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Well, Well, Well (Let’s Try This Again.)

Hello followers! Kraz & Christine here.

Due to recent events that have taken place over the weekend, we are sad— (no, not really ;-) — to say that we are moving on from ImagineWWE. Long story short… shit got real and hit the fan. A certain liar tried to state that we have been ganging up on her, which is not the truth whatsoever, and wanted to abandon this blog. She wanted to throw away all of the hard work every single writer has put into this blog over the last two and a half years. So, anyone who wants to join her on her blog and be abused, lied to and mistreated, go right ahead.

We (Kraz and myself) decided it was time to start fresh and move on.

So here we are. With that being said, Kraz and myself have created a new imagine blog at krazydreamswwe.tumblr.com and would love for you to join us there!

We noticed one person has asked about the imagines that were sent, and like Kraz said, we have saved all the imagines from this blog and are going to be writing them at the other blog. Starting in just a minute, I will be uploading imagines to the newer blog!

So, please, join us there. Your krazy dreams are waiting to become reality. ;-)

Oh and Ilja… keep laughing, liar. :-D

~~K & C

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 Anonymous asked:
what happens to the rest of the imagines, the ones we sent in to the other one?

Dont worry about that, anon.

We still have all of your imagines saved! They will just be posted to the new blog!

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Almost There!

Hey followers, Christine here. Just popping in to let all of our wonderful followers know that my inbox of imagines is slowly but surely disappearing. I am now only 49 imagines away from being done! What a major drop from 112, right?! I wanted to thank those who’ve requested me; you guys just don’t know how much I appreciate your support. I’m motivated to get these pumped out, so stick with me and I promise we’ll see it to the end!

Thank you guys!


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Ten years—you couldn’t even begin to believe it. You were no longer that loner teenager who rode the bus with just her Walkman and a couple of CDs to keep her company. No, you were a WWE Diva. In the decade since graduating high school, you had trained at wrestling school; tried out for WWE officials; and debuted and had become a top player the Diva’s division. You couldn’t believe the 180 degree turn your life had taken, but you were so grateful.

You hardly ever thought about high school until receiving a Facebook invitation from your old class committee. Everyone knew you know; those at the school who liked all your Instagram pictures were the same guys who barely ever looked your way in the hallways. You were torn about going. You hadn’t kept any friendships from high school because there weren’t any friendships from that time in your life. When you got into wrestling, you traveled miles away from home to attend school, and had left that all behind.

Yes, you became successful, but you were alone. You had no one at all to share your success with, aside from your coworkers. Speaking of…

“What’s up, Y/N? Are you still bummed about that high school thing?”

You turned toward Seth, giving him a sheepish look. You’d unloaded your frustrations on someone you considered a close friend. Sometimes the two of you trained together and during it, you and him talked about a lot of things. He had heard a lot about your high school reunion dilemma in the past few days.

“If you’re still thinking about it, you should just go,” Seth suggested.

“And show up alone?” was your first response. He frowned, his eyes on you. Your shoulders shrugged, shaking your head. “I was a loner, Seth. I don’t want people to see that even ten years after, I’m this big time WWE superstar and I still don’t have a boyfriend.”

“It’s not your fault you don’t have a boyfriend—you’re crazy busy!” Seth said, undoubtedly trying to make you feel better.

You sighed, “Don’t. It’s no excuse. Plenty of our coworkers have someone to call their own.”

He walked over toward you, his hand resting on your shoulder. You looked up into his soft brown eyes, unable to hide your sadness any longer. Seeing it, Seth wrapped his arm around you and squeezed your shoulder.

“Look, if it’ll help any, I can come with you to this reunion thing. I’m off that weekend. We can fly to your hometown together.”

“You’d do that? For me?”

He stared at you for a moment, looking like he wanted to say something until he simply nodded. Seth put on a smile.

“Of course I would. What are friends for?” he asked.

As planned, the two of you flew out to your hometown to attend the reunion. Everyone was floored to see you walk in with Seth on your arm. All the girls stared in amazement while the guys appeared taken aback and defensive. During the night, he stayed close by your side and danced with you. He even gave you a couple of kisses near your mouth, to be further convincing in his boyfriend role. Maybe a bit too convincing….

You two were arm-in-arm at the end of the night, walking along the pier not too far from the school. He was laughing over something that happened at the party, some guy had gotten too drunk off his ass.

“You were easily the hottest woman in that reunion, Y/N,” Seth said suddenly. “I don’t see how those guys could’ve passed you by.”

You were shocked by his assessment but scoffed. Of course he would say that; Seth didn’t know you in high school. You looked up at him and replied, “No guy ever looked at me, unless they wanted to borrow a chair from my table or try to bribe me to do their homework. I wasn’t that cute; I didn’t have much of a body.”

He frowned and opened his mouth as if he had a response, but you went on, not wanting to be stopped.

“I didn’t get to do what other girls did. I didn’t get to go out for movies or pizza, because no one ever asked. I didn’t have a high school sweetheart. I didn’t even get to go to prom. I was too humiliated to show up by myself, so I skipped the whole thing,” you revealed. You weren’t surprised to feel tears in the corner of your eyes.

Seth reached down to cup your cheek. He looked deep into your eyes, and you couldn’t look away from them—you wouldn’t even dare to look away from them.

“Those guys in your high school were idiots. They couldn’t see how beautiful you were back then and they didn’t deserve you—they don’t deserve you now, either. You’re beautiful, smart, sexy as hell and strong,” Seth insisted.

His words were uplifting your spirits. You smiled to show that they were having Seth’s desired effect. His eyes remained on yours until he closed them and leaned down. Your mouth tilted up to meet him half way. His kiss was so sweet, his touch gentle. Both grew needier, more intense; Seth pulled away just to look into your eyes once again. Perhaps he was checking to see if you were okay with this. Oh yeah, you were more than okay.

It led you back to your place. Off came your clothes, off came your heels—Seth laid you down on the bed and kissed all over body. He showed you what no other man has before, and took his time with it. He rubbed his hardened muscle against your inner thigh, letting you know that he was well prepared for what was to come. You kissed him and your moans were muffled as he slid into your body. Naturally, your back arched off of the bed, reacting purely to the sensation of his slow invasion.

He pumped into your body, his movements deep and slow at first as he led up to a faster rhythm. You bucked your hips underneath his; moans filled the bedroom while the mattress squeaked with every bump and grind. Seth gazed down into your eyes while giving it to you—the immense passion in his dark eyes poured right into your soul. It was so easy to give yourself over to Seth, as if you’d had a choice in the matter to begin with.

The two of you hit your climax at the same time. He collapsed on top of you before rolling over; his eyes now in an amazed daze as he stared up at the ceiling. You laid on your back, stars floating in your vision. Not before long, Seth’s hand wrapped around yours. A smile touched your face. Knowing that from here on out, Seth would always be there for you.



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*merging these two requests due to similarity and lack of time to write.


“I’m nervous, baby.”

You heard your boyfriend state this while you were in the bathroom, putting the finishing touches on your hair. A giggle escaped you, not wanting to poke fun at Joe’s emotions, but his nervousness was completely unwarranted. For one thing, the two of you had been dating for years. You had met his family time and time again, to the point where you were comfortable hanging out with them without Joe. On the other hand, your family knew of him but hadn’t got to spend much time with him due to his hectic traveling schedule. Now that Joe had a lengthy holiday break from work, you made plans to visit your folks at home. It would be the first time ever where Joe would be staying under the same roof with your family.

“Don’t be nervous! They like you, Joe. Better yet, my mom loves you,” you revealed. You finished with your hair and walked out into the bedroom, hugging your boyfriend around his strong muscular shoulders. You knew that this had to be the time that Joe met and got to know your parents. He was your future.

“I know, but it’s still nerve wracking. You sure your dad won’t mind—”

You put your finger on his lips to stop him. “Baby, stop worrying. Everything is going to be just fine. Besides, Jon will be there too! You know he’s dating Holls, so you should have a bit of familiarity there.”

He seemed to calm down considerably after that piece of information. The two of you drove out to your family’s property, the same house your great-grandparents built and the one you grew up in. It hadn’t changed a bit. Cars lined the outside of the house, letting it be known that there were a host of family members at home for the holidays. You gave Joe a warm smile and a comforting hand squeeze. You walked up to the front door, making your way inside with your nervous longtime boyfriend.

“Welcome home!” Everyone shouted as you announced your presence. You were hugged by so many arms; your cheeks kissed by so many lips. The women in your family couldn’t wait to get a hold of Joe. Your grandmother had to be pulled away as she got into a ‘cheek-pinching’ mood. You were so excited to see your parents once again, especially when your mom came into the living room with baby Mason. You wanted your little brother in your arms immediately; you felt motherly when holding him, flourished with warmth and love.

Joe had found Jon and Holly, who had migrated into the living room with everyone else. You were seated on the couch, rocking Mason against your chest. You weren’t even aware of Joe’s eyes on yours, totally focused on the little bundle in your arms.

“You look beautiful like that,” he said suddenly. You looked up to finally find that you were the center of Joe’s attention. Blushing, you tried to shrug off his compliment, but he wasn’t having it.

“So, when are we going to have babies of our own, Kam?” he asked, loudly. In front of your whole family.

“Babies? Oh, is my little girl ready for babies?” your mom asked afterward, causing the red glow across your face to ignite even more. Your stomach fluttered with butterflies. You had wanted to save your special news for a more private time but figured, with your loved ones watching, that it couldn’t wait any longer.

“In nine months, Joe,” you answered with a bright smile. A stunned silence filled the room, and that’s when you ended the pause. “I’m pregnant. You’re going to be a daddy.”

Everyone stood back and looked at Joe for his response. You had never seen your boyfriend look so proud and so affectionate before. He glanced at your father and began to make his way over toward you. Joe slowly leaned down on one knee. He began to reach into his pocket. Your eyes widened in shock, tears quickly brimming the corners of them.

“I was going to save this for Christmas morning, but… I can’t see the purpose in doing so right now. You just gave me the best present of my life,” Joe started. He took your hand, holding it tightly. “You are my world, baby. I would love if you could make me even happier than I am now and say that you would marry me. Be my wife.”

You accepted his proposal with tear-stained voice. Your mom took Mason so that you could slide forward and embrace your new fiancé. The love you both had for each other was more potent than the strongest drug on the market. Everyone in the room applauded in response to the news. You, however, couldn’t have been more ecstatic.


~~Christine xx I used “Joe” instead of “Leati” because it was making me a little uncomfortable hah! But, I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

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You popped a bottle of champagne, letting the fizz shoot all over the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, also known as the Irish red wrestler Sheamus, but the much more preferred nickname by you as “Best friend.”

He laughed, shouting playfully in protest. “Ay Y/N! You’re gettin’ me hair all wet!”

“Congratulations!” you exclaimed with a laugh. You put down the near empty bottle and jumped into his arms, waiting on that bear hug he would always give. After seven years of this, you just couldn’t get enough of Sheamus. He was always around, willing and able to make you smile. You thought it would get old after a while… but, here you two were, still thick as thieves.

Your friendship began so long ago but you remembered it as if it happened yesterday. You were just entering the WWE, a true new kid on the block. Everyone wanted you to prove yourself so they were distant at first. But, there was a lone face in the cold atmosphere (with extreme bright gingery hair) that offered you a warm smile. That smile had belonged to the man who had his muscled arms wrapped around your midsection. From that day, you found comfort in a guy who had been new, just like you were, and understood what it felt like to be rejected and excluded.

Since then, of course, you had earned the respect of your peers and colleagues. Seven years into your career, you were a multi-time champion much like your Irish companion. It made the two of you one in the same, and even closer than before.

“Thanks Y/N,” he said. You pulled back to see the emotion on his face. There was a genuine smile on his face, which you always loved to see. He was so handsome; why couldn’t you tell him so? “Ay, why don’t we go out on the town? Celebrate my championship win,” he added, disrupting your thoughts.

You smirked and said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

The two of you already traveled and trained together, so it wasn’t difficult for you to sneak out the arena with him and travel to a late night spot. The drinks and good times were flowing there. Plenty of people congratulated Sheamus that night on his win, but you were hogging him to yourself. You bought him shots, but somehow ended up knocking them back yourself. He watched with an amused glint in his green eyes as you got drunker and drunker. Your best friend would have to help you out of the bar; you were stumbling on your feet, feeling light-footed.

“Where we goin’? ‘De party is that way!” you slurred, pointing in a random direction—toward a vacant lot.

Sheamus laughed heartily. “You’re drunk! The only place we’re going is back to the hotel.”

You found yourself not disagreeing with any of what he said. Before you knew it, the two of you were back at the hotel and in his suite. You fell down onto the bed, huffing. He laughed from behind, joining you on the mattress. Sheamus was leaned over you, still getting his amusement.

“You forget to take clothes off, Y/N…” Sheamus whispered.

You moaned in protest, “Take them off for me.”

There was a pause before you felt him running his hand along your body. He popped the button on your jeans and unzipped them, sliding them down your thighs. His fingertips moved down your skin on the way down. Your jaw dropped at the spark of electricity you received from his touch. It felt so good, too good to deny. You looked down into your best friend’s eyes, motioning for him in a ‘come here’ finger gesture.

Sheamus climbed up your body, removing your blouse. He kissed up your stomach to the valley of your breasts, and finally to your neck. You arched underneath him, moaning his name. His kisses grew more frantic with the sound of his name leaving your lips in a treasured sigh. Your bra came off with his expert maneuvering. In the speed of lightening, your best friend was out of his clothes and into you.

You cried out from the sweet unfamiliarity of him. You hadn’t had sex in a while, needing to get adjusted to his size. But, this was your best friend. He loved you, protected you, and cherished you. Nothing felt better than this, ever.

He waited on you to adjust before pulling and pushing himself out and in of your body. Sheamus moaned for you as you clung around him in more ways than one. His teeth were gritted, his hips picking up to a bruising pace. You loved it; you begged for him not to stop as he buried himself again and again inside your sweet love cove. The two of you rocked on the bed, giving and getting, until you were both reaching cloud nine. He was right there as you came over the edge, holding onto your body with tight security and desire. Once you got yours, you felt him cumming, spilling his seed deep into your willing body.


~~Christine xx I tried. I hope you enjoy.

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Side note

It would be best for you beauties to wait until the pciture post is put on Sunday to ask if or why your imagine was deleted.

You can view older picture posts under the new tab in the menu!

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If you want to know if your imagine was deleted..

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We will not respond to messages asking if they are anon messages.

But please note, we will only respond to questions asking if they were deleted, not how long it will take for your imagine to be written.

However, if this gets a little to crazy it is subject to change.

- The Team

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My phone keeps messing up I am trying to send an image but I don't know if its working is there anyway I can find out if you got it

Message us off of annon.

We don’t respond to questions asking if we got an imagine unless it’s off of annon.

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Q plz? Ayla is the tag team partner of Roman Reigns, they are an on screen couple but just friends off it as Roman is engaged and Ayla is the gf of NXT star Sami Zayn. Sami gets jealous that his gf is in such a big storyline alongside Roman. One night he is at RAW to make his debut so he decides to go to Roman and Aylas locker room to check on them. They are just talking on the couch. Ayla and Sami argue and Roman stands up for Ayla telling Sami that she deserves better and should be with him.

This has already been written by another writer.
Please don’t send the request twice for different writers.
Check the tags!!

- The Team

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Tamina had been through it all, but nothing was never like the way Wade Barrett treated her. Though Tamina never let anyone get to her, for some reason, Wade Barrett liked to pick on her. He teased her about her hair, her looks, everything and Tamina couldn’t stand it. It was starting to be a pain in her ass.
One night, Tamina had finally had enough. Hearing him tease her once more broke her. Tamina looked at him, square in the eye, fire in her Samoan eyes as she stared him down.
“What’s your fucking deal? Why the hell do you have to pick on me all the time? I never did anything to you so why do you have to pick on me and bully me?”  Tamina asked, almost yelling. She was sick and tired of this treatment and wanted to fix the problem.
“There is no reason I do it.” Wade said with a shrug. Tamina rolled her eyes and looked at him.
“Well, you better quit it. I’m sick and tired of you being an asshole to me.” Tamina said looking at Wade. 
“You want to know the reason. Because I bloody like you.” Wade confess, angry that his secret was now out. “And I wanna make it up to you, with dinner.”
“Dinner? How do I know this isn’t some kind of prank?” Tamina asked a little skeptical if this was a trick or not. 
“No I’m serious, come on, let me take you to dinner.” Wade insisted. He honestly wanted to make it up to her. She didn’t know if she could trust him. “Just dinner. Nothing bad can happen from dinner.” Tamina looked at him, nodding.
“Ok fine. Just dinner.” Tamina said. 
“Tonight, around 8?” He asked. Tamina nodded again, letting her guard down.
Around eight o’clock, Wade knocked on the door. Tamina answered the door, worried about what Wade had in store for tonight. Wade looked at her and smiled lightly, offering his arm for her to take. She took the arm and remembered to keep her guard up for tonight. She didn’t know what Wade was capable of, nor did she want to find out. 
Wade ended up taking her to a nice restaurant, letting her order whatever she wanted, including any beer she wanted. The meal was nice and the drinks were nice too. Tamina enjoyed the meal much to her surprise and an even bigger surprise to her was that she had let her guard down and he was a great guy once she got to know him. 
He walked her to the door, letting her open her door before he kissed her, kissing her passionately. She pulled him into her room, letting the kiss grow more and more. Their clothes were pulled off one another and they started for the bed.
“Oh wow, I didn’t think you liked me that much.” Tamina said looking over at Wade, catching her breath.
“I told ya.” He said as kissed her forehead. “So, think we can be official? He asked looking at her. 
“Yeah. You gonna stop picking on me?” She asked. 
“Oh yeah, I’ll stop.” Wade leaned over and kissed her softly, but carefully.
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I have a confession to make; I hate my best friend’s girlfriend. How do I know this? Well, besides the fact that she told me straight to my face, Paige always thought I had a thing for my best friend. And well, I do., i just wouldn’t admit it to her.
My best friend was Seth Rollins. And his girlfriend was WWE Diva’s Champion, Paige.
I have another confession to make: I know my best friend’s girlfriend is cheating on him, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him. I mean, how do you tell your best friend that his girlfriend is cheating on him? Answer; You don’t. 
I know I need to tell Seth, but I just didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth, not when when he was so happy with his life. Not when Seth loved his girlfriend so much and would do anything for her. So how was I supposed to tell him that his girlfriend hated me and she was cheating on Seth? Answer: I had to trick him into finding out for himself.
One night, I was walking back to my hotel room with my take out pizza and I was excited to have one night to myself. I was going to have a sappy chick flick movie and I was not gonna let anyone stop me from ruining my night. 
That was until I saw Paige, coming out of a hotel room. At first I thought it was Seth because she liked to spend a lot of time over by him, but there I stopped in shock, seeing her with Dolph Ziggler. Seth being cheated on. I scrambled as I reached for my phone, wanting to take a picture of the two kissing for Seth to see. I was about to take the picture when Paige turned, seeing me with my phone in the air.
“Hey!” She called out. She walked over to me, punching me in the stomach. I stumbled backwards, falling to the ground. “You fucking bitch, what were you spying on me?” She yelled as she started to kick me, hitting my face the most. 
“Paige!” I heard a voice said. She stopped and looked up, I covered my face in pain. “Y/N?” I groaned in pain as I was rolled on my back, seeing Seth hovering above me. “Y/N, are you ok?” I groaned again. “Shit, come on.” Seth helped me up and walked with me. 
Seth got me to the hospital. After waiting for hours and hours on end, I finally saw a doctor, getting checked out and then getting released, Seth walked me back to my room, insisting on staying the night. As I changed and got ready for bed, I took my medication and then got onto the bed, waiting for Seth to finish in the bathroom. He climbed on the bed next to me.
“How’s the face?” He asked.
“It hurts.” I answered looking at him. He chuckled softly. “That’s not funny, it hurts.”
“It’s funny.” Seth said with a laugh. I looked over at him again.
“Hey I was trying to take a picture to show you Paige was cheating. I didn’t want to tell you without the proof.” I answered. 
“So can I ask you something?” 
“Why do you care so much?” He asked looking over at me. 
“Well, I like you. I like you a lot.” I answered. He looked over at me and kissed me softly. 
“Be mine?” He asked.
“Yes.” I answered with a smile on my face.
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It was Monday Night Raw and here I was, ready for whatever was coming my way, because in the WWE you needed to expect the unexpected. Currently there were three feuds going on that really caught the attention of the WWE Universe. One was me and Summer Rae, another was Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, who was dating Summer Rae, and the third one was Wade Barrett and RVD. And tonight there was an unexpected twist, tonight I was going to be in a mixed tag match with Seth and Wade against Summer, Dean and RVD. This was going to be one crazy match and the WWE Universe knew it. 
It was down to me and Summer Rae. I stared her down in the ring before I started to attack her, taking her down. It was time for my finisher, and then the pin. 
“Here are your winners, Seth Rollins, Wade Barrett and Y/N.” My entrance music played as our arms were raised in victory. 
“Great job guys.” I said with a smile. “Victory drinks tonight?” I asked looking at them. They nodded in agreement. “Ok, hotel bar after the show.” The two nodded.
Later that night, I met up with Seth and Wade in the hotel bar, ready for a celebration. We ordered round after round of drinks, getting pretty wasted. The night moved on and we continued to get hammered like there was no tomorrow. 
Then, things started to get heated and I don’t mean in a temp sort of way, I mean in a sexual way. First I started to make out with Seth, then I was making out with Wade. One thing led to another and we ended up in my hotel room. 
Seth was first. He was very dominant in the bed, which by the way, who knew? He tore my clothes off and then tore his off, making me suck his cock while Wade stripped of his clothes and entered me from behind, using slow strokes to fuck me. I moaned into Seth’s cock, sending vibrations to him. Seth groaned as Wade continued to fuck me gently. 
“Alright, I need to get in there.” Seth said as he picked me up and tossed me on my back, forcing himself into me as he started to fuck me quickly, forcing himself into me, stretching me. 
“Oh fuck!” I moaned as Seth continued to fuck me. 
“Oh yeah baby girl, suck Wade’s cock.” Seth demanded. Wade moved to my mouth, slipping himself into me while I sucked on his cock. Seth continued to fuck me, hard, hot, and quickly. “Fuck!” Seth grunted as I continued to moan. Seth’s thrusts in me were deep and hard, but they continued to pick up the pace. I moaned louder, wanting to scream as I felt myself wrap tighter around Seth’s cock. 
Wade smirked as he looked down at me, he pulled himself out of my mouth and started to stroke himself, making himself cum over my face. Seth followed suit, letting me cum first and then started to stroke himself as well, his cum landing on my face, mixing with Wade’s cum.
~Kris (Hey Taylor, you really threw me for a loop, but I hope you liked it. I haven’t written a threesome in a while so I appreciate the challenge.)
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It was Monday Night Raw a place where the WWE Universe had to expect the unexpected and tonight was going to be one unexpected turn. 
Tonight, the female manager of Rybaxle, Kaitlyn was running a bit late tonight. As she pulled up to Raw, she saw Ryback with an unconscious Dean. Curtis Axle opened the back seat of Kaitlyn’s car and Ryback shoved Dean in the back.
“What the hell is going on?” She asked. 
“Drive!” Ryback said as the door closed. Kaitlyn started to drive, she was worried about what was going to happen now. She drove to the instructions that were given to her by Ryback, but little did they know, Roman and Seth were in the car behind them, following them. Kaitlyn continued to drive, worried about what had gone wrong in Ryback’s head. It worried her, had he finally snapped because he wanted so much attention? Kaitlyn would never know. 
“Stop here!” Ryback called out. Kaitlyn stopped, looking at where they were. They had been driving for hours and they were at a cliff. Curtis, Ryback and Kaitlyn got out of the car, watching as her team mates grabbed the unconscious Dean Ambrose from the back, dragging his body to the edge of the cliff. “Once Dean’s gone, I’ll be the top WWE superstar, I’ll replace this motherfucker, Ryback Rules!” Ryback said. 
Kaitlyn heard someone slamming on the brakes, she looked to see Roman and Seth coming out of the car that had been following them all the way here. 
“Ryback! Don’t do it. Come on. Getting rid of Dean this way is cowardly. You need to destroy him in the ring to be manly, but I guess you aren’t manly enough to beat him in the ring, you have to stoop this low to become the top superstar.” Roman said taking a step closer. “Come on Ryback, you kill him and your life will be ruined. WWE will release you and no one will hire you once they get wind of this.” Roman added. “You let Dean go and I won’t say a word of this.” 
Ryaback looked at Roman, then Seth, then Curtis Axle, then Kaitlyn then at Dean. One push could kill Dean. With a smirk, Ryback started to push him a little, making Dean stumble and lose his balance.
“Ryback, don’t do this.” Kaitlyn said looking at Ryback. “Don’t end a life.” Ryback moved closer to Kaitlyn, leaving Dean to stand for himself. Seth raced over to his brother and grabbed him before he fell. 
“I gotcha Dean, you’re alright.” Seth started to pull off the rope and then duct tape. Seth helped Dean to the car, getting him in the backseat. “Ro, come on, we need to get him some medical attention.” Roman nodded, leaving Kaitlyn, Curtis and Ryback standing there, trying to figure out what had gone wrong in Ryback’s head to make him want to kill Dean Ambrose.
Kaitlyn and Curtis calmed down Ryback before getting back in the car and driving hours back to Raw, figuring out what had gone wrong. 
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“Hey Dean?” I asked looking at my boyfriend of two years. 
“What?” He asked looking over at me.
“Have you ever thought about us having kids in the future?” I asked. I already knew the answer to this, but it didn’t hurt to ask again. I’ve been in a relationship with Dean Ambrose for about 2 and half years now and I have always wanted to have kids, but Dean always told me no.
“No. I don’t want kids because I don’t want to be like my parents. I don’t want to take on the responsibilities of getting your pregnant and then end up leaving like my dad did to me.” Dean explained. He gave me the same answer every time I knew the words by heart. And those words tended to haunt me in the middle of the night. 
One day, Dean and I went to a Children’s hospital in Texas as part of our jobs in the WWE. It was always good to give back, and I loved children, so this was something right up my ally. 
As we entered one of the rooms, my face lit up seeing a child in his bed, playing with his wrestling action figures. 
“Hi!” I said with a smile and looked at him. “What’s your name?” I asked as I hugged him and sat next to his bed. 
“Phil.” He answered. “You’re Y/N and Dean Ambrose! I have you as a wrestling action figure.” The little boy scrambled through his small pile and pulled out the wrestling action figure that looked like Dean. He held it up for Dean to see. I smiled and picked up a few of his other action figures, asking him about them and what their finishers was. I smiled sweetly at the boy before looking over at Dean.
After visiting the Children’s hospital, Dean and I walked down to his car, deciding to get some lunch. We stopped by a local restaurant and grabbed a table, ordering some food and then some drinks. As we waited for the food, I looked over at Dean.
“So, I’ve been kinda thinking about what you asked me about a couple of days ago.” Dean said breaking the silence. “Seeing you with the kids today made me do a lot of thinking.”
“Oh yeah? Still don’t want kids?” I asked as our food came.
“No. It made me think that I’m starting to want kids. I mean you were so sweet to them and so warming with them. Maybe us having kids wouldn’t be such a bad idea.” Dean said looking at me.
“Really?” I asked, a smile slowly appearing on my face.
“Yeah, I mean if I’m having kids with you then it really wouldn’t be a bad idea, besides, you would make sure I don’t end up like my dad.” 
“You’re right. I would make sure you didn’t leave like your dad. I would make sure you were there for every moment.” I added looking at him with a smile.
“So after lunch, you wanna go home and try?” He asked. I nodded with a bigger smile, Dean was changing for the better and I couldn’t wait to have a baby with him.
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