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You were dating Seth Rollins for about seven months already. You had first met him when your best friend Kaitlyn introduced you to him at New Years Eve party. She thought you both looked cute together, and said that the two of you had to date. You hit it off with Seth at the party and the rest as they say, is history. You promised each other to go slow, after the horrible break ups you both endured with your ex’s, it was hard to get back into the whole dating scene.
You were waiting for Seth in his locker room, watching Raw on the TV in the room. The Shield just won their match, and they were done for the night since it was the end of the show, which meant that Seth would be coming back anytime soon. You liked traveling with him and being in the back, but sometimes you wished you had a little bit more time to be a little bit more intimate with him.
Seth soon came back, his vest and shirt was already off and over his shoulder.
"Hey." He smiled at you and threw his clothes down.
"Baby!" you jumped up, putting his arms around him and hugging him. He was all sweaty but you didn’t care.
"Look at you, now you got my sweat on you." He laughed a little.
"So?" You shrugged. "I don’t care, I love you."
"And that’s one reason why I love you." He kissed you and held your hands. He looked down into your eyes still holding your hands. He looked you up and down and licked his lips."I still need a shower, cause I’m all sweaty."
"Okay, go shower." You smiled at him, planning to just sit down on the couch and wait for him but he held your hand tightly, not letting you out of his grip.
"You too missy."
"Wha-" You couldn’t even get a full word out, he was already taking you with him into the showers.
He backed you up against the wall and kissed you passionately as his hands wandered down your body. Your fingers tangled through his messy hair as he started taking off your shorts. His hands then moved up your shirt, your stomach was very ticklish and he took advantage of that. You laughed a little and that made him smile.
"You’re too adorable." He kissed you before taking off your shirt.
You undressed each other, and stood there in awe for a moment, just admiring each others naked bodies. It was the first time you saw each other fully naked, rather than just in swim suits.
Seth licked his lips as he took your hand and took you fully into the shower. He turned on the shower, the water came out of the shower head hot and made you shuffle out of the way, Seth laughed at your reaction and adjusted the temperature. He brought you back under the water and kissed you. His hands stood on your hips as your body’s touched. You lathered soap over each others body, and once again he tickled you, and then you tickled him back. After rising you looked up at Seth and bit your bottom lip. It was a look that the two of you agreed on earlier in the relationship, to tell the other person that you’re ready.
"Are you sure?" He asked you.
"Are you sure?" You asked him back.
Seth held you up against the wall, lifted your leg around his waist and kissed you as he slid himself inside of you. You moaned out, as he slowly slid himself all the way in and gave you a moment to adjust to his size. You held him by his shoulder and his hair. Seth kissed from your lips down to your neck as he slowly moved in and out of you. He was being very sweet and gentle with you, it was a very cute way for the two of you to have sex for the first time with each other.

- Amanda :3

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