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Little Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns were at the babysitter’s house. Typically they were well behaved- as well behaved as 5 yearold boys could be. 
But tonight they decided to be bad… but it wasn’t really on purpose. 
The babysitter had to go into the other room because she got an important phone call from her mother that just couldn’t wait. 
The three boys were sitting on the couch, watching TV.
"I don’t like My Little Pony. That’s coming on next." Seth stated, as Transformers ended. 
"Then lets change the channel." Roman suggested and nodded at Dean who grabbed the remote.
Dean got into the guide menu and started to read off the titles.
"Sons of Anarchy?" Dean asked.
"Sounds boring. I bet Anarchy is a bad mom, sounds like she can’t control her sons." Roman shugged.
"Behind the Music?" Seth asked.
"No, I don’t want to listen to music." Dean sighed.
Dean rambled off other titles that were met with displeasure, until he got into the higher up channels. The channels that should have been blocked. 
"One Night in Tommyland!" Seth screamed.
"Busty Babes Volume 69!" Roman screamed. 
"Prostitutes vs Strippers!" Dean shouted, and changed the channel to Prostitutes vs Strippers. 
"Hasn’t the girls mommy ever told them to wear clothes? Why are they naked?" Seth asked.
"Its what they all wear at night. That’s what my mom does." Dean stated, very matter of factly. 
"I want to know why the boobies are being touched." Roman shook his head. 
"It’s part of the job!" Dean laughed.
The three boys continued to watch the X rated show, until the babysitter stormed out of the room.
"WHAT ARE YOU THREE BOYS WATCHING?!" She screamed and stood infront of the TV.
"Prostitutes vs Strippers." Dean stated like it was no big deal.
"YOU GUYS SHOULDN’T BE WATCHING THIS STUFF." She grabbed the remote and shut the TV off.
"What would your mothers say?!"
"My mom would be proud." Dean laughs.
"I don’t know…" Roman stuttered. 
"Uh… I’M SORRY!" Seth cried.
"You three shouldn’t watch porn. It’s bad. Now I’m going to call your mothers and let them deal with your punishment." She sighed and put on Spongebob for the kids. 
She would make a better point next time to make sure the adult channels were fully blocked. 
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