Hey Anon, AJ Here! I'd love to write a Hugh Jackman/AJ one especially being from Aus myself, or any other celeb pairings!

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I wanted to thank Aly for my imagine it was perfect thank you so much! Love this blog!!! xxx
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Hey do you do imagines with a WWE Superstar/Diva with a diff celebrity? E.g. Cena/Maria Menounos or AJ/Hugh Jackman or something like that?

We sure can, Annon.

As long as it’s to do with wwe (sometimes tna) we can write it ^_^

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It’s so funny how so many of you don’t read the rules.

If you don’t read the rules.. And then wonder why you don’t see your imagine. Then ask us where it is. We’re not going to answer.

It’s so simple you beautiful people.

Read the rules.. Before you request.

And then your imagine will be written and everyone will be happy! Yay!


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"Come on, (Y/N). We have to get up." Dean said nudging at (Y/N)’s shoulder. "Hmm, ugh noooo! Ten more minutes, please?" (Y/N) begged as she threw a pillow over her head. Dean laughed and pulled the pillow and the blankets off of (Y/N). "Come on, you’re the one who wanted to get up early to get to the airport in time. So come on get up. I’m already showered and packed and I picked some clothes out for you to throw on." Dean said tickling (Y/N)’s sides, making her get up from the bed. "Hurry up, I left the shower running for you." Dean said rubbing (Y/N)’s back. With sleepy eyes (Y/N) got up and made her way over to the shower. "If you need help washing your back in there, my clothes would be off in a second." Dean called out from behind the bathroom door laughing. (Y/N) rolled her eyes as she shampooed her hair. "No, it’s okay Ambrose. My loofah reaches places you can’t even imagine." (Y/N) said laughing. 
(Y/N) and Dean finally got to the airport to meet up with everyone, they were renting a car because plane tickets cost too much. Summer Rae, CM Punk, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and (Y/N) were all in the rental car together. Roman was driving and CM Punk sat in the front seat, (Y/N) was in between Summer and Dean.  It was still really early in the morning so (Y/N) rested her head against Dean’s shoulder to try and fall back asleep and Dean positioned himself and put his arm around her to give her some more room. It was only 20 minutes into the car ride before people started making jokes about (Y/N) and Dean. “Awe guys, look at how cuddly Dean and (Y/N) are getting.” Summer said as she snapped a picture of them for insatgram. Roman glanced in the mirror laughing before turning his attention back to the rode, CM Punk looked back and smirked at (Y/N). “Well damn, if I knew (Y/N) was a cuddler I would of sat back there. Now I’ll keep that in mind.” Punk said winking at (Y/N). (Y/N) laughed at what Punk said, but she could feel Dean’s hand tighten around her shoulder when Punk winked at her. They were driving for a about 5 hours now, (Y/N) sleeping peacefully the whole way, when Roman pulled over to a rest stop to get some gas. Everyone got out of the car to stretch their legs. (Y/N) and Summer went into the convince store to get some food and water for everyone while the guys hung back at the car to talk. “So (Y/N), are you and Dean a thing or just fuck buddies or something?” Summer asked grabbing some Jack Link’s Jerky. Summer’s question didn’t annoy (Y/N), she could understand her confusion. “No…No Dean and I are not a thing, nor are we friends with benefits… we’re just really close, always have been ever since we met 3 years ago.” (Y/N) explained picking up some candy. Summer thought about what (Y/N) said. “Well… would you ever go out with him?” Summer asked looking at (Y/N). (Y/N) considered what Summer had just asked her, she has thought of dating Dean, but never thought he actually wanted to date her back. “Well, honestly I have thought about it. But I just think he wants a friendship, and I don’t want to ruin what we already have.” (Y/N) admitted playing with a bag of Skittles in her hand. Summer gave (Y/N) a sympathetic look as they walked out of the store and went bag over to the guys. Punk turned around looked at the girl, immanently smiling at (Y/N) when he saw the Mars chocolate bar in her hand. “Oh, and how did you know Mars was my favorite chocolate bar, (Y/N)?” Punk said walking up to (Y/N). “Willing to share?” Punk asked raising an eyebrow. Out of the corner of (Y/N)’s eye she could see Dean eyeballing them from the car. (Y/N) giggled and playfully punched Punk in the chest.  ”Well I might be so inclined, only if you give me one of your famous shoulder messages.” (Y/N) said playfully tracing her finger over the muscles on his arms. (Y/N) could see Dean getting out from the car and start walking over to where she and Punk were standing. Punk put his hands on (Y/N)’s shoulders and rubbed them, (Y/N) smirked up at Punk who was laughing. “This is just a little preview for what I’m going to give you later.” Punk said winking at (Y/N). “You’re going to give (Y/N) what later?” Dean asked from behind Punk, crossing his arms. “Oh, um nothing. Just trying to talk (Y/N) here into giving me that Mars bar.” Punk said as he took his hands off of (Y/N)’s shoulders. Dean grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and started walking back to the car. “Come on, it’s time to go. You two are holding everyone up.” Dean barked as he pulled (Y/N) into the car. Punk got back into the front seat as (Y/N) sat awkwardly between Summer and Dean. “I think Dean got mad seeing you and Punk flirt with each other.” Summer whispered as she munched on some Skittles. (Y/N) bit her lips and looked over at Dean, his cheeks and ears were bright red and he was clenching his fits looking out the window. “Yeah… I think you’re right.” (Y/N) said playing with her fingers. 
They all arrived at the city RAW was being held at and checked into the hotel. Summer and (Y/N) were rooming together while the guys booked one room with two beds so save money. Dean said nothing to (Y/N) for the whole car ride to the hotel, he was so jealous it was unbelievable some times. (Y/N) and Summer got to their room which was right beside the guys. “Dean hey,” (Y/N) said grabbing Dean’s hand and pulling him away from the other, “are you upset with me? You haven’t talked to me at all.” (Y/N) said looking into his icy blue eyes, his expression unreadable. Dean lend back against the wall and ran his fingers through his messy blond hair. “…It was annoying seeing Punk’s hands on you like that.” Dean admitted grinding his teeth. “But why, Dean?” (Y/N) asked confused. “Because- it doesn’t matter, lets just have a good time tonight.” Dean said rubbing (Y/N)’s lower back.
*After RAW* 
It was a great show, Dean, Roman, and Punk all won their matches. Summer and Layla embarrassed Fandango again, and (Y/N) signed her first contract to have a match against the Diva’s Champion Paige at the next PPV. It was a really good night, but (Y/N) could tell Dean was still brooding about the whole Punk thing. (Y/N) saw Dean standing alone at the car looking at the ground, she rolled her eyes because Dean was being such a baby about everything. (Y/N) ran up to Dean and wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against him. Dean wrapped his arms around (Y/N) and looked down at her, happy but confused. “What are you doing?” Dean asked laughing as he gripped at (Y/N)’s hips. “Oh I just feel bad that you’re still down about everything had happened earlier. So I thought I would give you a hug to make you feel better.” (Y/N) said as she burred her face in the crock of Dean’s neck. Dean ran his hands along (Y/N)’s back and kissed the top of her head. “You know what would make me even happier?” Dean asked in his husky voice. (Y/N) looked up at Dean an smirked. “Oh, and what would that be?” (Y/N) asked giggling. Dean lend down and pressed his lips against (Y/N)’s, and in all honesty she was not expecting that, but it didn’t take her long to go along with it. (Y/N) wrapped her fingers into Dean’s hair and parted her mouth so Dean could slid his tongue in. The two were so consumed with kissing each other that they didn’t even notice Roman and Summer came to the car. “Erm guys? Sorry to interrupt, but we gotta get back to the hotel.” Roman said looking slightly embarrassed. (Y/N) pushed herself off from Dean and blushed wildly, Dean let out a laugh and pulled her in for a hug. Everyone started putting their bags in the trunk and Punk came running up, almost crashing into everyone when he tried to stop. “Whoa whoa man, we weren’t going to leave without you.” Summer said laughing. Punk caught his breath and looked up at everyone. “Guys, you won’t believe it.” Punk said running his fingers through his hair. “Believe what?” Roman asked shutting the trunk. “I just talked to Triple H and he said he’s give me the titles back at the next PPV!” Punk said throwing his hands in the air. “Oh wow, that’s amazing!” (Y/N) said hugging Punk. Punk gave (Y/N) a hug back and he kissed her on the cheek, Dean’s face went red again. “We all need to celebrate!” Roman said. “Yeah, the bar in the hotel is a good place to start!” Summer said clapping her hands. “Or (Y/N) could just suck Punk off…” Dean said bitterly. “Excuse me?!” (Y/N) said whipping her head around to look at Dean. “Dean, why would you say something like that? She was just hugging Punk!” Summer yelled coming to (Y/N)’s defense while Roman and Punk kept silent, confused by what was going on. Dean’s face contorted into a disgusted angered look before taking in a deep breath and rubbing his forehead. “I’ll just meet you guys back at the hotel.” Dean said walking off without saying another word. (Y/N) bit her lip and took a deep breath to stop the tears that were rising in her eye. “(Y/N), you okay?” Roman asked putting his hand on her shoulder. (Y/N) turned around and looked at everyone. “Yeah guys, I’m just fine lets- lets just go back to the hotel and celebrate.” (Y/N) said trying to sound as calm as possible.
(Y/N) was still fuming mad about what Dean said back in the parking garage, there was no need for that what so ever, all she did was hug Punk. (Y/N) sighed and took another shot of whisky before order another. “Hey kiddo, still upset about Dean?” Roman asked as he almost split his drink. (Y/N) looked at Roman and laughed. “Oh Roman, you’re so drunk right now. Here, let me get you some water.” (Y/N) said grabbing an empty glass and pouring him some water. Roman took the water and drank some. “You didn’t answer his question.” Summer said running her fingers through her long blonde locks, Roman turned back to Punk. “Yes, okay. I am still mad at him, he’s an idiot.” (Y/N) said taking another shot. Summer lend in close to (Y/N), she could smell the rum come from her breath. “Why don’t you just get back at him, sweetie? That’s what I would do anyway.” Summer said stirring her drink. (Y/N) considered what Summer said, she was drunk enough to do something stupid. “Well… what would you have in mind?” (Y/N) asked biting her lower lip. Summer turned to (Y/N) and smirked. “Get it on with Punk. The two of you may not flirt like how you and Dean flirt, but there’s something hot between you and Punk. I’ve always wondered if he was a good kisser, go find out for me!!” Summer said giggling. (Y/N) looked down at her drink, the bartender was nice enough to make it a double. (Y/N) took her shot and hopped off her seat. “Okay Summer, I’ll tell you in the morning.” (Y/N) said playfully punching Summers arm. “OOOOOOOH, you go girl!!” Summer said clapping as she watched (Y/N) walk over to Punk.
Punk and Roman weren’t in much of a conversation, more like a drinking contest of who could take more shots before the other guys passed out. Unfortunately for Roman he lost and was out like a light, the Uso’s where there, thankfully, and took him back to his hotel room while Summer found herself sharing a drink with Layla. “Good, there’s no one to bother us.” (Y/N) thought to herself as she slid onto the seat next to Punk. “Well hello there, pretty lady.” Punk said with a smirk. (Y/N) greeted Punk back with a smile before drinking Roman’s last undrinken shot. “What’s up hot stuff? Can I buy you a drink?” Punk asked playing with a strand on (Y/N)’s black curls. “No no, that’s okay. I’ve have my share of drinks for the night.” (Y/N) said patting Punk’s shoulder. Punk and (Y/N) were sharing some laughs and flirting when her cell phone started buzzing, (Y/N) pulled her phone out from her pocket and saw the Summer texted her, *Dean just walked in, he still looks mad. Tongue fuck Punk! Lol #YOLO.* (Y/N) laughed as she read the text and saw Dean sit in a booth across from them. “…You going to go talk to Dean?” Punk asked looking down at his drink. (Y/N) scoffed. “Pfft, he doesn’t deserve me company after earlier.” (Y/N) said still glaring at Dean. Out of the corner of (Y/N)’s eyes she saws Punk turn elated. (Y/N) made sure to give Dean a wink before turning her attention back to Punk. (Y/N) rubbed her hand on the upper thigh of Punk and smirked. “You were really good in your match tonight against Randy Orton. Seeing your muscles throb like that must of drove all the girls wild.” (Y/N) said smirking and she brushed her hand over Punks growing erection. Punk reached over and lightly trailed his finger tips over (Y/N)’s collarbone. (Y/N) side-eyed Dean, he was watching intently, perfect. (Y/N) grabbed Punk my the back of his neck and pulled his face into hers, kissing him forcefully. It took Punk a few seconds to figure out what she was going, but he quickly caught on and wrapped his arms around her waist, forcing her to stand off her seat. Punk started kissing (Y/N) more than she thought he would, she tried to pulled back but Punks arms wrapped around her even tighter. Punk was nibbling on (Y/N)’s neck when he felt someone tap on his shoulder, “screw off,” Punk said without even looking up to see who it was, big mistake. Dean grabbed Punk by the back of the shirt and pulled his forward, making him fall to the ground. “What the fuck is your problem?!” Punk yelled as he got back to his feet, only to be punched in the face by Dean. Punk fell back to the ground with a bloody mouth, but before Punk could even get up Dean grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and pulled her out from the bar. 
Dean kept dragging (Y/N) until they were out of the hotel completely, he let her go and walked into the alley way across from the hotel, nearly missing cars as he walked across the street. (Y/N) was angry, she thought she should just turn around and go back inside and see if Punk was okay, but shes had enough of Dean’s temper and jealously and wanted answer about his actions, so she followed him. (Y/N) got into the alley way, thankful there there not druggies or homeless people, and found Dean all the way at the very end near some crates. “Hey, Dean. Do you mind telling me what the hell your problem was back there? Why would you punch Punk like that, and in public?” (Y/N) asked putting a hand on his shoulder, only to have him move away from her. “Well do you mind telling me why you were kissing me and then kissing him?” Dean snapped, pushing (Y/N) up against the cold brick wall. “Because I was trying to make you jealous! Okay Dean, and after what you said in the parking garage I wanted to make up upset.” (Y/N) admitted feeling ashamed. The grip of Dean’s hands tightened over (Y/N)’s shoulders. “Why… Why were you trying to make me jealous?” Dean asked confused, moving his face closer to hers. (Y/N) took in a deep breath and bit her lower lip looking up at Dean. “Come on, tell me (Y/N).” Dean said running his fingers through (Y/N)’s hair. (Y/N) looked at Dean and then looked at the ground. “B-Because… I like you… a lot.” (Y/N) said feeling all of her blood rush to her cheeks. Dean’s hands slid from (Y/N)’s shoulders down to her waist. “You like me?” Dean asked in almost a whisper. (Y/N) looked up at Dean, his icy blue eyes turned warm suddenly. “Y-yeah, for some time now.” (Y/N) said chewing her lower lip. “I like you too, (Y/N).” Dean said. Dean didn’t even give (Y/N) a chance to register what he just said, Dean pressed his lips on (Y/N)’s and pressed his body against hers. 
It wasn’t long before Dean picked up (Y/N) and had her legs wrapped around his waist. “I’m going to show you just how long I’ve wanted you, baby.” Dean muttered against (Y/N)’s lips. (Y/N) pressed her hips against Dean and wrapped her legs tighter around his waist as she bit at Deans neck. Dean reached down and put his hands up (Y/N)’s dress and ripped her pantie-hoes to get better access to her underwear. Dean slowly started rubbing (Y/N)’s clit, feeling her get wetter and wetter. (Y/N) moaned out as she felt Dean push his two front fingers inside of her pussy. (Y/N) could feel Dean’s erection in his pants and she pressed her hips against it. Dean smirked. “You want me that bad, eh? Well I want to hear you say it. “I do, I do Dean. I want you so baaaaaad.” (Y/N) confessed as she pulled at Dean’s messy blond hair. “That’s all I need to hear, babygirl.” Dean said as he put (Y/N) down and unzipped his pants. Dean pulled out his member, it was bigger than (Y/N) was expecting. “You like what you see?” Dean asked licking his lips as he stroked the tip of his cock. (Y/N) nodded, her eyes growing wide with excitement. Dean laughed as he gripped at (Y/N)’s hair, forcing her downward onto her knees. (Y/N) took Dean in her hands and gave him long strokes and tickled his balls, (Y/N) finally put the tip of his cock in her mouth and Dean threw is head back in pleasure. (Y/N) ran her tongue over every inch of Dean’s cock and he loved ever minute of it. “Okay, okay baby. Now it’s your turn.” Dean said pulling his member out of (Y/N)’s mouth and picking her up. Dean bent (Y/N) face down over the wooden carets that were in the alley and ripped her pantie-hoes more before pulling her underwear to the side and pushing himself into her. (Y/N) had to put her hand over her mouth to stop herself from moaning too loudly. Dean tangled his hand in (Y/N)’s hair as he other hand stayed on her hip to keep her body in place. As Dean pounded harder and harder into (Y/N) she could feel her hips crashing against the crate, “I’ll have bruises tomorrow.” (Y/N) thought to herself, but Dean quickly caught her attention again. Dean pulled (Y/N) up by her hair and kissed her passionately. “I’m going to cum” Dean said nibbling on (Y/N)’s lower lips. It was a few seconds later when (Y/N) felt Dean pulled her hair extremely hard and she felt him feel her with his seed. “Ooooh fuck.” Dean groaned out and his head rested on (Y/N)’s shoulder. They both stayed bend over the crate panting until Dean finally pulled out of (Y/N), thick ropes of his cum coming out with his dick. (Y/N) took off her pantie-hoes and threw then in the trash can that was near by. “Won’t be needing those.” (Y/N) said laughing as she turned back to Dean. Dean laughed and pulled (Y/N) into his arms and kissed her forehead. “Soooo…” Dean said raising an eyebrow. “Sooo, what?” (Y/N) asked resting her head on Dean’s chest. “No more CM Punk?” Dean asked cupping (Y/N)’s face and making her look at him. (Y/N) smile and kissed Dean lightly on the lips. “Yes, no more CM Punk… Now lets get out of this alley way before we get robbed or something.” (Y/N) said looking around. Dean laughed and they walked back to the hotel to book their own room for the rest of their stay.
-Kourtney (Hope you like it) 
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Have you ever thought about charging for your imagines and doing this for a living?

Not really, first of all we do this for fun, and second of all our tumblr wouldn’t be big enough for it :p 

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Hey, I would like to thank Robyn for the Eden imagine she wrote for me.
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 Anonymous asked:
your imagines are great! you're all so talented & creative! keep up the good work.

Thanks annon!!


- The Team

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*Merging these due to similar storyline and limited time to write.


“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” you muttered. You tightened the strings on your wrestling boots, still pissed off that you’d been thrown in with the Shield. You were new on the block and didn’t have much to say in retort when Stephanie McMahon decided that you would be the fourth and first female member of the most dominant group in sports entertainment. It wasn’t as if the guys were too thrilled to have you on the team—you could say that it was the complete opposite.

“Could you speed it up? We don’t exactly have all night for you to get pretty…” and there it started. You rolled your eyes at Dean’s comment. Not only was he being annoying, he was taking a dig at the fact that you were outnumbered in terms of gender in the group. Just because you were a female wrestler didn’t mean you accepted the categorization as ‘Diva.’

And, you definitely wouldn’t be taken any of his or the other guys’ crap.

“Someone sounds jealous; on my worst day, I’m much prettier than any chick you can bag, Ambrose,” you shot back, standing from the chair. “I’m ready. So you can quit your bitchin’ now.”

Roman and Seth exchanged looks which basically read, ‘Here we go again.’

“Is that so, Princess? I could ‘bag’ you, if I wanted,” Dean challenged with a trademark smirk.

“Not even in your dreams, Ambrose,” you retorted with an eye-roll.

“Both of you need to shut the hell up and get moving.”

Neither of you contested Reigns’ firm response to the bickering. You walked out the locker room, the silver dog tags swinging across your chest with each step you took. The boys were right behind you. Tonight, they had a six-man tag and you’d be in their corner to ensure justice was served… and to make sure Ambrose’s ego didn’t make an appearance and cost his own team a win, again.

“What the hell was that?!” You screamed on the way back to the locker room. The Usos and John Cena had gotten one over on the Shield tonight, and you were livid. It was all because Dean had been too stubborn to tag in Roman. Your anger was directed toward the member who’d lost the match, but he was ignoring you. Bad call. You came up behind him, your voice even louder. “Hey! I’m talking to you, Ambrose!”

He spun so fast that you were almost knocked on your ass. His eyes were cold as ice; his chest heaved up and down from a ragged breathing rhythm. Naturally, you stepped back; he looked pretty pissed off and, logically, you didn’t want to be on the receiving end of Ambrose’s wrath.

“Shut your mouth,” he warned in a low voice.

You looked around, seeing that Roman and Seth had made themselves scarce. It was unusual for the guys to split apart from each other but given the recent internal problems Dean had been causing, it wasn’t exactly a surprise to see the others didn’t want to stick around.

“What is your problem?” you demanded. You’d kept your distance, not missing how his eyes angrily raked your body.

“Your mouth is my biggest problem right now and if you can’t shut it, I’ll find something useful for it,” Dean challenged.

Your eyes widened in response. Had he really just spoken to you like that? You stepped toward him and slapped him right across the face, fed up with the continuous disrespect. His head snapped to the side but when he looked at you, your stomach dropped like you were heading down a rollercoaster. You weren’t prepared for him to reach out, grab your face and crash his lips into ours. You were shocked; your jaw dropped, allowing Dean to easily slide his tongue into your mouth. You didn’t struggle. Before you knew it, Dean had your back up against the wall in a darkened area of the hallway. He was lifting your leg, touching the bare skin under your ring shorts. You jerked out of shock, pulling back to look up into his eyes.

“What the hell are we doing? We hate each other… don’t we?” you asked.

Dean gave you a smirk and ripped off your shorts. He hiked your legs up around his waist.

“You can try to tell yourself you don’t want me,” Dean said in a low voice. His fingers ran up in between your legs, and they came back slick. “But, we’d both know you’d be lying.”

His lips met yours once again in a bruising kiss. You felt him wrestle his own pants down and then he rubbed his hardened cock against your wet entrance, using yourself as lube. He groaned into your mouth as he slid inside of you, and you swore he muttered your name. You held onto him tightly, feeling him stretch your walls as he pumped himself into your tight warmth. Dean was everything you thought he’d be and then some. He supported you by holding onto your thighs, and started thrusting in and out. You let your head fall back against the wall, letting him control the rhythm and roughness. It felt damn good to be done up against the wall, to hear Dean occasionally groan your name. It sounded wonderful; the power you had over this man in this moment filled you with sweet desire. You bucked your hips with his, riding him like a wave. His grunts became louder, but neither of you cared.

He dug his nails into your thighs as he emptied himself inside of you. With a few more grinds of your hips, you were right there with him. Dean let you down the wall slowly, kissing you with passion you had never dreamed he could ever have for you.

Then again, there is just a thin line between hate and love, isn’t there?



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Something had been boggling your mind since starting at your new job. One of your bosses, Paul Levesque, didn’t care for you much. You could tell by the way he treated you inside the offices. The man known as Triple H to the worldwide wrestling world was cold toward you. You just couldn’t understand what had been done to earn his dislike. You weren’t ever a minute late; you always had good ideas to contribute during team meetings; and you were respectful, never once stepping out of line. Yet, Hunter just didn’t seem to be too impressed.

You didn’t want to worry too much about him, however. While he was an executive in the company, he wasn’t your direct boss; he only happened to be married to her, Stephanie McMahon. That woman was enough to drive you up the wall, most days, but you handled her with finesse. It was your job to make sure the work was completed and, most importantly, to not get on her bad side.

You were on your way to a meeting, racing against time. You kept checking your watch as if the hands would move backward and not forward. No such luck; if you didn’t have your ass on the elevator within the next fifteen seconds, you would be one minute late to the meeting. It just wasn’t in your nature to get behind on work, but you had ended up covering for someone else at the last minute. You rounded the corner to find the elevator doors were just about to close.

“Wait!” you called out frantically.

A ring-bearing hand stuck out and stopped the steel doors from shutting. You walked quickly to the elevator and jumped inside, ready to let out a sigh of relief until you saw the profile of the man who’d saved your punctual reputation.

“Jordan,” Paul greeted dryly.

You frowned in response but nodded politely in his direction. “Hello Mr. Levesque.”

“You can call me Paul,” he said in his usual gruff tone. You felt your stomach clench in nervousness. You were dying to know why. Why didn’t he like you? Was it your clothes he didn’t like, or the way he styled your hair—perhaps the fact that you were young and new? What was it?

Never mind, you tried to tell yourself. It didn’t matter, did it? You looked up at the floor panels and waited to be let out on the 4th floor when, suddenly, the entire elevator shook and stopped. Then, every single light in the elevator went out. You let out a frightened squeal and a pair of strong arms encircled around your waist, startling your heart up to your throat.

“Are you alright?” he asked. His tone was much more concerned for your wellbeing than should be.

You nodded your head in the darkness. “I’m okay.”

“You screamed,” Paul said, as if he were trying to justify why his arms had locked around you. They were still locked around you until you coughed slightly. Then, he slowly let go. You were confused but quite pleased by how muscular they’d felt.

“I was startled. I don’t like being in the dark and I certainly don’t like being stuck on elevators,” you answered.

After a moment or two, Paul brought light into the suspended elevator. It was off of his phone but you were grateful for any kind of illumination. He looked at you, his eyes not once leaving yours. It was as if your heart was lodged in your throat, ready to be coughed up at any chance now.

“What is it? Is there something wrong, Paul?”

He shook his head. “No, everything is fine from where I’m standing.”

“But, we’re stuck on an elevator…? How can everything be fine?” you asked.

He didn’t say anything at first. Paul began to walk toward you, his steps slow but purposeful. There wasn’t much space in the elevator. Naturally, as he walked closer, you backed away. His brow furrowed as if your movement shocked or disappointed him.

“Jordan, I’m not going to hurt you,” he insisted.

“I don’t understand,” you whispered. And you didn’t. The atmosphere beginning to fill the box you two were enclosed in was mind altering. Pheromones invaded your senses, making you taste Paul’s heat before you could even feel it.

“I’ve been treating you standoffishly—as a matter of fact, I’ve been treating you like an asshole. It’s only because I can’t understand how I fell in love so fast with you, Jordan…” he started.

Your jaw dropped. “Excuse me?”

“I hoped that if I ignored you the feelings would go away, but they haven’t. It just keeps getting stronger and stronger every day. Ever since you came into the company, I’ve been infatuated with you and each time you speak, I fall more and more in love with you.”

You couldn’t even respond as he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around you once more. This time, the embrace was gentler. Your body automatically molded to his and even as your mind screamed this was wrong, you ignored it.

“See, a perfect fit,” he whispered.

His lips fell down on yours in a sweet kiss. His hands began to weave through your hair, making your eyes close in comfort. Your body slowly gave in to his gentle caressing; caressing that soon became more frantic and needy. His hands moved all over your body, plucking at your business suit. He lifted your skirt up above your waist and slid those panties down your legs. Paul got rid of his own pants and boxers, and gently pulled you down so that you were straddling his waist. Following instinctual demands, your hands stroked him to hardness, eyes widened at how large he felt in your palm. You happily slid him inside of you and rocked your hips until he was seated as deep as possible. Paul’s hands reached up to caress and squeeze your breasts as you began to grind on him. You’d never felt such sensual desire and passion before in your life.

He catered to your body until it became too much. Paul took control, circling your clit with his thumb and slamming up into you like a man possessed. With your head thrown back, you screamed his name and rode him into the sea of absolute bliss.

Just as the two of you came from the intense pleasure, the elevator lights lit up and the security guard announced from the bottom of the elevator that he was going to save you guys. You looked down at Paul, not completely sure if you wanted to be saved….



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[AJ Lee’s POV]

I’ve been watching him for quite a while now. I know that he’s unhappy in his current situation, and I know that I can change that. Randy Orton is used to being known as the Viper inside of the squared circle, but I tend to come in a lot like a Black Widow, and once I bite him—it’s over. He’ll be mine for the taking.

He was lingering backstage after his match with Roman. I’ve been off the road taking care of an injury and in my absence it seems as if he’s gotten a lot sexier. Or maybe I had just missed seeing his long, lean and muscled body so much that I’d forgotten how handsome it was. With my mind set on having him, I skipped over toward him, my newly regained Divas championship locked around my waist.

“Hi Randy,” I said. When he looked at me, I could have jumped on him right then and there. The heat and intensity in his eyes would make the purest woman scream for a release. I let my eyes do the wandering across his body as he spoke in the voice that made my knees tremble.

“Welcome back, AJ. You were certainly missed around here,” he said in a low voice.

“I was?” I asked innocently. “Well, I’m here now.”

To make him aware of what I was truly saying, I touched him with my hand. My fingers spelled random letters and shapes across the washboard that was his abs. His eyes wouldn’t drift away from mine, and I knew I had his attention. I licked my lips, smirking up at him.

“You are. And I’m thinking maybe the two of us should go catch up,” he said with a wink. I heard my own laugh fill the small hallway. Oh, it was on….

He brought me back to his luxury bus. I dropped my title onto the floor and pushed him down onto the couch, climbing onto his lap. His arms came around my waist, holding on as our lips collided. I kissed him with all the passion pent up, nearly going numb from its overwhelming power. Each time our lips met, I felt him melting under my passion. It wasn’t long before Randy was ripping at my clothes; he tossed by shorts out of the way and tore my shirt off. I was loving every moment of it. He tossed me so that I was bent over the edge of the couch, then I felt him behind me. I didn’t have time to spare a thought before he slammed up inside of me.

A torrid scream of pleasure and pain fled from my lips. Randy held onto my hips for support as he began to take me over and over. His thighs slapped against the back of mine with each pound, making me feel him all over. I felt his lips on my neck, biting and sucking. I was on fire for him; his name came out of me like a woman possessed. His hand came down on my ass with each thrust, making me scream in delight.

He pulled out and yanked me onto his lap; without saying anything, I positioned him right where he needed to be and lived out one of my most sensuous fantasies. I took him in and again, riding him like he was a prized stallion.

“Fuck,” he groaned, chanting my name as I bounced on him. I could feel him harden and throb inside of me. I wanted to feel him explode inside of me. My hips rocked with a mind of their own, wanting him to succumb to me. It wasn’t long before I felt him dig his nails into my hips and shoot his white hot seed up into my body. He held onto me and stared deep into my eyes as he made me grind on him, giving me just the touch I needed to earn my own release. I let it ride as my body trembled on top of his, and then he laid me down onto the couch with his body hovering over mind. His eyes were all over me, especially on the mark he left on my neck.

“Mmm, baby, I loved it when you bit me,” I whispered with a giggle. With my fingers trailing the end of his throat, I smirked and added, “But, I love to bite too.”


~~Christine xx …I tried.

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Kourtney is not taking new requests!

No, she is not leaving, she just has 15 imagines to do at the moment because you all request her so much! We don’t want her to end up with 50+ imagines to write. We will let you know when she will be taking requests again.

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Sara is not taking new requests!

Right now, Sara has about 10 more imagines that she needs to do, after those she will be taking a break from writing due to personal things going on. Yes, she will be back, no we do not know when yet, but when she does we will let you all know!

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You were excited this was your very first WWE show. You and your friends gather around the barricade and cheered on your favorite superstars and divas. “Isn’t this amazing Gary.” one of your friends that is a girl lead towards you as they watched the rematch of the Miz and Dolph Ziggler. Gary smiled “Yeah this is unbelievable.”

After the show was done everyone was walking out, since you guys were on the floor you guys were last to leave the arena. “OMG! I’m so sorry.” Gary said and noticed who he ran into it was Eden Stiles,it you’ve had seen her on TV and saw photos of her and you thought she was the most beautiful WWE diva ever. “Oh no it’s okay no need to be sorry..I wasn’t looking.” she said smiling before turning to continue to walk.“Excuse me Eden” you said quietly. She turned to look at you “Yes.” she smiled “Can I have a photo with you? Your my favorite Diva” she giggled which made you blush “Yes of course” you guys posed as your friend took the photo of you guys. “Thank you so much.” he said smiling at her.”No problem cutie” she said in a flirting voice. Gary face became redder “Um can I walk you to your car in case someone tries anything.” he said stuttering, but also in a flirting matter. She blushed “Awe what a gentlemen.” she teased which made him become hard, but hoping she doesn’t notice his man hood.
After walking her to her car. “Well thank you for taking a photo with me Eden.” she smiled opening her car door “No problem Gary anything for a fan.” she looked at him “Um you wanna come back to my hotel room and I can give you a proper welcome” she said biting her lip. You became harder “Yeah” you said hoping into her passenger side of her car.
As you guys made it to her hotel room. When she let you in the room she locked the door and pushed you on the bed getting on top of you kissing down on your neck. You grabbed her shirt and pulled it off her body. Your eyes grew when you saw her perfectly good size boobs. You lifted your hands up to her boobs and cupped them in your palm, lifting your head you put her boob into your mouth and begin to suck on her nipple. She moaned “Yes…” she took of your shirt and threw it to the ground. “Eden…” Gary called her name. She looked at you confused “What?” he kissed her lips. “I’m a virgin…” she smiled “It’s okay baby… the innocent ones are always the freakiest.” she giggled before kissing him on the lips and pulling his pants and boxers down.
Gary turned her over so he could be on top. “You want my hard dick baby.” he groaned wanted to feel her insides. Eden licked her lips “Yes give it to me baby.” Gary slid his hard manhood into Eden tight pussy he waited so she could adjust herself to his length. “You good baby girl.” he smiled, she nodded her head to let Gary know it was okay. Gary thrust in and out of Eden slowly. He groaned as he felt her walls tighten around his dick.”Fuck baby….tight.” he said as he started to thrust faster and harder into her wet pussy. She moaned from the pleasure, and as she moaned Gary went deeper into her hitting her g-spot just right. “Fuck Gary I’m about to cum.” she moaned loud. Gary continued his pace until Eden finally cummed on his hard dick. Gary continued until he cummed inside of her pussy “Fuck girl.” he groaned kissing her lips.
-Robyn (Hope you enjoy<3)
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We’ve uploaded this picture post to let you know your imagine has been received. We will work on uploading your imagine as soon as possible. If your imagine is not between any of these posts, check the FAQ to make sure your request matches it! 


- The Team

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