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You and Roman Reigns had been married for 2 years now and you love him with all your heart. You would do anything for him. It was really hard for you to see him because he was always on the road but when he was home to took advantage of it and aways had fun and by fun I mean sex! You two were like sex animals. One day you and Roman were home alone and your daughter was out with Roman’s parents. You took this time to make your move and have fun with him. You took his hand and walked into the bed room. He push you on the bed and smiled as he took off his shirt and climbed on top of you kissing you deeply. You moaned in the kiss. you forcefully turned you two around which made you be the one on top. You loved taking advantage so you ran your hands down his chest as you kissed every single piece of him down his stomach. You made it down to his pants and grinned as you started unbuckle them. You smiled as you pulled his pants and boxers down to reveal his big hard length. “Looks like someone is ready for me.”She said giggling as she moved her hair out of the way and grabbed his dick and started sucking it. You could hear the passionate moans escaping Roman’s mouth. You enjoyed hearing them so that made you moved your head up and down even faster pleasing him to a certain extent. After a couple of minutes Roman grabbed your hair and moved your head up. “That’s enough right now baby girl I want you to get on hands and knees so I can fuck your ass.”He said as he let go of your hair and you got on your hands and knees. He smiled as he smacked your ass and then started teasing your entrance with the tip of his cock. “Oh I’ve been waiting for this.” He said with a smirk as he slammed into your ass. he started going faster as he heard your soft moans. You heard a noise come from the living room but you didn’t care you were to into the moment.”You like this right.”He said as he kept thrusting and slapped your ass.”Oh fuck yes Roman.”You said. As Roman started going harder and faster you heard the door open and it was Romans parents and your daughter. His mom covered your daughters eyes and Roman pulled out of you. “Fuck mom and dad next time knock please.”He said as the both of you got under the cover. “I feel so embarrassed babe.” You said to him.”No don’t babe. Mom and Dad take her out of here and you get out of here. GO!” He yelled as they left the room. You and Roman did eventually finish what you two started.

-Destiny <3

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