and while a plan was forming in his mind, he was happily whistling.
He was laying in bed, and he was looking at the white ceiling of his hotel room.
“Come on man, why don’t you just give up?” Seth’s voice asked from the couch. He and Roman were sitting there, playing on the playstation . The small table in front of them was full of chips packs and bottle of beer. Many of those were still closed.
“I can’t. I really can’t” he replied, tormenting the fingers that were around her. He never thought the he could hurt her just with the little touch, but she was so little and fragile that he wasn’t that surprised.
“You just don’t want her to join the group, do you?” he booming voice of Roman asked suddenly. He didn’t respond.
“Dean?” his friends called him again, but he just shook his head. No he didn’t want her just in the group. Since the first moment that he laid his eyes on her, he was gone. Her beautiful smile conquered all his thoughts and her dark eyes were able to make him melt. He loved her long auburn hair, and many times he was tempted to ran his fingers in them. He liked her. Very much, and the fact that she didn’t want him back in that way hurt. He thought about their earlier encounter. He knew that he over reacted and that she didn’t mean it in that way. She might have a problem with him for the way he’s been acting on her lately, but certainly she didn’t think what he assumed. It’s just that hearing her refusing him in such a clear way hurt. If only he had the chance he would worship her, of that he was pretty sure. He never met someone like her. She captivated all of his thoughts, and reduced him to be happy just when he saw her.
“I like her” he muttered out after a moment, and he heard his friend chuckle.
“Oh we would have never guessed” Seth joked.
“But I think I screwed up everything” he said, and suddenly the noise from the tv stopped. He heard heavy steps and the someone sat on the edge of his bed.
“What happened?” asked Roman, and sighing, he started to tell them everything.
When he was done, he sat on the bed, to look at his friends. They both had pensive faces, and then he felt someone smack him on the back of his head.
“Gee Roman, what was that for?” he asked, rubbing his neck. Roman shook his head and then got up.
“You’re stupid. That’s what the smack was for” he replied, and then he left the room. He looked at Seth. The latter shrugged, and then he got up too.
“Fix it man” he just said, and then he left too.
Monday was always a busy day. Everyone was running around backstage, screaming and talking. Technicians were completing the last things on the stage, and the ring was already ready. You stretched your arms out, and thought about your match for that night. You were facing one of the Bellas. Certainly it wouldn’t be the greatest match of your career, but it was still a match. Raw already started a few minutes ago, and you were on in not even thirty minutes. You decided to go to catering to grab a bottle of water, so you started to walk in that direction. As you were about to take a turn, you bumped into someone.
“I’m sorry I..” you started but someone rudely interrupted you.
You looked up and noticed that it was Batista. His little, filled with disgust, eyes looked at you and you shivered under that stare.
“Watch out” he said, and then he took off. You watched him leave, feeling uncomfortable.
“Asshole” you murmured under your breath, and then you kept walking.
The match was a little boring for your taste. Nikki wasn’t really doing a good job, but at least she was trying. You picked her up, and put her in the position for power bomb. When her head was between your tights, you started to pick her up, but suddenly the entire arena became black.
You heard her asking what was wrong, but you actually had no idea. You looked around, and the only things that you were able to see were the lights of some cellphones.
“Don’t know” you replied, letting her go. Then as soon as the light came back, you saw three figures standing in the ring, and they weren’t the one that you were used to. Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista were standing there, looking at you like you were a prey. Nikki looked up at you, and then quickly left the ring. You were about to do the same, but Randy stopped you.
“Let me go” you command but he just smirked.
Triple H took a few steps in your direction.
“Oh I don’t think so Miss Hart. You see..we really want to hurt the Shield. Make them bleed, and screaming”
“I don’t have anything to do with them” you said.
They laughed.
“That’s were you are wrong sweetie. I know that you are really important to them..or at least to one of them.” he replied.
“Dean Ambrose” he muttered, and your face paled.
“You don’t know what you’re talking about” you almost screamed.
“I know what I’m talking about. He likes you, gee maybe he even loves you..” you breath hitched at that “..and you know if you want to hurt someone, you just have to hurt someone that they love” he added, and then he gave a nod to Randy. The viper was starting to drag you in the middle in the ring, but you tried to resist by grabbing a rope.
“Let me go” you screamed again.
“Batista..why don’t you play with her?” Triple H asked, and you saw the glint in the big man’s eyes.
“With pleasure” he took you from the arms of the viper, and he put you in position for the Batista bomb. You tried to get out, but he was way too powerful, and now more than ever you wanted to see Dean. It’s been a week since you saw him, and you already admitted that you kinda miss is beautiful face.
When you thought that it was the end, Special Op began to play, and Batista immediately let you go. The three member of the Shield came out running. They attacked everyone, and cleared the ring in just a minute. When they were done, Dean got into the ring, and kneeled near you.
“Lola” he called you softly, and you felt a shiver running down your spine. You like the way your name sounded on his lips. You looked up, and he winched when he saw your eyes. They were filled with tears.
“I’m sorry” you mumbled. He looked perplexed.
“About what?”
“About last week” you sobbed.
“It doesn’t matter, not now” he replied, but you shook your head.
“No..I have to explain. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I have been so stupid, I should have just said yes. I wanted to be part of the group, I was just afraid of my feelings” he looked confused and you continued to explain.
“I kinda liked you since the beginning, but I didn’t want to act on that, so I tried to eliminate my feelings for you, but now..” you weren’t able to continue. His face was adorned by a beautiful smile, that showed off his dimples. He looked so cute in that moment. You smiled, but then you acted out on you emotions. You flew into his arms, and pressed your lips against his. You heard the crowd cheering, but you couldn’t care less. His mouth felt so incredible against yours, and you wanted nothing more than continue that kiss. You parted though, that wasn’t the time and not even the place to do it. He smiled softly at you, and then he kissed the tip of your nose and your forehead.
“Why don’t we go backstage, so we talk about everything?” he asked, running an hand on your hair. You nodded, and laughed when you picked you up bridal style.
“I wanted this for so long” he murmured against your hair while he was walking. Seth and Roman were in front of you, and as soon you were behind the stage, they turned and said:
“Welcome to the family” you smiled, and leaned your head against Dean’s shoulder. It felt so good being in his arms, and just in that moment you realized that maybe that was the place where you belonged to.
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"Are you done yet? Gosh, you’re worse than me when it comes to getting ready!" Brie Bella yelled at her adoptive daughter. Tonight they invited you to an after party for Raw. You were excited for the night! They had never let you go out with the roster before, but they had made an exception tonight because your birthday was coming up in a few days. How great would tonight be? You laughed and rolled your eyes, continuing to cover your eyelashes in mascara, "I’m almost done, mom!" You had been with Brie and Daniel for four years ever since you were fifteen. As far as anyone was concerned, they were your parents There was nothing anyone could do and definitely nothing anyone could say that would change the love you have for them. They are your family. They took you in when no one else would and for that, you loved them with all your heart.
"[Y/N], are you serious? Bring your ass, girl!" Your aunt Nikki yelled, smiling as she walked past you. You rolled your eyes and looked over your outfit before heading towards the door. "I’m ready!" You yelled. 
"Daniel, my man! You were great tonight! I had to ice my whole body before I came out tonight." Your parents and the three men known as the Shield stood in the corner of the room, talking about their match that night. Everyone was chatting it up except for Dean. "I’m going to go get some punch. Excuse me." You excused yourself from the group. There wasn’t really much for you to talk about being since you weren’t able to watch tonight. "You look sexy tonight." You turned to see Dean standing there, a smirk on his face. You blushed and your eyes widened. You were completely shocked! Dean and you hadn’t spoken much about anything ever. Once you recovered, you continued to pour your drink, "Thanks. You look nice as well." You said, smiling up at him. "Mind filling me up?" 
No, I wouldn’t mind you filling me up.
You smiled and nodded, agreeing with him and the dirty thoughts that graced your head. “[Y/N], why have we never sat and talked to each other. I’m sure someone as beautiful as you are would  captivate any conversation.” You rolled your eyes at his flirtation. From that point on, you two stood by the punch, talking up a stormed. His flirtation continued as the night went on and became flirty-er and dirtier. 
At the climax of the night, Dean had grabbed your hand and pulled you to him, leaning down to whisper into your ear, “I know who your dad is and I know regardless of what happens tonight, he and Brie are going to kick my ass. So, I might as well take advantage of the moment, right? Come back to the hotel with me.” Dean’s raspy voice sent shivers down your spine and produced goosebumps all over your body. You looked into his eyes and smirked.
Who in the hell would turn this offer down?
- Q (This one was hard for me, but I hope you like it…)
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"Amelie! Oh, baby Amelie! Daddy’s here!" Dean whispered sing-songly, smiling as he opened his daughter’s room door. Amelie was his five year old baby girl and he loved her with all his heart. Even though he was always on the road, he kept in touch with his daughter. She was the most important woman in his life! "Daddy?" Amelie mumbled, turning over and barely lifting her lids. When she saw that it was really him and that she wasn’t dream, she jumped up, "Daddy!" She exclaimed. He smiled and wrapped his daughter up in his arms, kissing her all over her face. He was on the verge of tears. It had been a little over three months since he was able to love on his child without a virtual border. "I love you, baby girl." Dean whispered, brushing her loose blonde hair out of her face.
"I love you more."
"Syd the Squid! Where ya at, babe?" Dean yelled as he entered their shared home. He dropped his bags and held out his arms. As if on cue, Sydeny ran out and jumped into his arms. She planted a big, sloppy kiss on his lips and wrapped her body around him. "Jonathan!" She screamed his name and kissed him once more, "I missed you." She whispered, leaning her forehead against his as she stared through his eyes and into his soul. He smiled at her, "I love you, too. Since we’re here right now, I should show you how much." Dean smirked and ran up the stairs and into their bedroom. He planned on getting rid of all of the pent up sexual needs that his hands couldn’t get rid of. Once they reached the room, he threw his year-long girlfriend on the bed and stripped both of them. All day and night, he made love to her. 
Sydney glared at Dean. She couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of his mouth! “I can’t meet her because your ex won’t like it? What the hell does it matter? We’ve been together for a year! We’ve talked about marriage, Jonathan! Does that not matter?” Dean rolled his eyes and sat down in a chair.
"No, it doesn’t matter. Tiffany is the one who takes care of Amelie while I’m away. To do something against what she wants and likes is fucking stupid!"
"So, you’re saying I’m not capable of taking care of your daughter? You don’t trust me? Great, Jonathan. Real great."
"Oh, shut up Sydney! You’ve went a year without meeting her, you can’t go any longer? "
Sydney quieted, not wanting to push the argument even further. She just turned around to the sink and finished washing the dishes. To her, it seems as if Dean didn’t trust her or he didn’t want to be in a relationship with her. Why else would a man not want his girlfriend to meet his daughter? It just doesn’t make and fucking sense! Sydney help her breath, trying to stop the tears that threatened to fall. While she was trying to control her emotions, Dean was trying to let his out. The truth was, he knew his daughter gets attached easily and if things didn’t work out between him and Sydney, Amelie would think it’s her fault and Dean couldn’t put her through that. Dean also didn’t want to keep shutting the idea of them meeting down anymore. Sydney loved him and he loved her! Why wouldn’t she meet his child?
Dean stood and wrapped his arms around his lovely girlfriend. He placed a kiss on her neck, breathing in her scent ever-so slightly. She was crying. Dean frowned and then smiled again, sure that her tears would stop once he had told her what he had in mind, “I want you to meet my daughter.” She gasped and turned to Dean, “Really? You’re not just saying that because you don’t want to argue?” 
Dean shook his head, “I’m saying it because it’s what I want and what our relationship needs. We can’t be complete without my daughter. I have no doubt in my mind that she will you love you and I’m sure you’ll love her. Just, promise you’ll never leave me.” 
Sydney smiled, “I’ll never leave you. I love you.”
"I love you more."
- Q
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Ginny is a TNA Knockout - the best the business has to offer. You throw anything at her and she will gladly take it and demolish it. This is why she is the current champion since she’s been there. This is also why the WWE is relentless when it came to offering her contracts over and over again. Ginny never even thought about accepting. No amount of money could persuade her to prance around the ring like a slut  and perform half-assed moves. 
Ginny was fine where she was at! Her only problem was that her boyfriend was also a wrestler on the rise to great success… with the WWE. Dean Ambrose and Ginny had been together for years. He was the one who cohersed her into taking her talent to professional levels. Dean believed he was too good for TNA, while Ginny believed she was too good for WWE. At first, it did create quite the dent in their relationship. There were always missed called, fights and masturbation sessions. Although they rarely got to see each other during the week, they overcame their obstacles.
Ginny laughed to herself as she walked down the halls. Standing in the middle of the catering area was Vince McMahon, obviously searching for Ginny. She shook her head and continued on the her position, she was about to go out for a promo. “Ginny! Ginny! I’ve been looking for you! Ginny, I have another offer for you!” Ginny stopped and turned to him, ready to release all of the angry she had ever had inside of her. What could this man not understand? It made Ginny sick to her stomach. As soon as she opened her mouth, she stopped. She nodded her head, encouraging him to go on. 
Vince had made all kinds of promises to her - promises of things John Cena didn’t even have. She listened until one of the stagehands came and retrieved her. Ginny smirked at Vince before turning, leaving the old man to think of what her decision was.
Ginny held a smile as she made her way down the ramp and into the ring. Ginny waited for the applause to die down before she spoke into the microphone she brought with her. “I have exciting news for you guys.I have been offered a very promising contract by the WWE!” This time, instead of gleeful claps and cheer, boos and dirty words filled the arena. She laughed and looked around at the crowd before raising the mic back to her mouth, “I know, I know. But I haven’t given my answer yet. Old Vinny Mac is backstage right now and I want to tell you that I’ve came to my decision.”
The crowd had a mixed reaction. Ginny smirk faded, “You can take all your contracts and all your money and your whole operation and shove it straight up your ass! I’m a fighter, not some 
bikini model! This title? I didn’t get it by using my mouth or my body! I earned this with my talent! Sorry, not sorry! I will never be a part of your corrupt ass company and never would I want to! I’m real woman, a real fighter and that’s what TNA is all about.” Ginny threw the mic down and exited the ring as she send the loyal fans into a frenzy of cheers chants.
Ginny smiled as she jumped on the hotel bed beside her boyfriend. Dean smiled smally and looked back at her. It hadn’t been long since she had publicly discredited the women’s division of the WWE. Dean had been proud of her that night. His girlfriend had uncovered the truth about that unimportant part of the company. There was one part of Dean that didn’t really care. He was more concerned with his relationship with Ginny. If she wasn’t in the WWE, their relationship would never be normal. Not once had it ever crossed his mind of him joining TNA. Hell, it never will! Dean was throwing slugs left and right to be at the top of the company. He longed to be the face of WWE! His inability to think of going to TNA with her was always the center of arguments when her contracts came up.
Ginny sighed and rolled her eyes, “Dean, don’t start that. This is the one time we get to be together and you being moody is not how I want to remember being together. ” Dean glared at her, “Maybe if you accepted a contract, it wouldn’t be this way.”
Ginny stood up, “What happened to, ‘Gins, I can’t believe it!’ and ‘that was so fucking great!’? Huh?” 
Dean stood with her, “It was great and I am proud of you! But you taking the contract would have been even better! You’re so fucking hung up on women’s rights! Fuck that, think about the money - think about me, Ginny!”
Ginny gave him a look that would have made him drop dead if she hadn’t began to pack up her stuff, “Think about the money, Dean? Think about you? I’ve always thought about you! Some things shouldn’t involve you! This is my career, Dean! I don’t want to be some naked bitch that rolls around in the ring! I’m better than that and you know it!”
"Yeah, well lately you haven’t showed it. Your whole reasoning for not taking the job is fucking stupid! You want respect? Do you really think these people care about you wanting respect? Shit, I barely give a fuck about respect when women get in the ring, including you."
"Fuck you, Dean." Ginny grabbed her back and flew out the door, not even bothering to close it. 
Fuck Dean Ambrose and fuck WWE.
- Q (You gave me quite the challenge here. Was it good or nah?)
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