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We’ve uploaded this picture post to let you know your imagine has been received. We will work on uploading your imagine as soon as possible. If your imagine is not between any of these posts, check the FAQ to make sure your request matches it! 


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We’ve uploaded this picture post to let you know your imagine has been received. We will work on uploading your imagine as soon as possible. If your imagine is not between any of these posts, check the FAQ to make sure your request matches it! 


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We’ve uploaded this picture post to let you know your imagine has been received. We will work on uploading your imagine as soon as possible. If your imagine is not between any of these posts, check the FAQ to make sure your request matches it! 


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We’ve uploaded this picture post to let you know your imagine has been received. We will work on uploading your imagine as soon as possible. If your imagine is not between any of these posts, check the FAQ to make sure your request matches it! 


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We’ve uploaded this picture post to let you know your imagine has been received. We will work on uploading your imagine as soon as possible. If your imagine is not between any of these posts, check the FAQ to make sure your request matches it! 


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We’ve uploaded this picture post to let you know your imagine has been received. We will work on uploading your imagine as soon as possible. If your imagine is not between any of these posts, check the FAQ to make sure your request matches it! 


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 Anonymous asked:
YAS Q thank you so much, I love my Joe/Olivia imagine. It was everything. Thanks a bunch Love :)

More than welcome! <3 Glad you enjoyed it.

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 Anonymous asked:
Hi Cady here, just want to thank Anna for the amazing Cady/Roman story it was brilliant!

More than welcome, we’re glad you liked it! :)

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Lexi stood in the middle of the ring. She held her belt triumphantly above AJ’s body which lay in the ring. Lexi was always happy to beat her rival, especially AJ as she was tough competition. Lexi was aware that she was a very popular divas champion; to beat AJ she knew it would inspire confidence in herself and her fans.


~ Hotel room ~


Once the show had finished she had gone back to her hotel room. She and her boyfriend Dean Ambrose shared a room on tour, though he had decided to go out after the show with Roman and Seth. It didn’t really bother Lexi, she knew her boyfriend needed his own space and she respected that. As she walked by the calendar something caught her eye. She looked at something marked on the ‘15th’ but couldn’t think what on Earth it could be. She then panicked, realising the marking was when her period was due. Lexi knew from experience that her period was NEVER late. She was worried…could she…..Lexi couldn’t dare think the word. She sighed knowing she would have to find out.


~ The next day Night ~


Lexi was pacing around her apartment she hadn’t felt this nervous in her life - up until now that was. She didn’t know what emotion to feel, should she panicked? Upset?  Lexi had not a clue. But she was worried, she had no idea how Dean would react. She knew it would affect his career as much as it did her own. After all he was the WWE Champion.  Sighing, she heard a knock at her door. She took one last deep breath before going to open it. Sure enough Dean stood on the other side of the door. 
“Hey” He said before pulling her close to his body and kissed her passionately. Even just by her physical reaction he could tell she was worried about something. 
“Lexi?” he said. 
“Hmm…..” She said. 
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing” she said 
“Lexi…Don’t lie…tell me” he said worriedly.


At that moment Lexi stared directly at the ground. She had to tell Dean even if she didn’t want too, she knew she had to. She took one final deep breath before carefully starting her next sentence
“The thing is….I’m…pregnant.” she said. At that instant there was complete and utter silence, what was a minute felt like eternity as Lexi could witness - at the very least - shock plastered across his face. Lexi was more concerned that he hadn’t moved an inch or even blinked since she told him. ‘This can’t be good’ she thought to herself. After what just felt forever finally Dean moved towards Lexi, trying to find a way in which he could speak. Lexi stood their silently trying to regain her composure as best she could. 

“Are you sure you are pregnant?” he asked
“Yes” she said. 
“Uh…” he couldn’t think. It’s not like he did not want a baby, that wasn’t it at all. The thing was Dean had never anticipated having a baby now, not when he was at the prime of his career. That wasn’t to say he never wanted children. He stood not knowing what to say. 
“Dean, just go!” she said to him “I’m not an idiot that people seem to take me for!” she said before getting him out of her apartment. Once he had left she fell to the floor, and crawled up into a ball and sobbed her eyes out. What would she do now?


~ 1 week Later ~


A Week had passed since Dean had spoken to his girlfriend Lexi. He was starting to feel like an idiot for reacting the way he did. Suddenly he saw all these divas hovering around a person he could not see. As he moved closer, he could see Lexi, who was having severe stomach pains. At that moment it hit him like a pile of bricks. He knew that he was WWE Champion, but at this moment he couldn’t have cared less, he wanted that baby girl or boy. 

“Lexi?” He said pushing away all the people around him. 
“Dean?” She said. 
“Lexi, it’s okay I’ll help you” he said lifting her up in his arms taking her to the medical room. “The baby will be ok, I promise.”


~ Medical Room ~


 “Lexi” she heard a voice calling her name and she looked up almost confused. 
“Dean?” She said
“Shush” he said “You’re okay…”
“But I…”
“I’m sorry” he said “I should have reacted the way I did. Today I realised I want to be there, for the whole thing I want to raise the baby; I don’t care about the belt. I love you and our baby.” He said before kissing her lips passionately. 
“Dean, I love you too.” She said before passionately kissing him back.


~  AJ ~

Hope you enjoyed it loved this one! 

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Tessa was in the audience for Raw, waiting for it to start.  She was excited to see her longtime boyfriend Dean Ambrose perform, as she always was.  Ever since she started dating him, she would go to all the shows he was scheduled it, to support him.  Granted she always worried about him, she knew he loved doing what he’s doing and hoped whatever damage he suffered every night was minor.  She watched as John Cena and Roman Reigns talked in the ring.  Soon, Dean appeared on the titantron, trying to play the role of the peacekeeper.  She smiled, she always loved how his voiced sounded, how he looked.  During his promo, she felt her phone vibrate.  She looked to see it was a text from her friend AJ Lee.
Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.
Tessa was confused.  Was something going to happen to Dean?  She got her answer when Kane and Seth Rollins appeared behind him and began attacking him without mercy.  Randy Orton soon joined in the fray, a three on one sneak attack.  Tessa shielded her eyes, not wanting to look at what was happening.  She noticed that Roman and John were already heading to save him, Roman more or less bolting.  She looked down and covered her ears; the sounds of him crying out in pain tortured her.  Soon, there was silence, nothing but heavy breathing.  She slowly lifted her head to look at the screen; Dean was laying on the ground with the three attackers standing above him.
“Is that all you got?” Dean asked, smiling his usual smile. 
She smiled as well, there’s still fight in him.  Seth then climbed onto a nearby crate, preparing for a Curb Stomp.  Just as he was in mid air, he was tackled by Paige.  She then began punching him in the face.  Before Kane and Randy could even move to pry her off; Nikki Bella, Natalya, AJ Lee, Naomi, Summer Rae and Layla all attacked.  Summer and Layla got Randy; AJ helped Paige with Seth while the others went after Kane.  AJ got Dean out of the way while Paige threw Seth off the crate, landing where Dean was.  Paige then grinned, got off the crate and walked over to AJ, whispering in her ear.  AJ also grinned and pulled Seth up a little.  Paige got back on the crate and Curb Stomped Seth onto the wood that was next to it.  AJ and Paige hooked one of Dean’s arms over their necks and hurried to the medics, the other divas following close behind.  Tessa was shocked, as were the rest of the audience.  That must have been what the text meant. She hoped he truly was fine.
Hours later
AJ sent another text, saying that Dean was checked by the medics and they were going to send him and Seth to the nearest hospital, just to make sure nothing was wrong.  She also said that Natalya was going to go with her, since she wasn’t scheduled.  Tessa sent an apology text for not staying for her match and left the arena.  She entered the parking lot and saw Nattie waiting.
“You Ready?”
“Yeah.  Let’s go.”
They took Tessa’s car and sped to the hospital.  Tessa’s mind ran through all sorts of things that could be wrong with Dean.  She was so worried, what if something was seriously wrong?
“Don’t worry, he’s fine.  They want to make sure nothing’s wrong and they sent him and Seth for second opinions.”
“I know that, but I can’t help but worry that something serious might be wrong with him.  That beating…I couldn’t even look at it.  His screams are still in my head…”
Nattie looked over and saw the fear play in her eyes.  She reached over and patted her shoulder, “Trust me, Dean’s going to be ok.  He’s a tough guy, he’ll make it.”
Tessa took a shaky breath, “Please let him be ok…”
Tessa parked the car and ran into the hospital, Nattie close behind.  Tessa continued to run until she came up to the recipient’s desk, almost scaring the woman behind it.
“Please!  Do you know if Dean’s alright?!” Tessa asked, panic in her voice.
Nattie caught up and pulled her back a little from the desk, “I’m sorry.  She’s just worried.  We heard that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were sent here for further examination.  Are they finished?”
“Not yet.  Both are still in testing at the moment.  I will let the doctor know you’re with them and they’ll report when the tests are done.”
Nattie thanked the recipient and led Tessa to one of the chairs in the waiting room, taking a seat next to her.
“Dean’s going to be just fine.  They both will.” she whispered, rubbing her arms for comfort.
“I hope so.  I really hope so.”  She could feel a few tears roll down her face.  She was so worried, what if there’s something wrong?
Nattie pulled her in her arms, “It’s alright.”
Tessa let the tears fall, not knowing how to make them stop.  She ended up crying herself to sleep.  She was soon awoken with Nattie shaking her, pointing at the doctor approaching them.
“Are you with Mr. Rollins and Mr. Ambrose?”
“Yes we are.  Are they alright?” Nattie asked.
“Yes, both are just fine.  Mr. Ambrose does have a busted lip, but otherwise he’s ok.  Mr. Rollins was tested for a concussion, and he’s also fine.  Both are cleared for fighting.”
Tessa sighed in relief, Dean was alright.
“Can we see them?” Tessa asked.
“Of course.  This way please.”
The doctor led them to the room, “Don’t be too loud now.”
“We won’t.  Thank you.” Nattie said as they entered the room.  Tess bolted to Dean, throwing her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.
“Thank goodness you’re alright.  Don’t get beat up like that again.”
He laughed and pulled her close to him, “Of course I’m alright.  Those three can’t keep me down.  They should know that by now.”
“I heard that!” Seth shouted from the other bed, laughing.
“Shut up!” Dean laughed.
“How are you two?  You alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.  Paige got me good though.”
“Yeah she did.” Dean said, grinning.
“Quiet Ambrose.” Seth said playfully.  Tessa smiled, it was nice to see them still brothers even after the split of the Shield.
Soon; Roman, AJ and John showed up, worried as well.  Seth and Dean would be released that night, all the tests showing good results.  Dean and Tessa cuddled on their bed once they got back to the hotel.
“Promise me that you won’t get beat up like that again.  That was painful to watch.”
He smiled and ruffled her hair a little before capturing her lips.
“I promise, nothing like that will happen again.  I’ll be more prepared next time.” he whispered when the kiss broke.  “Now let’s get some sleep.”
A week later
“Dean!  Where are we going?!” Tessa giggled from the passenger seat.  Dean wanted to surprise her with something, so he blindfolded her and told her no peaking until they arrived.
“You’ll see.”
Minutes later, he parked the car and turned it off.  He removed the blindfold from her eyes, “What do you think?”
Her eyes widened at the site of the restaurant, “…This is where we first met…”  She smiled brightly, remembering the encounter and the fact that he also remembered.
“Yeah, I remember that night like it was yesterday.  Now come on.”
She nodded as they walked hand and hand into the place.  They reminisced as they waited for their food, the night they met.  She was waiting outside the place for her date, only to realize she was stood up.  Dean noticed her crying and offered comfort, which she accepted.  He asked if she’d want to eat with him, since he was alone and not expecting anyone, she agreed.  And here they are now, still as strong as ever. 
“I should probably thank the guy who stood me up that night.”
“Because if he didn’t, I would never have gotten to meet you.”
He smiled, dimples in full display, “Actually, I’m glad he did too.  You’re a wonderful person.  I’m so thankful I get to call you mine.”
She giggled, “Me too.”
“Hey…there’s something I want to ask you.”
“Sure, what’s up?”
“Just…you’ve been with me for everything.  Every happy moment, moments when I’m upset, moments when I’m hurt, you were always there.  And…I was wondering if…you want to be with me…for the rest of our lives.”
Her eyes went wide in surprise, “Dean…”
He pulled out a small ring box, handing it to her, “Will you?”
She took the box from him and opened it, seeing the ring that was inside.  She felt tears in her eyes, “…Yes.  Yes I will.”
He got up and walked over to her, slipping the ring on her finger.  She stood and jumped in his arms.  They were both so happy, the next chapter of their lives was about to begin. 
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I stood at gorilla, I was nervous as ever for this match. I was becoming a well-known diva on the rooster. Some were calling me be one of the next Lita’s. I liked it, but I knew I could never top what she had down in the years she was a diva on the active rooster. She was a legend, a hall of famer. I would never touch the records of Lita, she didn’t want to. I wanted to be my own person.

Tonight I had a match against Kane; yes the demon himself, Kane. I had had plenty of matches against other men on the rooster, but none as dangerous and legendary as Kane himself. I had spoke with him about the match, but I was still nervous and somewhat scared what could happen. I shook the fear from me, trying my best to tame my fear and let my adrenaline fire up. I bounced on my feet, readying myself for this big match. My music hit and I came out and did my little usual entrance and slid into the ring quickly. Once I was center ring Kane’s big bang and flames filled my eyes. This was it…


Halfway throw the match I preformed a twisted backflip off the top turnbuckle landing on Kane’s foot, it collided with my head. I fell to the mat and groaned out in pain. I shook it off, only to wince as pain rolls through me as I do so. I sighed and stood up only to get thrown into the chocker. He slammed me hard to the mat, then proceeded to pick me up and tombstone me. I groaned out in pain as he covered me for the win. I was pissed that I had lost. Kane walked out, pleased with his damage and went backstage.

With the help of a ref and the medical staff, I went backstage. I was helped into the trainer’s room and they did a quick check. Told me I might have a small concussion, but to take some aspirin and maybe take a cold pack to help with the pain. I nodded and walked out of the room, heading towards my locker room to get ready to hit the road for the next city.

Then I felt someone collide into me as I rounded the corner. I groaned, “damn it.”

Then I saw it was, Jonathan Good, Dean Ambrose. We always seemed to bicker when it came time to us talking. He was a player from what I heard, if he wasn’t a player, he was a major flirt. I sighed and rubbed my head. Jon stopped me before I could walk away, “hey, sorry. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” I said still rubbing my head.

“You sure?” he asked in a sincere voice, wow, he can be sincere!

I nodded feeling a little nervous talking to him suddenly, “yeah, I’ll get Kane back.”

“You aren’t okay, I can tell. I’ve had concussions before; and you won’t have too,” he said angry now.

“Won’t have to-“ I began but was stopped when I saw Jon pounce on Kane quickly.

He yelled loudly as his fist flew in the air, “you think it’s okay to repeatedly beat a woman in the head?!”

I gasped, “Jon, stop!” I hurried over, tried to pull him away but in turn I got a elbow to the nose by him. I groaned, “fucking asshole!”

He stopped fighting and looked at me, “shit, shit, shit I’m sorry.”

“You better be!” I yelled at him, holding my nose blood covered face.

He tugged his wife beater off and pushed my hands away and held it to my nose. Even through the blood I could smell his cologne. I groaned, “fuck this hurts.”

Kane looked at us, “see, it’s not my fault, she’s accident prone. Shit happens. I didn’t mean to hurt her. Just like you didn’t mean to bust her face.”

He walked away and I looked at Jon, “seriously, you have to do that?”

“Yeah,” he said and sighed. “I was just sticking up for you, because I care about you. You are talented and I don’t want an idiot to ruin your career already.”

I sighed, “really?”

He nodded, “yeah, I mean it. Now let’s get you to trainers again. See what the damage is.”

I sighed, “help me up please?”

He nodded, “I’ll do one better, carry you.”

I sighed, “I can walk.”

“Yeah, well I feel guilty for hitting you,” he said as he lifted me up.

“I’m sorry I’m covering your shirt in blood,” I mumbled.

“I have like fifty of those,” he said softly and smiled as he carried me back to the trainers.

“What the hell happened?” Chris asked looking at me.

“Oh I was trying to break up Jon here as he was beating the shit out of Kane,” I said and groaned.

He sighed and pulled my hands away and wiped my face with a towel, “it doesn’t look broke, but you probably have a worse concussion. I suggest if you sleep, have someone wake you every two hours now. You know the rules by now.”

I nodded, “get checked out if I feel worse.”

He nodded, “alright the bleeding seems to have stopped. Ice the nose, so it won’t swell.”

I nodded, “thanks Chris.”

“Welcome, now let me not see you for a couple weeks,” he said smiling.

I nodded, “you too.”

Jon helped me off the trainers table, “I’m sorry.”

“I’ll live,” I said and smiled.

He sighed and helped me out of the room. He lead me to the divas’ locker room, “hey, to make it up to you. I’ll drive you to the next city, so you don’t have too.”

I sighed, “you don’t have too.”

“I know, but I want too, so accept my offer?” he asked softly.

I nodded, “okay, I will.”

“All right,” he smiled. “You go get cleaned up and I have to head to my match.”

I nodded, “okay. Good luck.”

He nodded, “thanks.”

I smiled and leaned up to kiss his cheek as a thank you for being so nice, but he moved and I kissed his lips. I gasped, “sorry.” He shook his head and kissed me, “I’ll see you after.”

I nodded, blushing. He smiled and hurried away as someone yelled for him. I sighed and walked back into the locker room, maybe he wasn’t as much as bad as I thought…I guess we’ll see here soon enough!


I hope you like it! I enjoyed writing it! :D – Cay <3

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Jeff stood in the locker room, angry at his current storyline teammate, Seth Rollins. He was a high flyer, risk taker like Jeff himself, but there was one thing that Jeff couldn’t stand about him. That was the fact that Seth had the selfish act going on. It was starting to get rather annoying. Jeff was done with it, he was going to confront Seth about it tonight.

Their match ended up being a great match, but Seth was boosting about stealing the championship from Randy Orton once and for all. As they walked back to the locker room, Jeff worked up the courage to speak his mine. He looked at Seth as they walked in. Seth smiled, “dude that swaton bomb you did on both Usos was awesome.”

Jeff sighed and nodded, he was sore from that very move. Every time he did that move, he risked his body every time. He looked at him, “thanks man, but we need to talk.”

“Okay, what do you want to talk about?” Seth asked sitting down on a steal chair and started to pull the wrist tape off his wrist.

“I’m getting sick and tired of how you are acting,” he said, well he didn’t plan on saying it that way, but that was how it came out.

“What do you mean?” Seth asked balling up the tape and wrap and squeezing it tightly into his hand.

“I mean your stupid selfish attitude,” Jeff said and shook his head. “It is getting rather annoying and if you don’t stop gloating and talking about how awesome you are I’m going to hurt you and you won’t be gloating anymore.”

“Damn Jeff,” Seth said shaking his head. “I didn’t think you felt that way.”

“I do, and you need to stop with the bullshit, I’m not Roman or Dean, I am not going to put up with all the bullshit,” Jeff said a little raised.

“Oh,” Seth shook his head. “What I think it’s rather annoying you think you can steal the limelight from me.”

“I’m not stealing it!” Jeff said quickly. “I’m sorry fans like me more than you. I didn’t stab my teammates in the back like you did.”

“It’s a storyline,” Seth said loudly. “I don’t get what they are all butt hurt about it.”

“Because for once they saw a bond that they didn’t think would ever break, much like the bond in ring I had with Matt,” Jeff said shaking his head at him.

“Well bigger things are going to happen for me now, they weren’t coming when I was teamed with them,” he said shaking his head at Jeff. “You should understand that of all people.”

Jeff shook his head, “I think someone is jealous that I have more attention and more likes that you do. At least I’m not selling out.”

“I’m not selling out,” Seth said loudly.

“You are selling your soul to the devils at least. Don’t let them completely control your life inside the ring dude, make a name for yourself!” Jeff said loudly.

“What like you?”

“Yes like me for an example,” he said shrugging.

Seth nodded and smirked, “you are amazing Jeff.”

Jeff nodded not sure where this was going, “thanks man.”

Seth nodded and slammed his lips to Jeff’s quickly, pushing him into the corner quickly. Jeff stunned at first, but eventually accepted what was coming. Maybe he could work out his problems with Seth after all. They we a lot more alike than he thought and that was probably what was making them clash so much. They would work it all out eventually…



I hope you enjoyed it, I apologize for no real sex written because I just didn’t feel 100% comfortable with it and didn’t want to make it awkward for the readers. So I hope you still enjoyed it. –Cay <3

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I sat at a nice size barbeque restaurant. with Nicole and Brock, it was our first time at this place. It was newer to our city and we wanted to have a nice dinner just our little family. I sat next to Brock on the inside of the booth. I rubbed my pregnant stomach and smiled, “everything sounds so good, I can’t decide.”

Nicole looked at the oversized menu and peaked over at looked at us, “I was thinking getting their big garbage burger, it sounds so good.”

I smiled, “you get and tell me what it taste like?”

She nodded, “what are you getting dad?”

Brock smiled at his daughter and spoke softly, “I think I’m going for their sampler platter, it has chicken, pork and beef ribs and a steak.”

I smiled, “meat day?”

He chuckled and smiled, “yeah, going to spoil myself today.”

I smiled and nodded, “you should share the pork ribs with me, you know how much I love pork ribs.”

He smiled and nodded, “alright, I could do that.”

I smiled and nodded, “I think I’m going to get their loaded chicken sandwich, it sounds so good.”

He smiled and closed his menu. he looked over at Nicole and smiled at her as well. I reached over and rubbed his thigh, “so you excited to go back to WWE and wrestle Cena once again?”

He nodded, “should be good, wish you could be there Selena.”

“Me too, but someone has to prep the baby room,” I said smiling.

He nodded, “you know I wanted to help with that.”

I nodded, “I know, but you deserve to this big match at Summer Slam.”

He nodded and kissed my forehead, “I’ll help while I’m home though.”

I smiled at him, “can’t wait.”

A fan walked over wearing a Brock shirt and I smiled, Brock smiled, “hello there.”

“Can I get your autograph sir, I am a big fan,” the little boy said.

“Do you have a marker?” Brock asked and the little boy shock his head sadly.

I smiled, “hold on, I always have markers in my purse.” I pulled out a marker and handed it to Brock.

He smiled at me and took it, “where you want me to sign?”

“My shirt,” he said pointing to it.

Brock nodded and signed it, “I like your shirt.”

“I hope you beat Cena at Summer Slam, I’m going to be there,” he said smiling.

“Are you?” I asked the little boy. “Aren’t you lucky?”

“So lucky, my mama won the tickets on the radio this week! Isn’t that cool?” he was so excited.

“Well maybe I’ll send you nod when I see you from the ring,” Brock said to the boy.

“Really? That would be so cool!” he said smiling widely. He heard his mom call him. “Oh I got to go, bye!”

With that he ran back to his booth table just a few down from ours and told his family all about just getting to meet one of his favorite wrestlers of all time. I really loved my man. He had some really cute fans that were little and I was starting to love how he was starting to interact with his fans, especially his young fans. I couldn’t wait to see what he was like with our child.



I hope you liked it! – Cay <3

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I walked backstage with John Cena, I hugged him quickly and smiled, “see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, sounds good, tell Joe good match,” he said wiping his neck and walking the opposite direction as myself.

I smiled, “will do!”

I skipped off towards the locker room. The show was great. John and Joe, it was intense. It was an open match and Joe won. I was excited to be back working again. I wasn’t sure if I was more happy to be back John where I had the most success of my career or the fact that my man won his match against John.

I walked into the locker room to see Joe tossing his black SWAT vest to the floor. I smiled at him, “congrats babe, that was a killer match out there.”

He nodded, “yeah, thanks, it was good.”

I looked at him and nodded, “so you never really said, how do you like me working with John again?”

He sighed, “you retired Cristina, you retired from all this and were helping me raise JoJo when I couldn’t be home with her. I just wish we could have talked about this more?”

I sighed, “I’m sorry, I just wanted to do something for me you know?”

“Why though?” he asked siting down to pull his boots off. “We are sitting good with money, we go

I sighed, “because I wanted too, and I know we are sitting okay, I just figured with the wedding planning we could have more money ns nor have to worry about anything then.”

He sighed, “fine, whatever. I’m going to shower.”

I sighed as he grabbed his towel and walked towards the connected bathroom. I walked into the bathroom, knowing he was in the shower. I grabbed his dirty clothes and walked back into the locker room part and put his items away. I laid his clean clothes out and laid them out on top of his bag.

“I’m going to go mingle until your ready to hit the road!” I shouted towards the bathroom and walked out into the hallway. I walked around and sighed, “I didn’t think this would upset.”

“Who is upset?” I heard the voice of Trinity Fatu, Jonathan Fatu’s wife, Joe’s cousin, ask from behind me.

“Joe,” I said sighing and look at her.

“What now?” she asked and wrapped her arm around my shoulder, leading us through the halls now.

“Because I’m back working,” I said sighing. “And being back with John.”

She sighed, “it’s all good I’m sure. I’m sure he isn’t too upset, he’ll get over and be glad he gets to spend more time with you now that you are on the road with him.”

I nodded, “he said that’s really the only plus.”

“We’ll it’s more money for you two,” she said and smiled. “Weddings are expensive, Jon and my wedding was slammer, but still it was so expensive.”

I nodded, “I just want him to be happy I am back.”

“Are you sure he’s not just jealous that your working with John again and not him this time around?” she asked me as we walked into catering area and sat down, since it wasn’t packed up to go yet.

I sighed, “I think he is a little and I’m going to go talk with Stephanie about it tomorrow I think, I want to see if maybe I could switch it up. But should I have to do that?”

“No, you shouldn’t,” she said and sighed, “but that is totally up to you though girl. I mean he needs to understand you and him are getting married, and John is not a threat to your relationship.”

I nodded, “thanks girl, I need this little talk.”

She nodded, “well there’s Jon, we are headed to the hotel to get rested up before tomorrow’s shows.”

I nodded, “see you guys later. I think when Joe get’s finished we will be doing the same.”

She hugged me and left with Jon. I sighed and fumbled with my phone until I heard Joe’s voice, “hey babe, you ready?”

I stood and smiled, “yeah, let’s get out of here. Shall we?”

He nodded and wheeled our bags out to the car lot. We slid into the vehicle and I leaned over and kissed him lovingly, “I love you Joseph.”


He smiled, “I love you too, Cristina.”

I smiled, “I just want you to know, you don’t have to worry about anything to happen with John and I. You are my man and that’s not going to change, plus him and Nichole are going strong once again.”

“I know, that now. I was over thinking everything,” he said smiling and kissing me lovingly. “Now let’s go rest up before tomorrow?”

I nodded, “agree.”



I hope you enjoyed it! –Cay <3

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